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Hi guys, I'm a B.E(ECE) student passed out in 2012. And also i have finished a VLSI Design/verification course just now. But i could not find any openings in this field. I have also completed 3 projects during the training period. Which includes both Design and verification. Please suggest me some companies for (...)
hi I have completed my M.Tech in VLSI Design from C-DAC, Mohali. I have knowledge about verilog, system verilog, OVM UVM methodologies, AHB\AXI protocols. Is there any opening of VLSI Engineer. Before this i have 2 year exp. in industrial automation(PLC,SCADA). Plz reply what should i do now
Hi All, I have experience with block simulation in digital design. I wish to learn large system verification including hardware/software co-sim. Could someone give the completed example or book of it ? Thanks a lot. Brs, John
hi all, I completed coding FFT using verilog. I am verifying my output with matlab inbuilt fft operator. As my N (no' of samples are parametrized) for small values of N there no much difference but for N = 512,1024.. some values having difference of +/- 9. I plotted frequency waveforms for my FPGA output and matlab outupt the wave forms are givin
Hi friends, I have completed my B.E in Electrical & Electronics, 2011 passout. I have done course on VLSI design & verification recently. I am searching for job in VLSI domain. Please let me know if there are any openings in companies in this domain. My email-ID is Thank You..
I have started my career as VLSI Design Engineer and i am trying hard to learn certain things in synthesis and STA. I have created an I2C Slave with the intention that it should support std, fast and HS mode. I have completed coding it in Verilog HDL and have made sanity verification. Now on coming to synthesis part
I am vinoth , completed BE- ECE in the year of 2007. I am having 3+ years of experience in the field of FPGA/ASIC -RTL Design and verification. Strong knowledge in VHDL and digital electronics. I have been having 3.6 yrs of experience in FPGA (RTL design) field. I am looking for FPGA (RTL) design job. Is there any opening let me know
"verification is never complete " explain in vlsi design context
I am vinoth , completed BE- ECE in the year of 2007. I am having 3+ years of experience in the field of FPGA/ASIC -RTL Design and verification. Actually i am looking for FPGA (VLSI) JOBS in outside country like Singapore,uk,usa.If you know any jobs related to above mentioned field kindly inform me mail
I am working on a DTMF tutorial on Cadence SOC Encounter 9.1. Since this is my first time i am unable to even decide what to do to remove my errors. Presently i have completed CTS and verified the design by connections and geometry. I got almost all of the error after the verification step. I am getting 20 connectivity/open violations and 1
Dear Experts , Iam into a designing of core IP and sucessfully completed it using verilog and functional verification is done using Modelsim se 6.0. My IP core has 5 main modules of which I synthesized 1 module using xilinx ISE 8.1i demo version and the gatecount was something around 122k[/col
With a master degree in VLSI design, I can not find a job in a year after I graduated. I do not have any employment experience. During the graduate study, I completed three project design including ASIC and FPGA design from HDL coding to physical verification in DSP, and one is the thesis project. I had six interviews about ASIC/FPGA designer or Ph
I was involved in ASIC design for four years. In our company, I completed two chips. I took part in system design, write RTL codes, FPGA verification, chip synthesis, pt and so on(The work of post layout is done by foundary). But these days,I am at a loss. I dont know which direction is better in the future. So are there any senior engineer