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Why is it necessary to use pads for IC's when mounting them on vero board ? I have heard they get short circuited. Is that really the reason? If so why do they get short circuited ? Thanx in advance
You can solder wraping wire to the pins which are being used and solder these in the vero board. No general purpose board (for SMD) exits, as far as I know.
here is a design for a tesoro of the usa metal detector this italian/american company produced it several decades ago i made this design several years ago for a pal who runs a school electronics class i used lochmaster {brillient vero tool} and it was built successfully by 30 students that year and is still being used i
Can any one help me with a EMF detector as I build one on Bread board using two BC 3904 to make a Darlington pair and a BC 3906 with the base of the 3906 connected to the collector of the Darlington pair 3v on the emitter of the BC 3906 the positive side of a buzzer and led connected in series on the collector with the neg to the emitter of the Da
my tips are these dont file it buy a small sanding block or make one using cloth makes a nicer edge and cuts the oose spirals at the same time also one you finnish sizing and cutting the tracks apart for component breaks place the board on a flat surface and stick white labels to it neatly
Mr Cool , Forget about the software its sounds like a hardware issue. I had exactley the same problem when I first started using PICs ! The Crystal needs 2 capacitors tied to ground to work correctly. I normally use 30pF but 27pF will do . The problem I had was due to me using strip board (or vero board)! This stuff has terrible stray (...)
I received TUSB3210 samples from TI today. Ordered them last week and was delivered by UPS today to the other side of the world. Very impressive. Pity the pin pitch is so small, will have to take something calming to be able to solder it. :sm15: I think I will build it without the socket and just use the ISP, don't really need the ZIF socket, j
Hi Does anyone know anything about buying cheap electronic components such as AT89C51, resistors, capacitors, LEDs, vero-board, IC chips, soild wire in China or Hong Kong? Kind regards Maverickmax
Merry Xmas guys I need to draw a electronic schematic and convert my circuit into vero-board automatically in my computer so does anyone know any software can do this stuff? kind regards Maverick Max :P
I am currently doing a small project that involves creating a small audio amplifier circuit that will amplify speech output on a phone. I have made up a circuit on a breadboard (vero board) using an LM386 audio power amplifier using the first conifguration example from the datasheet. I have connected an 8ohm 0.1W speaker. The problem im (...)
I would like to know what is the pad size, drill diameter and distance between pads used for gereral purpose PCB (vero board) with square pads.
if you need to built a cct in home, may be strip or vero board better for you here is a good post for pcb :
Just get Holtek HT12E encoder and HT12D decoder ic's just rig it over a vero board. Here are the schematics. Also readymade assembled and tested kit for 4 channel remote with HT!2 is available at ""
I have seen such a problem but i found my 7805 malfunctioning jit is right use more ampere power supply are u using vero board? there might be some leakage.
Hii, i m working on PIC16F877A. i made a small ckt on vero board for LED blnk testing but the problem is that "it works when i put my finger at the crystal oscillator(4MHz)". i used CCS C Compiler as well as if tried for mikroC compiler. But problem is still the same. i have also tried with two Caps 22pF each with the crysta
Nice link but I did not see any Transistors or IC's I must say that I did not have much time to look at it. By the way I build a EMF detector (well that’s what I call it you could call it a EMF locator ) the thing is that on the breadboard it works like a charm but as soon as I put it on vero board (solder) the dam thing not work no (...)
Just get Holtek HT12E encoder and HT12D decoder ic's just rig it over a vero board. Here are the schematics. Also readymade assembled and tested kit for 4 channel remote with HT12 is available here. Cheers
hi samuel, Before you design the PCB does your desing work from your schematic ? Have you built a proto-type from it, If not I would recomend that you build it first either on vero board or bred board and get working project then you can design your PCB for it. I know some one who made the same mistake desgined the PCB had 10 (...)
Sidy i did test he circuit today it showed "windows cant recognize the device" i did install the usbasp driver from net but still it showd tht.....need help ......i have made the circuit according this site You didnt mention that wether you have constructed the circuit o a PCB or on a
Yantrix - the power to empower Low Cost Breakout modules for AT89S51/2 Generic Development board With Headers In System Programmer board With SPI Cable, Cross-Platform Hex File Downloading S
Why waste time hacking breadboard loose contacts or dot (vero) board soldering when you can use modules with pre-crimped jumper wires to connect them! Use time saved to focus on getting your prototype working. for more info.
Strong interferences injected by the power supply have to be considered in electronic design. Electronic products are required to be hardened against it by EMI regulations. For hobby designs, it's more a matter of your personal demand. But it's surely possible to make a hobby circuit behave like a professional product. Besides power supply bypas
All you need is schemaics and hex code which are available. Circuit is simple, it can be assembled even on a vero board Would a sound card based oscilloscope/spectrum analyzer/signal generator be a better choice for audio test & measurement? The reason is that a good sound card can provide 192kHz sampling rate, 24 bit ADC and DAC, very good SNR,
(Any comment, modification humbly accepted.) Here is a 8051 microcontroller (prototyped with AT89S52) based clock using RTC DS12887+ chip using LCD DISPLAY. The advantage of RTC DS12887 is that the chip includes battery for backup in power failure! The Prototype is shown in the picture has two separate vero boards. One includes the AT89S52 and the
Dear All, please help me I am getting error of "programmer can not be found". I am using usbasp for 89S52 with fuse & lock bits EF for low & c9 for hi. before some time i got error of "no chip enable". Voltage level of usb programmer is near about 5 V & 89S52`s 4 to 4.5V First of all answer these questions.
hi... i have made voltage stabilizer and circuit is successfully tested on vero board many times... but when i try the same circuit on pcb it started giving abnormal behavior... sometimes it works fine and sometime not ok.. even if i plucked pic off and then again put it on socket it stops working accordingly... can sumbody help me out.. thanks
Well friends i want to make a Serial to usb converter for my electronic projects as i do not have a serial port in my pc. I got few schematics of Converter but they did not talk about any driver which i think is must (correct me if i am wrong). I need your help because i do not want to make a circuit without a driver coz it takes time to sold it o
Main task of the system is to detect presence of people in a room by lighting up LED strips which illuminate the ceiling (7 meters of white strip 2700K). Clicking the switch enables additional lighting in the form of
For my pic projects, i used to have a small adaptor giving 12 volts as power supply(max 500 mA). With that, I have been using 7805 regulators for PIC projects with 0.33uf on the input and 0.1 uf on the output. With this setting, the smaller projects that are on a single vero board work fine. But with bigger pro
Well I built this programmer (LINK BELOW) on a vero-board but on programming my 12c508a uController I always get a No Oscillator calibration value found (Click yes or no for value from 0FFFh file).... but on clicking either yes or no it always comes to this verify failed at address 0000h error! I have read forums and on following some instructions
Hi, How long are the wires from the Pk3 to the 877a ? 150mm at most , the shorter the better. Until you have got things working properly stick to vero board, breadboards can have their own problems with high speed circuits.
Not sure if in the right section but... I recently made the jump from perf (vero) board and decided to etch my own boards via toner transfer and using murialtic acid and hydrogen peroxide and lets say that the first board I made came out great! But then I go to etch another board and instead of etching (...)
If you are going to build your own dev board, why not design your own board ? That's a good idea but I have to build is asap. That's why I won't be able to design my own board. Hi, Thought time was of the essence ? - still not decided on a board ? What are your requirements, what programmer do you want,
I`m looking for a low cost (less than 1000$) F P G A dev. board of 500k-1M gates. Although I prefer A | t e r a, I don`t mind vendor. Do you know where to find such board? TIA
PC board designer and line simulator
Anyone know of good H8 development board with external ram and rom? I've got the HEW but no hardware to work on. I've thought of uploading HEW (FULL) to FM (but the damn thing is too big) so that those with the hardware can work on it. Pls recommend.. thanks ..lak
Dear friends, I've been requested of supervising the design of an electronic digital board that will be used for a spatial application ... but I don't know anything about the space problematics, like which discrete components, fpgas, pcbs etc. can be used. Dees someone knows links, e-books, books or something to suggest ? thx proton
Dear friends, I've been requested of supervising the design of an electronic digital board that will be used for a spatial application ... but I don't know anything about the space problematics, like which discrete components, fpgas, pcbs etc. can be used. Dees someone knows links, e-books, books or something to suggest ? thx proton
I'm looking for hardware to load a program in 68HC11. Somebody could tell me where I can find a scheme or layout to realise the board.
I have some bad experience with tantalum capacitor (tp)on board after leaving it for about a year or two: 1. While I'm trying to revive an old pc board, two of the tps exploded. I thought something wrong with the board. 2. I'm trying another board, samething happened. 3. While I'm trying to power up my home build (...)
I wonder if it`s possible to have BGA IC`s mounted on a board for REASONABLE cost. ( in case of a few pcs ) I head some prices of $170 for one chip...but guess it`s not that much work. Any suggestions ?
Hi, i want to build a pci Prototyping board. My problem is to interface an ATmel AVR or so to the PCI-Bus. I want to read in 8 Bits like an I/o Card. The system must be very cheap (Any mini-PLD). Anybody some ideas to do that? Thanks Alien
I'm starting a new project with Coldfire 5272, 5307 or 5407. Do you know a good and low cost development board for coldfire? I'll need interface my daughter cards to development board and then I'll design my own system PCB after design phase. And I don't want a all-in one board because it'll a bit harder to work and eliminate (...)
Does anyone know the schematic of BDM cable for coldfire evalution board (Motorola)?
Hi, I am looking for an eval-board with a Xilinx Spartan II FPGA. It schold be cheap and flexible in the way of use. Thanks for any links Olpa
Motorola offers a free demo board for their new HC08Q Here is the link : "Terms and Conditions Limit one demonstration board per person. boards will be distributed on a first come, firs
Hello! I'm making one A/D moard with mc and I need more pins. Sounds familiar? I'm in dilema if I should use MUX CD4067, but there is quite big resistance Ron. Does anyone have any experience with use of this MUX circuits in real aplications. Any better solution? Regards!
"System.out", are you still busy in drawing a PCB for board look-alike? I'm wondering if someone managed to build a clone (o a near similar system) by using a standard NE 2000 card based on schematic. All the schematics I saw on the net using NE2000 + PIC are not compatible with the standard board, so softw
Hi brother´s, i need the schematic containing the controller board for the Epson Thermal printer M-T102 or M-T103 or MT-153, it´s possible send-me links or files with this articles? Please i need much this... Thanks a lot,
Who can give me some advice on how to mount a BGA chip on a PCB board ? What kind of special devices needed to mount it on ? thanks