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I import a vhd file in candece like following: Open icfb. Go to file choose import and then vhdl. Under the file name browser in the vhdlin form go and select the inv vhdl file hit the Add button on the right (...)
write -format -output Remember to mention the link and target library properly. If still incorrect plz capture your screen and error and upload here. Hope i have helped u a bit.
Gtech is a virtual library. this is what your circuit first gets translated into, before it gets synthesised to technology-defined gates. It does not mean that your real target library will have these gates. It is useful in the sense you can see broadly what kind of circuit, your vhdl ends up with. Designware (...)
Even if you'll create vhdl code from netlist, it will have Xilinx primitives, co you can't synthesise it to Altera. With 5ynop5y5 I can set the link library and the target library then read the netlist and perform the "translate" (...)