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Hi , I thought by commenting a pin in UCF file (by # sign) in program(vhdl)it is considered as 'Z' , and has no role in the chip , in a project for driving a camera for getting view in lcd , i allocated 8 pins for each color R,G,B . in first try i used all pins in code but commented R and (...)
Hi , I am new to fpga. and just started off with a simple square wave generator. To simulate this I used QSIM. The simulation was pretty decent and got outputs with the vhdl code( IDE was QUARTUS II,v12).... But the problem is for other simulations like lcd displays, simulating using vector (...)
Hello, I am new to FPGA programming and have started programming my FPGA with the switches and the LEDS, but now I want to try something more difficult. I have a xilinx virtex 5 ml507 education platform and there is a 16-character x2-line lcd on the board. I have found some information about these lcd's (it is from the (...)
someone have vhdl code for lcd and use character with FPGA? I just started working with FPGA and I'm still good.
Please help me to translate Binary code into Hexadecimal code using vhdl program.. I am using spartan 3E.
Atleast give me a program for Binary to Hexadecimal conversion using vhdl..
Hello, i'm a student and am experimenting with an Altera DE2 Board. i have wrote my own code in vhdl for operating the lcd module of the Board. the code is divided into 2 files: lcdctrl.vhd - a component for driving the HITACHI HD44780U contoller on the board (...)
Hi, I'm trying to display a word on the lcd (Spartan 3E vhdl) depends on the condition inputted by the user through switch. Sample if I press 011 on the switch, I will display the word BLINK, can anyone guide me on whats wrong with the code below. library IEEE; use IEEE.STD_LOGIC_1164.ALL; use IEEE.STD_LOGIC_ARITH.ALL; use IEEE.STD_LO
dear all i have virtex 5 evaluation platform "ML505" which contains fpga connected with DVI controller "CH7301C so, i need to display image stored in block RAM on Display "lcd'. i read the data sheet of CH7301 and some application notes but still i can not start to write vhdl code for it. as i known (...)
does any one know how to set look up table for AScii to morse code...........using vhdl and fpga system or any idea abt this mini project "AN ascii to morse code genertor using vhdl and fpga system"................... here an PS2 keyboard is used to generate the asccii character and (...)
Hi! guru. I'm a challange to FPGA design. Can anyone write the simple vhdl code to display text on 16character 2line Text lcd for me? I am learning vhdl and I have a UP2 Development board, using FLEX 10K CPLD. I want to implement and learn FPGA. I studied Microcontroller and I implemented a project (...)
First of all i am new to this forum and i salute u all ! i really need a verilog / or vhdl code with ucf included for spartan 3e that shows on spartan's lcd numbers from 1 to 50 ,a second counter pls help me kind people i want this to understand how it works i am a teacher but i am also passionate .pls (...)
I want to write "8" on a monitor. I have some codes. Xilinx says everything is OK. There is no error or warning. However, when I connect my Basys2 to VGA Connector, Monitor says " attention, there is no signal". Here is my codes: code for VGA CONTROLLER: library IEEE; use IEEE.STD_LOGIC_1164.ALL; use IEEE.STD_LOGIC_ARITH.ALL
lcd Controller 8-bit interface vhdl code required for Avnet (Memec) Virtex-4 SX board. lcd is of Mytech Corp.
Hi, for the past few days I've been playing around with a Spartan 3-AN Starter Kit Board. I'm interested in learning as much as I can, but now I'm stuck, and need a fresh pair of eyes to look over my code, and correct me where I made a mistake... I'm trying to initialize and write something to the 2x16 lcd display that comes on the board (...)
hello friends, can anyone provide me vhdl code for lcd interfacing for des algorithm, and i am using sparten 3-E kit. thanks
presently im doing a project on altera DE2 board,with the help of a CMOS camera i.e PAL signal is given to DE2 board via Video in port and display that video on a CRT/lcd monitor. please provide me vhdl code for me.
Here is some code I created when I was experimenting with vhdl. Note that it is/was intended as a learning experience, and is not optimized in any way (or should be considered good programming for that matter). State machines are used to do everything step by step. 'lcd_controller_main.vhd' (the 'entity' declaration that (...)
Hello to all, I?m newbie in vhdl programming on FPGA. I need help from all of you out there. Right now I try to write a code for 2-digit BCD down Counter, lcd display message and synchronization between both of them. for 2-digit BCD down counter, here?s my code library IEEE; use (...)
Hello Good Day. I want to display a bit-stream (for example: 01001101) in the lcd of Xilinx Virtex?-4 LX MB Development Kit. Can anyone tell me how can I get example vhdl code to display bits on lcd? Best regards and thanks in advance pantho
Hi, I need example code for 4*4 keypad and 20*4 lcd display code in vhdl. plz anyone having give me. Regrads Kanimozhi.M
Hi! See "2-lines lcd display controller in vhdl" This vhdl controller handles the popular 2x16 lcd.
Maybe my old Verilog example will help you. Sorry it's not vhdl. It's simple crude demo code, not optimized. I modified it to run on the Xilinx/Digilent Spartan-3A Starter Kit, part xc3s700a-4-fg484. module top (clk, lcd_rs, lcd_rw, lcd_e, lcd_0, lcd_1, (...)
Hello. Is there any program like proteus but for vhdl/Verilog/FPGA tools? for example, I have made a vhdl code to drive a text lcd, it would be nice to be able to test it with some program like proteus and see it's functionality. Thank you very much. Oh, I am sorry, I (...)
Some months ago, I wrote a simple crude Verilog module (sorry not vhdl) that displays "Hello World!" on the lcd of the Xilinx Spartan-3E Starter Kit. Maybe it will help you. Look in this long discussion for my message dated 07 June 2007:
Hi ALL, Am new to fpga and vhdl. would be grateful if someone can help me with vhdl code to display a moving (scroll) using actel proasic plus pq208 board in libero 7.002 environment.actually, i want my message display on lcd monitor. its fun working with this board.thank you,all the best.
hi friends, I am in very early stage of writing vhdl code. Please anybody help me to write vhdl code for VGA signal generation.
Thank you, I use this vhdl snippet for learning purposes, (I have found it somewhere). Added after 16 minutes: The text on the lcd is still not correct. Added after 2 hours 25 minutes: Ok, I did a download from the ACTEL website of the new example on the Pro
If you've installed ISE, the source code for many cores, including FFT, is in directory vhdl\src\XilinxCoreLib (in version 8.2i). If you don't yet have ISE, the free WebPACK probably includes source code too, but I'm not 100% sure of that. What type of lcd? If you need to store data, and RAM is (...)
I want sample code?
here is an example for seven segment animation in modelsim. sevenseg.tcl # trace the seven segment value when {/counter/cout} {set ss } # set ss "0000000" set flag_ss 0 # Resize the entire canvas by a scale proc rescale {cvn factor} { global SCALE # rescale all the boxes $cvn scale all 0 0 $fa
Hello everyone... I am working on CPLD XC9572-PC84. I want to interface a 16 x 2 lcd display . Anyone please send me some vhdl code for the transfer of data from CPLD to lcd display. Thanks in advance.......
hi , i have another problem.i want have the vhdl code or to know how i can write it to display letters that will pass from one lcd to another of the spartan 3 starter baord.:|
means the lcd itself has a microcontroller and all u need is to write a vhdl code to control the keypad and lcd right? if you want the whole circuit for the lcd and keypad circuit, can't help you as i don't have the scanner to scan the circuit layout
Hi all, This time I need to interface 16x2 lcd Display with Spartan 3 FPGA. I basically need schematic for the lcd interface circuit. Let there be a feature of controlling the backlight of lcd. Also need to put a Trim Pot to control the contrast of lcd. If anyone have readymade (...)
hi all any suggestions/papers/pointers/tutorials on how to go about implementing an on screen display for a lcd fpga (xilinx vhdl) application? cheers radu

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