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Hi, I want to extract the PID from a TS this is the code that I'm proposed to use ... ID(7 downto 0) <= DATA_IN; ID(15 downto 8) <= ID(7 downto 0); DATA_OUT <= ID(15 downto 8); ... PID <= ID(12 downto 0); this is the TS th
Packages: a package is like a library of stuff that can be imported. You probably use one package in every vhdl file you write: use ieee.std_logic_1164.all; std_logic_1164 is a package that contains the std_logic type and how it behaves. Functions: All functions are pure unless declared impure. Pure functions are self contained. Impure functions
Hi everyone,while i'm designing my vhdl project,i experience very strange problem which is my development kit's expansion header's pins don't work.I assingment my output variables to kit's led ports there is no problem all leds do what i want but i assingment to kit's J4 expansion header and pff there is nothing.Here is my UCF code and my (...)
hi I want to read bmp files in vhdl. I need only data values,so I skip header by reading each character in the header. but there is a problem that we may encounter with a NL(new line) character. when it exist I must use readline to get new line. I do this and it works but problem is when I use it, it takes time for each char
I don't understand, what's exactly unsupported in XST. It seems like valid vhdl at first sight. In addition, the code is marked --synthesis translate_off, so it's obviously a simulation tool that would be ignored by XST.
can we use two entity in single program, and one signal of 1st entity is derived from 2nd entity(I dnt want to use functions)
Hi friends, can anybody suggest me or provide me a refrence code ... showing how to design data packet header in vhdl ... the header should contain .. CRC and ACK (address of next coming data packet)
There's no header file option in vhdl. To make project wide assignments of constants and define types or functions, you can use a package. All packages are compiled to the library work by default. package DEFS is CONSTANT MAJOR_VERSION: INTEGER := 0; CONSTANT MINOR_VERSION: INTEGER := 22; CONSTANT MAXREG: integer := 52; TYPE
library std; USe std.standard.all ; When we need to use declaration of standard ?? From, CLLEE