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And what about the conversion from .hex to .asm The question isn't related to FPGA configuration bitstreams, I presume. Microcontroller machine level code can be disassembled to asm text, of course without any symbolic information. Scientific papers have demonstrated deriving a gate level netlist from unencrypted FPGA bitstreams.
You're much better off reading text files. vhdl is not really geared up for reading binary data. If you can convert the image to a text file, your life will be much simpler.
Hai all i need coding forto convert hexadecimal values in to Ascii value... How to convert it.... thanks in advance
Hi Guys I am trying to write a text file out through vhdl can any one please tell me how to do it. i have a vector which is 64 bit and now i want to write this into a text file in a hex format for verification. i am able to write in bit format but is there any way to convert it into a hex value and write into a file.. (...)