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Search for 8 bit uC vhdl source codes at OpenCores/GitHub/etc. If the projects there have a test-bench then start with the simulation after you have studied micro-architecture spec.
Alternatively you can build your ISE projects from a Makefile. Then add a rule to update the vhdl file with date & time in it. Essentially it's the same mechanism as that tcl example ... generate a vhdl file with datetime in it.
hey plz send me the link or vhdl programs for verification of these codes for leon proceossor.its urgents.
DEAR ALL: I want to control dram use FPGA to transmit/receive the digital video data from video codec chip .And must have READ /WRITE IT. Who can give me a hand . Or give me some resolution / document or EXAMPLES IN vhdl FILE.... REALLY THANKS ^_^ My EMAIL :