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sorry , i meant to say "Do you mean LvM changing VBW ( video bandwidth ) willn't affect the sweeping time ? as you have talked about the resolution BW only .
Hello all, Part 15 states "Unless otherwise specified, measurements above 1000 MHz shall be performed using a minimum resolution bandwidth of 1 MHz". So, the RBW is specified, but what about spectrum video bandwidth settings (VBW) is it specified anywhere also? Another question is regarding spectrum (...)
What is the difference between resolution bandwidth and video bandwidth in a spectrum analyzer? How do spectrum analyzer measure spectral energy? Is it avarage power in each RBW?
All good spectrum analyzers allow various sweep and RBW and video etc, settings. If the instrument is calibrated, all should give you the same power reading. Resolution bandwidth is a frequency window being moved by the sweep across a selected RF bandwidth. If you sweep too fast to allow the signal rise in the RBW window, (...)
You can think that a spectrum Analyzer is a superheterodine receiver (with one, or multiple IF conversions), where the RBW is given by the bandwidth of the IF filters. video bandwidth is given by the bandwidth of the filters placed after the detector.
Every day we see many new television channels pouring in.And I guess video bandwidth over EM spectrum is limited.How are they able to accommodate many channel's? And what is the limit?
spectrum analyzers usually have an "auto sweep time" mode where it automatically selects the proper sweep time depending on your specified resolution bandwidth and video bandwidth. K depends on the characteristics of the particular filter used in the instrument. Here's a quote from Agilent Application Note 150, (...)
Span means the range of frequencies over which the measurement was taken. In your case, with a span of 1MHz, the actual frequency range is the center-0.5MHz to center+0.5MHz. VBW stands for video bandwidth. It refers to the selected bandwidth of the filters following the mixer. It affects the "width" of the peaks you see on the secreen.
Hi All, Can anyone tell me what're the differences between resolution bandwidth and video bandwidth of a spectrum analyzer? Thanks, Mesfet+
They are two very different things. Lets start with the video bandwidth first. This is simply an analog smoothing function. If you have data on the display and it looks a little spikey, and you have some justification for smoothing the spikes out, then set the VBW to something smaller. Except for smoothing the spikes, changing the VBW does n
To make it in the simplest way: Resolution bandwith: the bandwith of the "filter" that is swept across the rquired band of the SpAnal. video Bandwith: after the swept "filter" (as above) an amplitude detection takes place. followed by a lowpass filter. The VBW is the bandwith of this afterdetection filter.

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