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Hi guys, Anybody got any links or documents that relate to video encoder that convert CCIR-601 digital data to analog RGB or NTSC or PAL comptabile signal ? Currently, I'm looking at a schematic utlizing an Analog Devices video encoder (ADV7171) which can be located at the following link
hi u can goto this page and get some video lectures I am sure that lots of people know this!!!
go to it's video web.
I just download the video of this year. I think you can get it from using ftp. It wud be very helpful, if u can give more info abt this server.. I was not able to connect to the server by Is this a japanies/chinies server.. c ya i can't connect this ftp site,
EE105 Microelectronic Devices and Circuits Spring 2005 from University of California at berkeley
hai all, can somebody give the link for berkely video lectures... thanks
Anyone has the video lectures for this course?
eecs120 signal and systems I can't find the course video link on who knows where I can find it? thanks
dear all: i am a freshman in this doman, can anybody introduce me some online video course about analog design thanks a lot
any body is having webcast ee240 advanced analog integrated electronics video lectures please upload it in rapidshare so that many people can make use of it who unable to download
Does someone knows if there are available video tapes for the course? (maybe webcast...) I know that the course was tapped in the past....
there are programs like CocSoft StreanDown that downloads these .rm files. Vieving online should not be issue using a video viewer like real media player since files are .rm type amd real media can play them (I tries with some other video players and they play the lectures, if not than they are missing appropriate codec which can be loaded from in
Does anyone know how to download the video files of baker's class from boise state university?
Hi, I need some kind of SW help, That's I wanna downlaod videos like that in the link: Can someone help me out? Thank you all in advance, Ahmad,
Recently I got a good link for DSP video lectures Go to EE123 lectures, Fall 2003.
VLSI Circuit Design
hi to all i have found one link for download a video lectures for VLSI as well DSP.. also if you have some link for video lectures, plz share it with other people.. Popatlal Panjarawala
Hello.. Can anyone give the websites where i can get the video lectures of MIT, Stanford etc..??
Hi All, Does anyone know of a an on-line/streaming video/video course in digital communication? All comments and links will be appreciated. Thanks, P.
Does nyone have video lectures on digital signal processing by Dr. Oppenheim....plz help...!!
Hi, I try to download the video lecture of EE142 from but I can not download them by link like"rtsp://" who can kindly tell me what is the valid download link for it? Thank you.
Dear all, Recently I am learing the video class of berkeley ee240 ee142 etc, but the video picture is so blurry that I even can't see what he is wrtting on the paper. Does anybody have good idea to improve the resolution of the video ??? Thanks!
search in youtube. There are some videos available.
are those ee214 videos available online actually? Do you guys know of any other analog online videos apart from the berkeley webcasts and Jake Baker lectures?
search out:
Hello... Can anyone give the websites where i can get the video lectures of Laurent El Ghaoui on signal and system Please send me the links as soon as possible. it did not work.
hi i need the sites for video lectures on rf design in wireless applications
Can anyone help me to find lectures from berkeley where prof. Jan M. Rabaey suggested a book by Pierret "Semiconductor device fundamentals"? I need video podcasts. Please help me. I need it ASAP.
Completely new to IC layout design. Can anybody tell me, is there any video that shows how to draw any IC layout design having matching, gaurd ring and other techniques
Hi all . Can any one give the link to download Jan Rabaey 's Lecture videos? I tried but the download happens only partly. I need lecture videos from 20 to 26. thanks in advance
Hi everyone ..i have just started EE142 from UC berkeley Webcast.I am looking for the Lecture notes of this class. The prof seem to have removed it from the course website. I was wondering if anybody has those notes or may be somebody knows a way i can get them. Regards JOT Hi there, I have notes and exa
Greetings! UC berkeley seems to have completely revamped their site as a result of which some courses have gone missing. Specifically: EE142 by Prof.Niknejad (Fall 2005) and EE140 by Prof.Broderson (Fall 2004) are no longer available. Does anybody have these video lectures downloaded or know of any other site where they a
Hi guys, It looks like UCB has removed the old video links. Anyone of you are aware of some other locations where I can find these video links. I couldnt find in youtube also. Also is there any video lectures for EECS 242? Please help Hemanshu
Does any one have EE242 video lectures by prof Ali M. Niknejad.!!!
Hello: Attached is the Software reference model of MPEG1 standard, including "System, video, and Audio". It contains C model of encoder and decoder. Hope it helps! :o
has anyone managed to find out if there are streming video lectures for those courses?
The wilson current source is particularly advantageous to use in the case of bipolar tech. There is no advantage for the case of MOSFETs. The explanation is given in more detail by Prof.Brodersen in his video lecture(EECS140 at ) when another person asked the same question as you did.
Hello members I would just like to inform that the "SMALL SIGNAL CONCEPT" has been very well explained in the EECS140 video lecture 3 in the fall 2004 coursework at for people who are not very confident with the basics of MOSFET operation w.r.t biasing and the small signal
you can refer to the link: to get the course video to help you understand Analog IC design.
complete video lecture on analog ic design by the Famous Prof. Brodersen the lecture notes are at If I have helped you can u click the helped me button and help me? please
Are there any other sites for lecture videos other than MIT and berkeley? I am doing a course in Electronics and Communication Engineering... So i was just wondering if there are sites dedicated to a specific branch... Please help...
I think u should go for topic of Digital Filters because this covers a huge field of Digital Signal Processing and you can also extend this to Digital Image and video Processing..... I have uploaded few documents on digital filters and u can get this on the following link Sincerely,
Hi all, I am reading Fogg's MPEG FAQ. ( ) The FAQ have several diagrams about skipped block and motion vector. How to determine the skipped block in B frame? And what syntax in video stream describe it? e.g. If I have a picture sequance I1 B2 B3 P4. The frame have frame predict
I don't have the video lecture, I guess the lecture video is not free to public like what berkeley do.
Hi opamp741, you can use the falshget to download the video in local harddisk. On the hyperlink, use the right click of the mouse and select download form flashget, the video can be downloaded! enjoy!
You can no longer download these video lectures. They have been removed.
Hi, I wanna record berkeley lectures using camtasia studio 4, but the problem is that its recording audio but not streaming video.I get a black screen after recording. Can anybody help me out plz. Thanks
Dear On MIT site there is a subject of Digital Communication but no video are available but there are videos for Digital Communications II which is more about coding any find below the link of both of the subjects :
Could anyone kindly tell me ? I can't download them from these links: rtsp:// ...... so, can I find them some place else? Thank you for your help.