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No need to do the NULL MODEM if you have a virtual COM port PROGRAM.. I am using the software from Eltima software "VSPD XP 5.0"
get eltima's virtual serial port driver (VSPD) software then add pair of port 1 and any other port say port 3 (must not be in use by PC) by using add pair button. now set compim as port 1 and hyper terminal software as port 3 send the data from (...)
I need to send data from micro controller(89c52) to my system. So i have simulated circuit(contain MAX232,RS232,89c52) in proteus for serial communication by using UART method. i am going write java program for display the value which is coming through serial port(RS232). i need to check it virtually. any (...)
I'm looking for an example source code to make a virtual serial port device driver on Windows & Linux. This will be used for a USB <-> RS232 converter. Please let me know where i could find it
How can i read ibutton via serial port with minimal electronic components? Best regards.
"virtual serial port" is a wrong term for your intention as it describes a COM device in a PC which is only virtually but not physical present. Better look for bit-bang or UART software implementation. You'll find for example this source in assembler: Mik
Hi, I wrote a driver program of serial port with c#. I have a problem about programming serial port & parity codes. Please guide me. Please one of friends gives me an email address for that attaches my program with her/him. Thanks a lot
how to make virtual serial port using soft serial library in arduino 1.0 IDE.Actually i am able to send from arduino UNO to GM862 QUAD but there is no response from GPRS module.can i get source code for making virtual serial port using softserial library (...)
any one suggest me any free virtual serial port for my project. youtube to mp3
how i do to all that i am simulating on proteus virtual terminal be transparent to my hardware com port? its possible, but i just dont know how to do that. tks Daniel
You need virtual serial port Driver to Make proteus Communicate with Hyper-terminal or any other Software... but i haven't tried connecting proteus to real-world environment... download virtual serial port Driver from Eltima and try this..
im using vb interface to send a charactor and get it back in the vb interface after goin through max232 and PIC18f452. im using the virtual serial port driver to connect vb and proteus. when i short the pin 2 and 3 of the COMPIM i can get the char back. but when i connect the ICs i couldnt. i have attached the protuos cct. (...)
im using vb interface to send a charactor and get it back in the vb interface after goin through max232 and PIC18f452. im using the virtual serial port driver to connect vb and proteus. when i short the pin 2 and 3 of the COMPIM i can get the char back. but when i connect the ICs i couldnt. i have attached the protuos cct. (...)
There are programs available, which acts as COM client, which creates virtual serial ports on windows and connects using WinSock to the target. In your case your converter. The application running on Windows uses that virtual com port. The application has to be a windows application. Some DOS programs writes (...)
here is source code for virtual com port which is redirected to infrared ... you can modify it ;0))
I need to generate a stable square wave (max frequency 5K) with the serial port. with a simple program in basic I see an irregular square wave, I think due to the interrupt management. A solution should be to use DOS but, is possible to do the same task in XP? Regards A.
Hi all, I have a problem. I want to connect Xilinx XC9572-XL (output 3.3 V) with parallel port and serial port with max232. How can I do ? Where can I find schematic... Thanks
dear friends! i'm new here! please, give me an example code for my project( control speed dc motor) how to using serial port with at89c52 .Pc sends the signals to the at89c52 using visual c++ thanks in advance
hello friends i want to make a project involving serial port with a vb user end i am using mscomm .everything is fine but i dont know how to use interrupts in this program so that i can know that the serial port has received data from the microcontroller. i have studied beyond logic articles and the (...)
how to program RS232 (serial port) with visual basic.
Do you have any experience in writing programs for smart devices with ms 2005 that work with serial port? I get exception in serialport.write() method
Hi: I present an interface to control the serial port with a PIC16F84A or PIC16F88 microcontroller from the computer. They try and give me ideas to improve it, now is a beta that is updated gradually. Salu2.
hi : I want to explore a application to monitor the real-time data receiving from the serial port wiht VC++ 6.0, then the application will draw a curve according to the data like temperature monitor.But I don't know how can I do that.
our device with MCU(PIC16F877A) is already connecting to a serial port RS232 ,,it has a feature of computer vs player game where the device needs to be connected to a PC to play with a computer player ... the problem is, with the software from the PC we build which is written in Visual C++, can anybody (...)
Most USB interfaces emulates a virtual serial port
You said that the MCP3551 is installed as a USB-HID device, why then are you trying to use it as a virtual COM port? If the PIC18F4550 is pre-programmed with a USB-CDC that implements a virtual serial port operation, then what you are try to do is possible. But this doesnt seem to be the (...)
Does anybody know if I would be able to transfer data from microcontroller to PC serial port with speed 128kbps? Cable length 6ft. Any terminal program available to achieve this? Thanks
hi, I would like to test a microcontroller serial connection in a software like ISIS Protues I just have small question about how to connect two microcontrollers using serial port I imagined that the design will be like this : mcu <--> max232 <--> db9(f) <--> db9(f) <--> max232 <--> mcu but checking the pin connections in this (...)
i want to connect pic to serial port on pc where can i find a good explaintion for that ?
Hello I'm newbie in electronic I have a pump that control manally with a potentiometer(I think with 0-5V DC) can I replace this potentiometer with a convertor circuit that can be controlled with labview software and serial port of PC i.e, converting appropriate signal produced in this (...)
I find on internet and i found just virtual serial port . can you help me.:?: Thank you Regards BuBEE
Hi I am new to serial port Interfacing. I want to get data (Text) from serial port. Is there any tutorial or book for serial port. Thanks.
I want to use internal RC osc of xmega micro that have 1.5% tolerance in -40-85 temperature range,if I want to use its serial port with baudrate of 1200 to 115200 bps. Is this tolerance acceptable for serial ports? what tolerance in baudrate is acceptable for ports without (...)
Can any one tell me how to write data on to the serial port with out using hyperterminal. I mean I also need what hyperterminal does???
Hi all, I am trying to do serial communication using proteus and trying to write a value continously to the hyper terminal but I'm getting some wierd symbols. What am I doing wrong ? BTW BEGINNER Regards void main(){ unsigned int analog; TRISA.F0 = 1; Usart_Init(9600); while(1){ delay_ms(50
Please any one can give me tutorial on serial port programming to write a Microsoft Visual Studio > Visual Basic > Windows Form application to communicate with Microcontroller. I have googled it but confused with visual c#, visual c++ and visual basic 6 & What is the difference between visual studio >visual basic and (...)
Hello, Is it possible to connect the proteus simulation to actual serial port of the computer? (connecting virtual terminal to actual serial port) Any ideas are welcome. Thanks,
I am using proteus software. And i have written a code to send 8 bit parallel data serially (89C51). To observe data i have use virtual terminal. I am observing hex data on the virtual terminal. But Data whatever i am sending is not matched with received data. I am getting wrong data of 1st four bit. (...)
hi all i am trying to interface AT89c52 with the standard PC serial port, but it didn't work:cry: could someone send the scematic for this application?? i have the program in keil C. i am using MAX232 and hyperterminal to send and receive characters. anyone have good sw example plz send, thanx alot for your time salam :D AHMED
you can use COMPIM module in proteus and virtual serial port software like Eltima for interfacing your hardware with proteus through serial port of your computer
No way you can check your logic only. By using COM-PIM and virtual serial port send response to GSM Module manually to ur contoller.
Zip and post your project files and proteus file. Maybe baudrate is not matching or data is inverted. Remove COMPIM and just connect Tx pin of MCU to RXD pin of virtual Terminal and see if it displays characters properly. If not, then problem is in code or baudrate or invert.
Hi all, I need a Verilog RTL Codes for communicating with the serial port of PC I already checked it at open cores but their specs do not meet my requirements........ If anyone knows about it plz post a reply or upload the RTL code Thanks in advance Aircraft Maniac :)
Hello, I'm still new to VB but i'm developing some interface for the serial port and in the earliest days (making experiences and messing with the serial port) it become open. Since then i can't manage to close it, it is opened since I start the PC. I've downloaded some aplications that work (...)
Hi i'm looking for some detail interface AS/400 with microcontroller via serial port anyone can advice me pls BR.
Hi all I've built a basic circuit to communicate from a Sony Camcorder to my PC, using the serial port and a small circuit (MAX233A chip with one capacitor, to invert/amplify the 5V signal from LANC) to allow the data exchange. since sony uses a standard very close to the RS232 protocol, I was able to read some data and to confirm that (...)
hi i want use vb and 8051 by serial port but i not sure it doing please tell me can i cannect 8051 by serial to pc in
My keypad is microcontroller based. It has to interface with LCD display and serial port. Any recomendation on what type of microcontroller to use?
hello.i want recive data from my hardware with serial port and display it with VB . my data is digital (8 bit , 1bit stop bit ,1bit start bit , 1200 baud rate). my project is monitoring ECG ( electro cardiagram) for heart. please help me. if you have any example , please send it for me:cry: