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I use ISIS 6.9 for simulating a communication between PC and PIC16F877A. I want send data to PIC by using virtual terminal. But my problem is ,the virtual terminal just send keyboard ASCII codes to output. But i must send data like this "0x04 0xF4 0x01 ..." that the equivalent character did not found on (...)
Hi to all friends. I am new to the world of programming microcontrollers and trying to set up communication between my Pic 16F877 and virtual terminal in proteus. I have written the following code. But it is not working. Please tell me what's wrong with it. //Pic 16F877 // Clock 20 Mhz unsigned char (...)
I am using proteus software. And i have written a code to send 8 bit parallel data serially (89C51). To observe data i have use virtual terminal. I am observing hex data on the virtual terminal. But Data whatever i am sending is not matched with received data. I am getting wrong data of (...)
i m doing my GPS tracking Project. and stuck in the $GPRMC string filtering as the GPS M-89 HOLUX (UART)serial transmit number of strings so our focus is on filtering gprmc string. we are using pic 16f877A , so for testing i use two virtal terminal same 9600bps, attached the tx of first virtual terminal to rx of controller, and attached (...)
Hi all. I made 24-letter keyboard in proteus and idea is to show letters on LCD and virtual terminal when I push buttons. On LCD is working great but on my virtual terminal there is problem. When i push button on terminal show that letter 2 times for example when I push "A" button on LCD (...)
I think the problem is crystal freq. you should set it to 5Mhz (it's because the code is written for picdem2 plus demo board i you see its working and showing '6' at the terminals rb0-rb3 (0110) Don't forget to set virtual terminal's baud rate to 2400 Ps:i agree with your av
hi, i am doing pic16f877a uart interrupt programming and i also draw schematic in proteus 7 but when i load hex file in proteus it give warning like this STACK OVERFLOW PUSHING RETURN ADDRESS OF INTERRUPT due to this data will not display on virtual terminal so help me thanks my code is (...)
Hi, First of all open ISIS, and build the circuit of AVR which you want to simulate by choosing devices from Library menu given on menu bar. Double click on the component to change its parameter according to your circuit. You can find your devices in library. Then do double click on your avr controller and give path of the hex file of your code.
hi all i want to communicate my pic (18f4520) with computer via network. This is done in proteus demo ethernet simulation (enc28j60 and a virtual network) i am using the book "Development Kit For the PIC® MCU Exercise Book" which is released by CCS. And i made the ccs ethern
Hello for all, I want send data (letters or numbers) by USART terminal tool in MikroC Pro This is my code ( example from help file in MikroC Pro ) char uart_rd; void main() { ANSEL = 0; // Configure AN pins as digital ANSELH = 0; UART1_Init(9600); // Initialize UART module at
The Problem Have Solved... You can see it end of this page. Thanks Hi guys, I'm new here. i have checked many topics but cant find the problem like mine. Thanks For all your helps. What i have to do is: Send data from MATLAB! Receive it from PIC16f877! control some pins... *Problems I can Send data from MA
hello sir, i m trying rs232 serial communication using 8051 , i m using proteus to simulate it i m using virtual terminal to check the digit or character transmitted . i m getting binary data on port2 and corresponding ascii is to be sent on the Vterminal for display plz guide me to the correct code and (...)
Hi all I wont to connect keypad but I wont to give it letters from A to O (16 of them). After I push button it should show on LCD and virtual terminal. I connected all that (lcd on PIN P2 and keypad on P0) but im really stupid when I have to program that. All help with the code (in c) will be helpfull
TMOD = 0x20; //Timer-1, 8-Bit Auto Reload Mode TH1 = 0xFD; //9600 Baud Rate When Crystal Used is 11.0592MHZ SCON = 0x50; TR1 = 1; //Start Timer this is right Check your crystal frequency in proteus and also adjust the baud rate to 9600 by double clicking on virtual terminal Hope this may solve
hello eveyone, I'm trying to make a simulation of SD card with ISIS proteus , the code for the Microcontrolleur is in C langage! but I don't know why i don't get something in the virtual terminal !!! help mee pleaaazz!!! here is the code: // This function sends carriage-return and line-feed to USART // (...)
Connect the RxD of virtual terminal (VT) to TxD of mcu and connect TxD of VT to RxD of mcu in proteus and simulate.
Do not use MAX232 in proteus, in conjunction with the COMPIM. It uses digital ('TTL') levels like the virtual terminal, while transforms the phisical port to a virtual port.
to see the reply of GSM modem you have to connect the Rx of COM-PIM to Rx of virtual terminal.(hope you know what is COM-PIM.).GSM modem should be connected to serial port of the -PIM is used to access serial port of system in ISIS simulation..
Recently it has been answered about how to send/receive data between proteus and PC VT softwares. Search for proteus and COMPIM in edaboard. Someone used a virtual port mapper to send/receive data between proteus UART and PC Hyperterminal.
Zip and post your project files and proteus file. Maybe baudrate is not matching or data is inverted. Remove COMPIM and just connect Tx pin of MCU to RXD pin of virtual terminal and see if it displays characters properly. If not, then problem is in code or baudrate or invert.
hi i wrote program for pic uart in hitech-c and i am trying to simulate it in proteus and i need help .I used LCD to display data which i typed in virtual terminal is it works . what is virtual terminal in proteus . is it used to send and receive data from microcontroller . #include (...)
Hey guys i'm using proteus 7.4 sp3 and its working fine until i do serial programming, i have connected a virtual terminal to see what the output would be etc... now sometimes when i make a new project and use my code it shows perfectly on the terminal but when i make another project to do the same thing it (...)
When I simulate the following code with PIC simulator IDE , it works well . However when I simulate it with "proteus" , using virtual terminal , I get lot of zeros. Can anyone pls tell me why it's so? void main() { UART1_init(9600); // initialize USART module // (8 bit, 9600 baud rate, no parity bit... while (...)
Try Implementing it in a program such as proteus. You can then simulate with a virtual terminal.....
Iam tired to figure out the problem..hyper terminal shows some strange symbol,try a lot of time......i download virtual serial port driver from attached code and proteus simulation pic.....plz help
I am using 18F2550 connected to a DS18B20 using PORTC.RC1, compiled with MikroC for PIC and virtual terminal in proteus. The terminal is working, but the rest doesn't Here's the code I am using char t; int temp; void ds1820_read() { Ow_Reset(&PORTC, 1); // 'Reset (...)
Did you set the proteus PIC model oscillator accordingly? as well as the baud rate for the virtual terminal?
hai, Im doing project in proteus.I need to give input to the pic16f877 through virtual terminal and that should be displayed in the lcd.i.e.,the input to the lcd is from virtual terminal.can u plz send the c coding for this..i tried with virtual terminal codings (...)
Why does the code below send continous no of 'U' in proteus simulation virtual terminal.I am using winavr for programming atmega8 By putting "cli();" instruction in ISR should have disabled interrupt. but 'U' is being continuously delivered. what is the problem here?? #include #include (...)
This is the circuit to interface between PC and atmega128. In this circuit I use max233 to convert signal from RS232 to TTL and vice versa. However when I use Hercules software to simulate COM port and send a massage to atmega128 but the massage when I connect virtual terminal isn't what I sent. I don't know why, hope anyone who has experience help
Hi Zakir; Here is a well working and debuggable proteus project (NOT mine !). Written in Boost C, no LCD but RS232 virtual terminal, however I hope it helps you.
In proteus it's displaying the o/p on virtual terminal, So I guess there should not be any problem in code. Don't give any delay while using hyperterminal. If you've give any delay then remove it. There is no problem whatever you've used to control RST & ISP pins. Is it your first attempt in (...)
Why I am getting "Logic Contention detected on Tx Pin of virtual terminal and RxD pin of 8051" in proteus?
Hi Folks, I am in a deep trouble. I am interfacing PIC16F877A with SIM900. I am working in PCWHD (CCS C), and running my PIC hardware on proteus, and using SIM900 kit to be interfaced with PC through RS232 COM Port. I am trying to initialize the SIM900. For this purpose, I want to send ATE0, which is successful, and I get back OK. Then I want to
hi, im new to programming.. but managed to do this...below.. i want to measure the actual voltage that is being measured..but everytime i tried its not displaying anything... after some editing i managed to display the adc value that is being read by the pic16f887... can anyone help me on how to display the 0-5vdc that is measured?? in the v
Have a look at the attached file:- Its working fine:- 93057 If you are using MAX232, change your virtual terminal setting to inverted from normal. And in proteus you have to specify the crystal frequency. And its not USB ,its UART
If you are simulating in proteus then just enter the new text in the virtual terminal. The same thing applies if you are sending text from PC to display board.
look for a virtual serial port... it will simulate two serial ports (COM4 y COM5) on your PC, one for your GUI (COM4) which communicates with the seccond (COM5), so use a terminal or even the COMPIN of proteus
Hi, I am student of electronics engineering, currently having internship and solving some problems in the company. I have this assignment: "it's single analog video pulse with bitdepth of ~10. it suppose to describe each value of sensor signal as power. Sample rate up to 100 Ms/s. Single or rear repetition signal (6Hz). Prefer to buffer (FIFO buff
You are reading data from form same PC from its USART terminal to proteus.. Have u used any virtual serial port driver... Post ur code, and schematic diagram, so that we can help u. ---------- Post added at 20:58 ---------- Previous post was at 20:57 ---------- You are reading data from form same PC from i