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in edaboard search vivaldi i seen a text about curve of vivaldi i hope it helpful for you
Hi everyone, I'm trying to simulate Antipodal vivaldi antenna in hfssv12, but when I do it, something's wrong in all diagrams, so I think that antenna isn't working properly. Is there anyone who could see this antenna and tell me what's wrong with it's design, so I could simulate it properly and get some (...)
The topic was discussed many times, just search ?vivaldi? right here on the forum
i am doing the vivaldi antenna for 8-12 GHz. and i use RF-35 substrate material which dielectric constant is 3.5. After i designed all the parameters, i don't konw how to simulate it. Does anyone can help me to solve this problem please?? AS it is very urgent!!!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!
Try getting hold of some masters thesis on vivaldi antenna, U should be able to get one in scribd. A thesis would give u a good start with work and good references too..!!
100917100917Hello, We are designing and fabricating a micostrip fed vivaldi antenna in the frequency range of 1GHz-3GHz. We are most likely to use FR4-Epoxy as the substrate. However, we are not certain about implementing the equation for the exponential taper of the vivaldi antenna in hfss. Request
Hi to all, I designed a vivaldi antenna with taper rate of { exp(0.15*z) } in the 500-2500MHz frequency range on RO4003 substrate with Er=3.38 ( Fig.1). The simulation results (Fig.2 and Fig.3) that carried out with Ansoft hfss V9.1 estimate very good performance (VSWR < 1.6:1 ). but when I construct this antenna and (...)
Hi group! I have to simulate a vivaldi antenna with CST and with hfss, and then I have to comparate the results. My antenna is a vivaldi Antipodal Balanced (you can see that, if you go to CST home page=>applications=>antenna and sar=>... vivaldi). I have dimensioned my (...)
vivaldi antenna is "end-fire" antenna, IMHO, it is impossible to design vivaldi antenna with omni-directional radiation pattern .
Hello,everyone! I am working on vivaldi antenna CST simulation.The S11 is very big and i think it is wrong.I did the simulation for the same model in hfss before,and the result are quite i guess the problem is CST setting,however i can't find where the problem is exactly. Can anybody help me to solve it? I appreciate... P.S. i post the
Hi I am trying to design a vivaldi antenna on hfssv11 . I have a very specific Question. I have made the the antenna aperture with a tapered conductor and ground both flaring in opposite directions. I made them by a combination of some equation based curve and polylines. Now I want to use the cover line option to make (...)
Check out the following links, these will get you started. Design An X-Band vivaldi antenna vivaldi antenna - Microwave Encyclopedia - And I think you can find some design documents online.
i am reading some papers about this antennas, but i have another question: how can I get the equations for to determinate the curvature of the flares and how can i drawing or with which tool can i do this in the software hfss???...... i think that will be a good idea design an antipodal vivaldi antenna in the range of (...)
We are designing and fabricating a micostrip fed vivaldi antenna in the frequency range of 1GHz-3GHz. We are most likely to use FR4-Epoxy as the substrate. However, we are not certain about implementing the equation for the exponential taper of the vivaldi antenna in hfss. Request your help in this regard.
I'm simulating the vivaldi antenna in the CAD BENCHMARK of Microwave Engineering Europe magazine .But I always have problems in the far field calculation ! If anyone Who have simulate it can upload the example ,i will thanks a lot !
Hi, I am trying to create a vivaldi antenna that is usable for (at least) 3GHz to 8GHz. That shouldn't be a problem because these antennas are for broadband applications. I entered a model that is similar to the test antenna at the CST homepage. But my wont work as good. Does anybody has that file from these (...)
Look at I think you have been done it here. RGZ PL
you can find microstrip hfss file at:
I also want to simulate vivaldi antenna, and I will the finite element method with my own algorithm. but the most difficult task for me is to geometry modeling and mesh genernation. would anyone give me some advice ? thanks !
Hi! Which are parameters that affects gain of the vivaldi antenna? Is in length, taper hight, or something else? What is max gain I can obtain from vivaldi antenna at cca. 1.8 Ghz? Thanks in advance
Hi I'm working on a paper about tapered slot antennas. My problem is that I need a drawing of tsa and vivaldi antenna and I can't find any on the net, and I'm not good at drawing one for myself. Could you be kind an download a few drawings of TSA and vivaldi antenna.
Can anybody help me in designing vivaldi antenna in X band i want to know how to start the desgn..if some material is there kindly mail to me @
I need a reference book for the design of a vivaldi antenna. Please help me.
I am designing an antipodal vivaldi antenna in c- and x-band. I want to get a beamwidth of 120 deg throughout the band. But I am not able to do so. When i achieve the beamwidth symmetry of the pattern goes Can anybody help me asap..itssssssssssss urgent
do you know how to obtain the antenna factor of vivaldi antenna ? !
anyone has the model of vivaldi antenna in feko ?
About Substate you can refer :D also one CST paper To start with :D :D Regards GV
Dear all, I need to design a vivaldi antenna working at 61GHz. The directivity should be more than 10dBi (59-63GHz). This antenna is feeded by differetial signals (used microstrip to slotline transition) and both of the two slotlines are fabricated on the same side of the substrate. Right now the first sidelobes in the H-plane is too (...)
Hi all, I'd like to know impedance of vivaldi antenna (frequency range: 2 - 6 GHz) for design feeding. How I can calculate or simulate (I use CST) ? Thanks a lot.
Hi, I need to design vivaldi antenna for WLAN application. i need to know how to determine its width and length of the antenna, can anyone help me? i really dont have any idea on how to design the antenna. Is there any specific formulas or design procedures to determine the parameters? i know that the curve of the slot (...)
what parameters of the geometry of a vivaldi antenna affect its directivity? I have an array and want to make the 3dB bandwith narrower. Apart from doing some tappering I'd like to change the radiating elements for another more directive vivaldis and try to pull down the NLS that increases when tappering. The tappering I'd use to make the (...)
I am desiging a tapered slot vivaldi antenna using a double-sided Marchand balun. I would like to match the input impedance to 50 ohms. I am using FEKO to simulate the design. I am having issues with obtaining the 50 ohm match and am getting a high reactance value. Can anyone please suggest what I can try to decrease the reactance of my antenn
I am trying to model a vivaldi antenna in cst and am having a lot of trouble getting the geometry to work. Does anyone have a model file i can look at or any advice for creating my model?
Hello everybody, I have some troubles with designing a vivaldi antenna which should work in the range frequency 0.6 to 4.8GHz. The main problems come from the matching of this antenna. I tried many times to get the S11<-10dB for the frequencies below 1.2GHz, but I didn't get the perfect matching. How can I improve the matching (...)
pls help me to design vivaldi antenna using this software...
How to create exponential taper of rate 0.3/cm in vivaldi antenna using CST
can you tell me how to design microstrip feed in vivaldi antenna(exponential taper)?
how to calculate the exponential shape of the vivaldi antenna
what boundary & symmetry conditions for exponential tapered vivaldi antenna must be used
MICROSTRIP TO SLOT LINE transition in exponential tapered vivaldi antenna
single element vivaldi antenna designing 2-4 ghz of gain 3dB
how to reduce efficiency of vivaldi antenna using CST . We are getting around 1.09% (>90%) for 2-4 GHz frequency. we are designing for 3.3GHz as center frequency. please reply how to get the 90%
these days, I am looking into the vivaldi arrays and find that the dissertation 'Doubly-mirrored Balanced Antipodal vivaldi antenna (DmBAVA) for high performance arrays of electrically short, modular elements' \ by Mohd-Wajih A. Elsallal maybe pretty meaningful, but i cannot download it from the university library, can anyone kind help me (...)
hello every one i need some help for design UWB (2-12GHz) vivaldi antenna. thanks a lot
i need help. how to create curve for the microstrip ground plane part for vivaldi antenna?
can anyone help me or guide me or give me steps on how i'm going to design TSA vivaldi antenna using cst microwave studio? i've settled certain part of the vivaldi design for txline part n top vivaldi antenna. but, i don't know how to proceed because i didn't found info for the design using cst. tq (...)
Hello frnds any one can send me patch antenna hfss file for GPS patch antenna (1.576GHz)i tried very hard to design but failed for required gain of 6dBi.plz plz plz i urgently need it.:sad:email
Hi all, I'm trying to understand the design process of a microstrip to slotline transition for a vivaldi antenna. The microstrip width at the antenna port can be calculated to meet the desired Z_0 value of e.g. 50 Ohms using one of the online microstrip calculators. In my case this is way lower than 1mm due to a thin substrate. Fu
hi,. i'm trying to design vivaldi antenna,...over the freq . 6-18 ghz ,. now in starting stage ,..plz anybody send me the design equations and ,... tell me how to deside the,.. width and length of taper,. and antenna stub length , slotline length etc,.. thnk u,..
Hi, I am designing slot vivaldi antenna for wide bandwidth.I am using strip line to slot line transition that used in the literature.The problem is using the radial stub to match the feed for entire bandwidth.I blindly using the slot radius and stub (feed) radius the return loss is coming only -5dB with so many ripples.Some body help me out to m