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in edaboard search vivaldi i seen a text about curve of vivaldi i hope it helpful for you
Hi everyone, I'm trying to simulate Antipodal vivaldi antenna in hfssv12, but when I do it, something's wrong in all diagrams, so I think that antenna isn't working properly. Is there anyone who could see this antenna and tell me what's wrong with it's design, so I could simulate it properly and get some (...)
Hi to all, I designed a vivaldi antenna with taper rate of { exp(0.15*z) } in the 500-2500MHz frequency range on RO4003 substrate with Er=3.38 ( Fig.1). The simulation results (Fig.2 and Fig.3) that carried out with Ansoft hfss V9.1 estimate very good performance (VSWR < 1.6:1 ). but when I construct this antenna and (...)
Hi group! I have to simulate a vivaldi antenna with CST and with hfss, and then I have to comparate the results. My antenna is a vivaldi Antipodal Balanced (you can see that, if you go to CST home page=>applications=>antenna and sar=>... vivaldi). I have dimensioned my (...)
The topic was discussed many times, just search ?vivaldi? right here on the forum
i am doing the vivaldi antenna for 8-12 GHz. and i use RF-35 substrate material which dielectric constant is 3.5. After i designed all the parameters, i don't konw how to simulate it. Does anyone can help me to solve this problem please?? AS it is very urgent!!!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!
Hi... I'm designing a dual-polarized vivaldi antenna which should operate between the frequency range of 2 to 12.6GHz. I'm using the stripline-line vivaldi notch antenna's design. However, i still have many doubts even after reading various journals and articles. When i'm calculating the wavelength of my stub, cavity and (...)
Hello,everyone! I am working on vivaldi antenna CST simulation.The S11 is very big and i think it is wrong.I did the simulation for the same model in hfss before,and the result are quite i guess the problem is CST setting,however i can't find where the problem is exactly. Can anybody help me to solve it? I appreciate... P.S. i post the
Hi I am trying to design a vivaldi antenna on hfssv11 . I have a very specific Question. I have made the the antenna aperture with a tapered conductor and ground both flaring in opposite directions. I made them by a combination of some equation based curve and polylines. Now I want to use the cover line option to make (...)
Check out the following links, these will get you started. Design An X-Band vivaldi antenna vivaldi antenna - Microwave Encyclopedia - And I think you can find some design documents online.
i am reading some papers about this antennas, but i have another question: how can I get the equations for to determinate the curvature of the flares and how can i drawing or with which tool can i do this in the software hfss???...... i think that will be a good idea design an antipodal vivaldi antenna in the range of (...)
Try getting hold of some masters thesis on vivaldi antenna, U should be able to get one in scribd. A thesis would give u a good start with work and good references too..!!
design a taper-optimized antipodal vivaldi antenna. the tapers are determined by a function y=f(x). can not draw the taper by hfss directly. plan to import .dxf file from AutoCAD, but havenot found a way to plot a function (draw the taper) in AutoCAD. have better ideas? thanks in advanced, guys.
Hi, I have a same problem with hfss and CST, please visite this forum: It is my vivaldi antenna simulation and meaturment results, My simulations carried out with hfss, simulated S11 are not in agreement with meaturment results. But when eirp ( Thanks eirp!) simulated it with CS
Hi I designed a vivaldi antenna excited with waveport. I made waveport 5*w wide and it extends to the top and bottom grounds (as antenna321 said). Do I have to take care of antenna impedance or other parameters? I read a lot about waveports in edaboard but there are a lot of different opinions. If antenna (...)
Because the antenna production tolerances are pretty high compared to the wavelength at 60 GHz (mmwave), you'd prefer an antenna with broadband performance. Moreover you really want some antenna gain for having a decent link budget at those freqs. A vivaldi antenna, as used by the people from the Wigwam (...)
This contains project files in hfss format like horn antenna design, magic tee, dipole, quasi-yagi, vivaldi, microstrip line, helix, Coupler design etc There is no tutorial all are design files *.hfss
I have some serious doubts can anybody clarify these pls. 1. effect of metallic ground plane on vivaldi antenna (i made some traveling slot antenna with 120 deg HPBW in both planes but in practical its not behaving as in simulations by hfss)..kindly put some light on feed SMA connectors and mounting structure 2. seen (...)
Hy everybody. I'm a student and i want some urgent help if someone with enough time can help me. I have to design a vivaldi antenna with f=0,4-2 GHz Directivity characteristic at 3dB= 100-120 deg G=3dB Zin = 50 ohms VSWR < 2 I have all the documentation and everything else but i have some small problems wi
Hi, Any one who has used equation based curve/surface option to generate 2D structures in hfss would like to upload any document or example explaining that how to do it ? I am trying to use this option to draw exponential curve of vivaldi antenna but em not successful yet. Any help from anyone who is expert on this would
how to do optimazation on hfss
I am asking for help. I have made a vivaldi antenna simulation in hfss v12.0.1 But I have troubles with waveport, and because of this very bad VSWR, S11, real and im impedance parameters... How should I change my waveport to get normal parameters? ____________________________________________________________ Model of my (...)
there is a ton of information available regarding vivaldi antenna. if i was to supply you with the taper, then i would be doing the project no :) i dont think you will find this to be terribly difficult. you will simply experiment with the taper definition to see its impact on directivity and impedance. best of luck
For the vivaldi antenna, at what frequency are you planning to design? On which substrate are you planning to fabricate. I simulated different vivaldi antennas in hfss. You can see the attached figures (exponential tapers). But in order to fabricate the vivaldi antenna and (...)
Hi, Are you any practical experince about vivaldi antennas? if Ok, please go to this forum: I have s problem with this antenna, Please Help me. Thanks KMPA
Antipodal vivaldis work pretty well at high frequencies, some problems appear at frequencies under 2 GHz. Get in touch with me if you want information on antipodal vivaldi simulation on cst, as i have worked for some time with it Hope it may be useful
can you please share the book. Actually my problem is simulating an array of end fire element like vivaldi in triangular grid fashion..can you comment on this
Hi, I use CST to simulate of tapered slot antenna (vivaldi) and when I measure the antenna (that I create by using CST), it find that the results from CST and measurement are the same. So, I no have idea about ADS. :smile:
may be possible but the size of antenna is too much but with taper you able reduce size like vivaldi
Can anybody suggest me how can I change the wave impedance of an antenna in hfss. My interest is to simulate UWB antennas like vivaldi, LPA, and Bowtie.
I want to simulate an 8 x 8 vivaldi array with triangular grid configuration in hfss. Can anybody help me in setting up the problem so that i can assess the performance of element in array environment
I am currently trying to simulate an array of vivaldi antennas. I work with ADS Momentum. I have finished the elementary antenna design, but I am having problems with the 2-way Wilkinson power splitter. I designed and optimized it using Schematic, but when I create the layout and try to simulate it, some of the results are good (S11, S21), (...)