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hi, I am honnaraj, i completed my M.Tech (vlsi ) in bangalore.... as you people know the openings in vlsi domain in bangalore is not good...not only that the guidliness for vlsi DOMAIN and project is not good ....... so please help me to become a good in vlsi i can start (...)
Update your linkedin profile, join the groups there which are of your interests like vlsi, design, system verilog etc. Be active there. Subscribe to all the companies that you are interested in. Very frequently they keep posting for their job requirements. I'm providing here a link for embedded system companies in bangalore (...)
hi, please list of startup and other companies working in the field of vlsi that are there in this listing may help many of them who are in search. many of us know companies that are not know to others. this may help them. regards kil
Hi, Anybody knows companies which are working in semiconductor, vlsi or FPGA in Pune? Thanks in advance. Sam
There are many vlsi startups in Chennai
Hi Can anybody let me know if there are any vlsi companies in Kolkata? If so please let me know the name of those companies. Regards
hi anybody knows about fresher requirements in vlsi , at Pune India
Marvel is in Gurgoan and LeelaPalace-bangalore (a part of NatSem ) Added after 11 minutes: Some more new companies list can be found in the
I have completed M.E in vlsi design. I am working as design engineer for past 16 months. I am looking for a switch over in bangalore. I want to know the list of companies in bangalore and current openings there. Can anybody will help me in this perspect?
I have completed M.E in vlsi design. I am working as design engineer for past 16 months. I am looking for a switch over in bangalore. I want to know the list of companies in bangalore and current openings there. Can anybody will help me in this perspect?
Hi Guys, How is vlsi jobs in INDIA!!!! Has LAY-OFF started!!!!!!!! i hearing that companies like Wipro, Sasken, Tata-elxsi are sending out their peoples silently!!! Is this news true or "a Rumor" Guys kindly share ur view on this!!!!!!!
This site has list of vlsi companies in India.. Good Luck...!
Hi Friends, Myself Kanimozhi.M, having 3 Years of experience in vlsi Front end Digital and RTL design ,I am having strong knowledge in VHDL and Verilog HDL languages ( vlsi). I am interested to work in vlsi Design or Verification. And also I am having work experience with Xilinx-Spartan-2,3,3E FPGA Kit. As I am looking for a change in my (...)
Thanks manoj..which is the best institute to do vlsi course in bangalore?
There are quite a few vlsi training institutes in bangalore and Hyderabad...Check out Sandeepani and maven silicon. A safer option would joining CDAC!
Hello everyone please help i have completed my B.E(2013 passout) with EC background in bangalore i wanted to do job in my core only vlsi or embedded system whether i have to join any institute for training and placement or jobs are available for freshers many companies need experience candidates only.. what would u people suggest (...)
I have the vlsi companies list.If u want that I can forward u.Please let me know
hi to all anybody has the list of companies which is woring in vlsi/Embedded in gujarat.. Plz send it to me if u have... Popatlal Panjarawala
list of companies involved in vlsi design in India:
Hello every one i am D.S.S.N.RAJU (Tech) vlsi student searching for vlsi ASIC based job can any one suggest the openings or companies, get the job after completion of my course . and my mail id is can anyone refer job for me
Getting a professional training in the vlsi domain will surely increases your chances of getting into a vlsi industry. We are soon starting a course... vlsi Training (Design / Verification) Course starting in RajaRajeshwari Nagar, bangalore. Check the Brochure @ vlsi Training (Verification +
right now there is no openings for a vlsi fresher..... maybe you get if you have influence, or reference..... but the market is too bad for freshers in vlsi and it will be for another 2 years..........
hi all, ia m B.E EEE i want to know which field i.e vlsi and EMBEDDED SYSTEM which of these two field is having more value and having good job openings and good career in bangalore, any companies abt these two fields plz plz plz plz tell... with regards
are there any companies providing internships for MS in vlsi engineering (for final sem students) Thanks in advance.
hi all, can any body help me ,how the training in sandeepani bagalore.what is about placements there.what are the companies visiting campus.please help me thanks
The new vlsi learning and development center is openend in bangalore on NOV 3rd 2008. This company manily concentrate on analog/mixed signal design and layout . Once the learning phase is completed, depending on the performance of the candidate ,they will be hired for the development works in the same company.We refer the remaining candidaes to a
I am so much frustrated ...I completed MS in electrical engineering with ASIC/vlsi and its been 4 months now and I havent got any calls from any of the companies. Let me know ,if you are getting calls, where and how to apply..I am fade up of applying now.. If you are based in bangalore, send your CV (indeed RUSH i
High end training on vlsi & Embedded system @ Northern India's No-1 Engineers Training Company The heart and brain of all the appliances, equipment, and devices which we use in our daily life are encompassed with Electronic Chips , Embedded Processor and Embedded Software. vlsi and EMBEDDED SYSTEMS market will literally explode over the n
Hello. I am an Electronics and communications Engineer, graduated from PES Institute of Technology, bangalore in July 2010. I have been recruited by Wipro vlsi company. I am excited to know how good the opportunities are in the industry and more specifically with Wipro vlsi. Is the company good enough for a successful launch into the (...)
there is one simple thing yet to be seen.... there are no much product based companies if you are targetting MNC's... Most of them are service based companies... and core electronics job are much limited as they dont do much development in india... and if you say you specialize in Electronics and communciation , is a very vague answer as this fiel
Which all companies offer part time/Full time MS/MTECH in vlsi Design for their employees? As far as my knowledge, in AMD we get this option... Does anyone knows any other companies with the same Also i heard the part time MS/MTECH doesn't have much value(compared to full-time that true? Please give some details
Hello Every one, I'm currently working in IT industry from past 2 years. I have completed B.E in ECE branch with 80% aggregate. Now i'm looking for a career in vlsi field. I have planned to join the vlsi institution. Please advice me how to proceed futher like should i join the instution and get a vlsi job? I have 2 years (...)
hi I m Sandeep Bondada doing M.Tech in vlsi Design. as a part of course I have to do project work for 1yr and I m looking to do it any vlsi based company offering internship. I did FULL-CUSTOM vlsi Design using Cadence tools and undergone an internsive course on Advanced Synthesis Techinques(Encounter RTL Complier) n Physical design(SoC (...)
There is lot of demand for VERIFICATION engineers in vlsi domain... Getting a professional training in Verification + System Verilog will definitely increase your chances of getting into a vlsi industry by 100% ... We are starting a course soon.. and we focus on real challenges faced in industry and you will READY for any vlsi industry.. (...)