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SA ; I'm a student in third year , computer engineering department , cairo university and I'm very interested in the field of Digital vlsi design. and I'm searching for an internship for this summer. anybody can provide me with the names of companies that are searching for interns in Digital vlsi design ?? thanks in advance and waiting f
Hi All, I live in Los Angeles ,CA. i'm looking for some training institue which provides vlsi front end design training. Pls let me know of any in LA. Thanks
hi every one ok I'm a fresh graduate my project was a vlsi digital design. I'm intrested in that field and I want to build up my career in it. can you help me guys with information about... -what to do? -names of companies? -addreses..... and so on. thanks for all.
hi everybody i am from egypt and i want to know the steps that help me to become a professional in the vlsi field. i want steps from zero to hero (from a to z). thanks.
unfortunately there aren't any websites specialized in vlsi jobs only in egypt... you can join the yahoogroup called vlsi_egypt and easily find vacancies there through the emails sent to the group...what is your field in vlsi exactly and where are you located???
vlsi Design Engineers Newport Media Inc., a fables semiconductor company, is seeking highly motivated vlsi design engineers to fill the following positions at its egypt Design Center. This is an opportunity to work in developing state-of the art wireless technology. vlsi Design Engineer - IC Integration (...)