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Hi friends. I'm Pavan. I'm working in a central government PSU at Nashik, Maharashtra. I want to pursue PhD in Electronics Engineering in vlsi field. As I'm already in a job, I can't join Full-Time course. Also, my company will not sponsor me. Suggest me some good institutes for Non-Sponsored Part-Time PhD. Also tell me what should I do to incre
Some institutes in India have separate programs in vlsi & Nanoelectronics..What is the basic difference..??
Maven Silicon good for Frontend vlsi ???? Whats about placement in MAVEN ????
HELLO ALL... I did masters in ee.. but coudnt find a job.. so would like to improve myself technically.. looking for institutes in vlsi which offer a short term course... i found a few institutes.... veda iit, hyderabad ttm iit, hyderabad, bangalore.... rv-vlsi, banglore... can you all please tell me which one i
Since you are only a graduate..So,i don't think you have any brighter chances unless you are from IIT's,NIT's and other premier institutes where vlsi and EDA companies used to go and hire engineers,they trust people having post-graduation M.S/M.TECH/M.E degree.But that only doesn't ensure a job opportunity,i have seen many people struggling
Hi Everyone, I interested to get into my vlsi domain.Please suggest some training institutes.Confused between CVC ,RV & Sandeepani Regards Yamuna Hi yamuna, send your requirements (HDL languages and tool to learn) to they will send you the course structure an
hi everyone....8-O i completed my UG prog in Electronics ENGG & looking forward to join vlsi Training institutes.....can any one suggest a Good institute with placements...
Respected and Dear All, Please let me know all the private institutes in hyderabad which trains and guides the final year students in completion of the Project work of M.E level (vlsi Design and Embedded Systems) . I'm interested to learn RTL to GDS2 flow for a complete ASIC design viz SoC design using Industry standard tools. Thanks &
There are quite a few vlsi training institutes in Bangalore and Hyderabad...Check out Sandeepani and maven silicon. A safer option would joining CDAC!
I am a B.Tech graduate and I am interested to do course in front end as well as back end vlsi. Which institute should i prefer -- maven or rv ? Also, I want to have in depth knowledge of System Verilog, so which institute provides it Maven or RV? Plz, tell me as i find these 2 institutes to bttr than rst of them
RV-vlsi is one the reputed training institute in vlsi. Search on the forum. There are lot of discussions related to this on the forum.
check with RV-vlsi & MS Ramaiah.
100% Placement cannot be assured by any institute- no matter how best they are. Getting placed in a company is purely a matter of individual's capability. As far as good institutes in Bangalore- try these places: Sandeepani - Specialized vlsi / Embedded Training School ,
hiii can you please suggest me the best institutes for embedded systems and vlsi in hyderabad....
Hello friends!!! I have searched and felt a need for opening a comprehensive thread regarding few of the vlsi Degree courses offered by institutions in INDIA. I would like you all to contribute to the list and make the list as comprehensible as possible!!! 1. Veda IIT, Hyderabad 2. M S Ramaiah College, Bangalore 3. BITS Pilani, Pilani Pleas
I would suggest you to go for RV-vlsi if you are interested in back-end.
I would suggest you to go for RV-vlsi.
i heard that market in india is getting better... ask ur friends to refer u, it might help u to atleast get urself noticed by hiring department. better idea would be to join some vlsi institutes, most of them have a good track record of placements. and i guess, that companies mostly approach these institutes to find candidates.... good luck.
Give your search start from Banglore & use any employee reference & join some vlsi forums.
hi guys iam currently finishing my B.E course and i wanted to do something in vlsi(mainly in front end). I was thinking about joining RV-vlsi but I was able to contact someone and it seems placement is very tough(a very risky investment). so does anyone know any good vlsi training institutes in india especially in bangalore
i am new to the pcb design but i want to draw schematic using orcad. please name any institutes who teaches pcb design in bangalore. You may contact EFY tech centre in Bangalore at the below mentioned address, who conducts courses for PCB designing, Basic electronics, Robotics, Microchip PIC 16F877, vlsi Design, and renesas
No exclusive certification is there for these languages. But u will come across certified training institutes offering courses in front end vlsi
hi all, i wnat to know any training centers in bangloreor any where in inda, in analog vlsi like sandepani and TTM and any others details that u know about analog vlsi traning please post reply and analog vlsi startup companies if u know do reply.... regards kil
hi all, this article lists the vlsi Design courses and institutes in India. hope you find it useful... also, indian electronics community site,
hi all, this article lists the Embedded courses and institutes in India. hope you find it useful... :idea:
hi all, this article lists the DSP courses and institutes in India. hope you find it useful... :D
Can someone please help me out with the salary range of the student completing his BE/B Tech and some of post diploma course in vlsi from institutes like CDAC, or at Vedant (Mohali, India)? What is the avg. package he can expect?? Where does his career graph in general lead him (income wise)?:D
hi all, i wanted to go in physical design so i wnat to know which tools that i need to learn form the vlsi institutes and which tools i can get as freedwonloads with regard to back end desing in vlsi. which tools for backend are in good demand in the industry now please give me feedback so that i can decide which tool i nee
I think MS Ramiya College of engineering is conducting vlsi course but it was started at june. thanks aravind