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Hi You must start by sampling the voice using the ADC in 8KHz smpling frequency then compress the the voice data into lower size using some algorithm like ADPCM dived the data into packet and send the packet using the can bus When you receive the data decompress it and use an D/A converter to convert the data into (...)
hi, i need to design a project based on voice over ip and i need some one to help me to find chips i need to start working with this project thanks for every body need to help Fire in The Wire :idea:
Technically, voice over lan is not required to use IP as the underlying protocol. For example, on an ethernet lan you could use fundamental ethernet packets to convey voice data directly without using IP or any other higher level protocols. As a practical matter though, sinip is correct: IP is the standard for conveying (...)
About Analog voice over VPN?? using cisco routers What I should takecare & how to ensure good voice comm. Quality? What the min. bitrate for one voice conversation? at last does there is a diff between "VIRTUAL TUNNEL INTERFACE WITH IP SECURITY" & the VPN or it is the same Also what is the diff (...)
Hi, I want to transmit voice over RS232 and replay it in real-time using one of the Mega AVRs. The problem is the interval between samples. Since I'm using a computer on one side ,can I rely on the pauses(between transmissions) that I make in the computer program ? Is it more efficient to use PCM ? If yes please guide me through a source (...)
What you propose has already been done on an experimental basis. voice over IP has been applied to 802.11 systems and there are several commercial systems that use 802.11 for city wide systems. They have nodes around town that connect to the wired internet. The overall problem is economic and limited frequency. In silicon valley (...)
hi I want to know how can i deal with cl30(shell program) because this program didn't run in DOS or WINDOWS. so i want your help to run this program. aslo if you know how what is the operation (function) of DSP in project like VOIP(voice over IP)
dear folks, i wanna know if anyone has any idea as to how voice can be transmitted over LAN.i want to be more specific in the application i am aiming at.i am an undergraduate student.i want our lectures in the college to reach our hostels along with the lecturer's voice.that is when ever the lecturer delivers a (...)
Please let me know is it possible that a system can accept TCP/IP throgh its LAN port but does not accept voice/IP through that port? Thank you
is it posible to use fiber optic cable use for internet in our campus to be able to use also on our telephone system??? utilizing it... Yes if you switch to VOIP then you could route whole telephone traffic over the same fiber optic cable used for internet. can you pls explain VOIP?
do we need to convert the vocie from microphone while sending over the local area networks,means do we need any conversion of the voice from soundcard to LAN
hi Contains MPLS Tutorial McGraw Hill - voice over MPLS Planning and Design Networks Computer Networks, Fourth Edition By Andrew S. Tanenbaum
Hi I want to transcieve voice via MIC and SPKR of sim300, in GPRS mode to another sim300 connected to GPRS. Anybody can help in any way ? Thanks Do I have to alter the SIM300 Bios to have this functionality or does it support this feature already?
What do you mean about voice Chat? VoIP needs a RTP connection to be established between users. voice messages can be sent as a form of instant message. For instance SIP is a signaling protocol used to create an RTP media connection between users. But SIP can carry messages embedded within it's body without the need of (...)
Hi In order to that you will need to sample the voice (using ADC) at known sample rate (most voice can be sampled using 8 KHz sample rate) To save band width you will also need to compress the voice using a known algorithm like ADPCM Or G721(more complex) And then you can send the DATA via the (...)
A description of GSM voice codecs can be found at various places at the internet, e.g. GSM - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ANSI-C code that represents the algorithms of the half- and full-rate codec can be downloaded at
how can we send the voice trough GSM.
Hi, You may try to transmit and receive voice over fiber optic cables... that would simplest and intersting to start with...
The transmission over PLM needs to be digital voice I think. Maybe this metering application helps to find a good approach: . Enjoy your design work in the new year!
hello, i want to do voice transfer on electric lines please help me digitallan...
hi .. from concept of gsm the gsm voice channel is designed to carry voice. The codec is optimized for human voice. The transfer characteristic is very poor for data transmission. Even 1k2 is almost impossible to modulate to voice channel with reasonable ber. If you want small amount you can use dtmf (...)
HI all , I need c code for simple voice AGC control on c5510 dsk . can anybody help me out as i have to build over it.
A Curious Thing: U.S. Radar Operators called "Chirp" the charateristic signal who was eared in headphones, because it was very similar to the Birds voice.
Hi Somia, My guess is that both, the voice modem and the telephone are not configured to work in the same carrier or have different configurations... You can see in this page what kind of configuration can v.23 have, if you read the v.23 specifications, it is standar for a switched telephone netowrk and can work for (...)
Usually under 1 GHz humidity and rain don't paly a big role in attenuation, you can estimate some 0,2 dB /Km. Take instead a lot of care at the link margin; if you have to transmit data at least 20 dB margin, for voice 10 to 15 dB is enough. Mandi
Hi there! I have a project on VoIP (voice over IP). I have learnt H323 and SIP protocols. Now I have to built a program run on one of the two protocols. I use VB but I don't have tools on these protocols. Could you please give me some links or upload here tools for me? Thanks very much! By the way, I also need some advices and experienc
The microphone input will be AC coupled and filtered to voice frequencys. The usuall way is to use audio frequency shift keying. There is a lot of information on the web about packet radio with an amateur radio license. When I played with it a few years ago the standard mode was 1200baud, I vaguely recall it sent a single cycle of 1200HZ or 240
Hmm, I went throught the article, it was informative. I have a question, how does the received and transmitted voice signal travel over the same copper pair? Doesn't any interference occur? Magnetra
hi all can anyone suggest me as to how to implement voice over IP or MP3 codec for ARM7.what all specific areas i need to know to accomplish this task?can anyone send me some mirror links ,where i could get source code?pls help me. regards john
yes i know that it call VOIP,but i mean by algorithm,is that if u want to transmit a voice over network u have to compress it .and by that i mean if any one know something about voice compression can help me ?? but anyway thank u for answering me....
Voip is voice over Internet Protocol, or using a telephone over the internet via your PC. You can find it all over the web. It's nothing to do with about EDAboard.
Hi buts101 If i were you i would be to confy about the VSAT solutions it ould be just to expensive and complicated for you if you don't have the support of a larger ISP. Now, the wireless solutions is the way to go... At least in my opinion... Now using 802.11 is simpler and very wide range solution for both, internet and voice channels, using
Does any one have resources about voice over frame relay and atm? please help
CCVP is 5 exams Cvoice CIPT IPTT GWGK QOS I have them all , you can find them on
It stands for : Regular Pulse Excitaion - Linear Predition Code LPC is based on slow changing signals like voice , over a short window of samples can be used to expect the next sample with certain degree of error that can be minimized by acurate statistics , the idea is instead of sending the voice (...)
hello VoIP basically means that IP is used for transportation of voice Details well the audio chat is a kind of VoIP but VoIP can be of many forms like IP Telephony is also a kind of VoIP but IP Telephony is an advance form it can be between PC to PC PC to Phone Phone to PC now audio chat over LAN doesnt (...)
DTMF Dual-tone multi-frequency (DTMF) signaling is used for telephone signaling over the line in the voice-frequency band to the call switching center. The version of DTMF used for telephone tone dialing is known by the trademarked term Touch-Tone, and is standardised by ITU-T Recommendation Q.23. A different version is used for signaling internal
Hi, Dear u must go to VOIP (voice over IP ) all the worl now use voip , i suggest it to u . Thanx BR\\ Tamer
as there is boom for 3g and 4g. so u should de a research based project in WCDMA which is the advance version of current GSM. 1-OFDMA channel codding 2-study of 3G and 4G technology. 3-Memo Channel Codding 4-interconversion from 2.5G to 4G 5-implimentation of WiMAX. 6-Wimax channel codding. 7-CDMA and GSM roming and handoff (one of the hot
SIP is a signaling protocol used for VOIP, ie. it's used to establish a phone call, so one can say SIP is to VOIP what SS7 is to PSTN. There are a few signaling protocols developed by different bodies SIP is developed by the IETF (the body that develops the internet standards) and the h32x family (h323 is for voice over ethernet with no (...)
hi! gud day.... hi! im a 5th year student of ece currently taking up a design proposal subject. and am here to ask your idea or opinion about Power Line Carrier (using power lines to carry data/voice signals)).. I need ur suggestion bout this topic.. can anybody send me a data about this topic.. hoping for your positive response..
Hello everyone.... can anyone please help me out in....."how to do the matlab code for speech processing (i.e)...voice over ip (VoIP) using different audio codecs such as G.711, G.729,SPEEX etc". can u just tell me how to use the CODEC by taking a input signal (.wav files) and do the programming ..... if anyone knows abt (...)
The Fusion Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) software suite is at the heart of Unicoi's voice over Internet Packet (VoIP) offerings. Fusion SIP is a lightweight, transport-independent, text-based protocol designed for use in IP Phones, VoIP Gateways, and other IP-enabled products. Fusion SIP source code is specifically designed for use in embedd
I suggest u to Study VOIP i.e voice over IP. it is very interesting.
I am going to design a system to transceive the voice signal which is digitalized and encrypted for security . In my way, I am get analog singal (voice) through the CODEC block then compress it (using Vocoder ). After that I encrypt this digital signal. Thirdly, modulate this signal then transmit over the line. So anyone (...)
Hi all, Need your help for this... I am working on wireless transceiver which is supposed to communicate to another similar wireless node at RF. The transceiver consists of a MSP430 microcontroller and CC2400 transceiver. I have programmed them in such a way that they communicate over the ISM band 2.4 GHz and have used a simple packet format. T
i've built a circuit that can transmit voice and music over a laser beam by using FM modulation i've attached more pictures and a video at
I need a voice recognition software that'll give me voice recognition as well as interfacin with parallel or serial port plz tell me name of the
Mainly we are able to send different types of info on the same network (multimedia, data, voice,..etc), we are able to carry out whatever processing we want, digital signals are noise immune, we are able to use regenerative repeaters and in general, digital circuitry design is usually automated.
Look at my attachment... Here I want to transmit my voice over UWB and to receive at receiver end. For that, there will be one ADC to convert my voice to input binary data(not shown above). Opposite action takes place at the receiver to play my voice on speaker. Blue blocks should implemented on single FPGA IC using (...)