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Hi, Anyone who has experience with that how to get a pwm signal whose Puls should be controlled based one the I/P voltage ?5V Using simple OP-Amp ? Thanks in advance
I'd like to model a voltage controlled resistor in SPICE. How is this done using controlled/dependent sources? (I don't want to use a simple FET)
Designing A BJT voltage controlled Oscillator Objectives: ? A simple voltage controlled oscillator is designed using the Clapp-Gouriet configuration. ? The oscillator is tuned by a varicap connected to a d.c. tuning voltage. ? This is a low power oscillator, operating at 400-450MHz at a supply (...)
Hi... VCO (voltage controlled Oscillator) is important for controlling frequency signal by another control signal. Thanks to VCO, you can maintain a stable frequency. Quality of VCO consist to avoid frequency shift when a constant input signal is applied.
Does anyone know how to add a voltage-controlled cap in Cadence IC? I found a vccap model in analogLIb, but it can be only used in HspiceS. I want to use spectre simulator. Do I need to use Verilog-A or spectreHDL to model the device? Thank you.
Hi all, I have to design a *LOW POWER* voltage controlled amplifier. The first idea is to use a JFET in voltage controlled resistor and used it in an inverter Opamp. I have found the LMC6041 Opamp from national. The problem is that the JFET Vds=f(Id) characterisc isn't symetric. By ex : for Vgs = -3v and Vds = (...)
Based on freq. range the Switch Capacitor is another way to have voltage controlled filters.
The output is a voltage. The input is a voltage. There are also courrent input controlled amplifiers called OTA.
Hi. I'm looking for someone to build a relatively simple circuit for me. I'm the owner of a 2004 Toyota Prius, and I'm trying to upgrade the audio system, replacing the amplifier and speakers. The problem is that the factory amplifier in my "JBL premium" sound system is what controls the volume and fader. If I just hook another aftermarket am
To see the voltage at node 2 change, you can connect node 2 to a current source, or to a voltage source by a resistor. Don't leave it float, neither connect it to a voltage source directly.
A differential-input amplifier + a voltage-to-current coverter can realize a vcvs. Both can be contructed with opamps.
To ALL: I need a paper (J. Craninckx and M. Steyaert, ?Low-noise voltage controlled oscillators using enhanced LC-tanks,? IEEE Trans. Circuits Syst.?II, vol. 42, pp. 794?904, Dec. 1995.). But I cannot download it.Can you send it to me.Thank you very much. My email is
hi I intend to design a ring VCO as shown in the figure. Could anyone suggest a voltage controlled current source that i could use to generate the control current (Ictrl)?
I need voltage controlled oscillator IC that operates on input from from -1v to +1v giving max 40 Mhz square pulse oscillations at -1V or +1v
dear friends, can current controlled pwm inverter be called as current source inverter? i need formulas to calculate id , iq, theta in vector control of single phase asynchronous machine. thank u.
In this case you can use LM317 voltage regulator and configure it as adjustable constant current source .. see picture below .. More details you can find in the LM317's data sheet .. This, of course will not be voltage-controlled-current-source, but it is a very simple alternative .. If you need to control current by varying (...)
i need help in designing a cct that takes a dc input voltage and outputs a square/triangular wave. varrying the voltage should linearly change the frequency of the suare/triangular wave. the recomeded method is to use a non-linear cct such as an Integrator, together with an appropriate voltage-controlled interface. any (...)
in fet gate voltage conrols the drain current so it is voltage control see the equation of relationship between Id and Vgs and in bjt u see the equation Ic=(beta)*Ib so it is current controlled
toram16, The output voltage is a function of the input voltage. Specifically, the output equals the differential input voltage times the open loop voltage gain. Regards, Kral
there are models which are just math equations that could be used. also in the ABM library. i have found this handy for converting between units and then when you display the simulation result, typically in units of voltages, you can just convert one-to-one with the unit that you are measuring, like RPMs for motors or degrees rise for thermal
VCO(voltage controlled oscillator) is a voltage to frequency converter. in PLL the output of phase detector i.e. the dc voltage proportional to the frequency difference is applied to VCO. VCO changes its own frequency to generate same frequency same as that of input slg. frequency. so that error voltage is zero.
Hi all, Please, who can upload the following book: Design of Higher-Performance CMOS voltage controlled Thanks in advance.
voltage controlled variable capacitor diodes (VVC) VVC filter What is it ? plz help me.
can any one help me to get the design of voltage controlled oscillator i want to design the specified frequency bands with single vco.... 1710MHz-1880M, 1565M-1585MHz 880MHz-960MHz i want to design it with the inversion mode varactor diode can u tell me the procedure...
hello, I have to drive leds of 24V and then 3v with the same 26V rail (from the same power supply). So therefore, due to extremes of duty cycle, this is only practical in voltage mode. -No off-the-shelf LED driver IC can manage this job. But i cannot find a voltage mode pwm controller witha Duty Cycle extending to 0.95 or more. (...)
Which frequency ( audio or RF ? ) it is very important to know Output level ( 1 V; 0 dBm ? ) KV ( or Hz per volt of command ) Supply voltage and command voltage Give us more info. Mandi
If you are after somthing simple, maybe you'll be interested in a voltage controlled dimmer based on an LED and an LDR .. see attached picture .. Full desription is available at: Rgds, IanP :D
I wonder if one can define a voltage controlled voltage source in CST. Also, is it possible to define a time varying conductivity for a given material. Thanks!
I think, a current cannot "cause" a voltage. I can't follow this consideration, in my view, there's a duality of current and voltage, each can "cause" the other in a specific situation. A current source isn't just an abstraction, it can exist as a standalone device without requiring a driving voltage. Consider e.g. a ribbon generato
I have some audio equipment that's uses a THAT2181 voltage controlled amplifier to do noise canceling. Problem is I order from digikey and they do not carry this part. I need help finding an as close as can be replacement for this VCA but I
Hello I want to convert this voltage controlled circuit in to potentiometer controlled circuit to obtain square waves, how can I do that? 60213 Danke Schön.
Using FET we able to design voltage controlled amplifier .simillarly is it posible design same circuit using BJT?if it so plz post circuit.
maybe anyone can help me in finding the best circuit for voltage controlled oscillator....using ring oscillator...(dont have any resistor or capasitor in it)..that is easy to integrate....and easy to do their layout...i really dont have idea about this cicuit....plz....anyone....:???: i really need it asap.....
how can I make a voltage controlled resistance of range 0-15K ohms I am thinking of using mosfets to do so would that work ?? is there anyway else ???
Hello, I'm looking for a voltage controlled phase shifter for operation at around 125MHz. RF bandwidth only needs to be a few MHz or so (more is fine), but I'd like to keep insertion loss consistent vs phase shift (maybe <3dB over its full range). Need a phase shift range of up to 90 degrees. Need something that can be board mounted (no cable mo
An ideal op-amp is voltage controlled voltage source or voltage controlled current source? Thanks a lot.
is the resistor element characteristic is same as the voltage controlled resistor model characteristic.yes or no how?how to implement voltage controlled resistance using VCVS.
BJT is said to be current controlled device. But we apply voltage divider as the base bias. Isn't it then voltage controlled? Can someone clarify? Thanks.
I need to make a circuit working between 1 V and 2.4 V. I want to make a solar charger that charges a capacitor C2 until it reaches 2.4 V, once the voltage reach 2.4 V, the switch is closed and the led lits up. At the time, 1st capacitor is discharging, I want to charge another capacitor C3. When the 1st capacitor discharges to 1 V, then I want to
Respected sir/madam, sir i m final year final sem student & in need of ur assistance sir i designing 1.8-2.2 GHz LC CMOS voltage controlled oscillator so sir can u please send me the AGILENT ADS schematics for design & also the explanation for the circuits thanking u plz send rep on
Hi, i am working on voltage controlled delay line (VCDL) for Delay locked loop(DLL). i started VCDL design using Replica Bias which is given in razavi book(Fig attached). as mentioned in book, For VDD= 3.3V , i kept VREF = 2.1V , so that to have swing of 1.2V. And kept both M3 and M4 in linear region. The problem i am facing is : 1. The MOS op
Hi All, I just want to know about symmetric load, how it works. Why it is termed as a symmetric load , even it's not at all symmetric across its voltage swing. and it's not even acting as a linear resistor. but people are reporting this as a resistor which can acts as a variable resistor for voltage controlled delay line design in DLL. (...)
hello, i am designing and simulate high performance voltage controlled oscillator but when i am writing the netlist have problem to get the Wmin and Lmin in 45nm technolohy in Hspice please tell me how can i select the minimum gate length and minimum gate width in 45nm technology in Hspice.
Hi, I am trying to include a voltage controlled resistor in NGSPICE net list.. I want to insert a resistor at the drain end of a MOSFET whose value depends on Gate voltage, such that as Gate voltage increases the resistance should decrease... I am using NGSPICE-25 1) I searched on net and i found a spice net list for (...)
Hi all, I need an inexpensive voltage(or current) controlled gain stage. Basically, I need to control three op-amps with one pot, and a 3-gang pot is too expensive. I know I can use a JFET as a voltage-controlled resistor, but does anyone have any real-world experience with this approach? Since this will be going into a (...)
Hello from Greece !!! This is a voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO). Αn oscillator that its frequency is controlled using a voltage signal. The VCO described here provide both triangular and square wave output. The control voltage can be varied between 5 mV to 5 V, to produce oscillation frequency (...)
Can someone explain how does a voltage controlled current source work using transistor and op amp? Does anyone have circuitry to construct this?Thank you.
Hi, I am trying to write a verilog A model for voltage controlled current source. module VCCS(p,n,pc,nc); inout p,n; input pc,nc; electrical p,n,pc,nc; parameter real gain=1; branch (p,n) iSrc; analog begin I(iSrc) <+ gain*V(pc,nc); end endmodule It works fine when there is a load connected to the current sourc
Aim: :!: I want to design a voltage controlled current source based on Look up table in ADS 2012. I searched and I could not find anything useful. Problem: I used DC simulation on a diode to get I-V curve. Now I want to make a current source generator based on the simulated values. :?: What should i do?
Dear Sir, I am simulating phase shifters in schemetic of 6 bits i.e. making of 5.625, 11.25, 22.5, 45, 90, 180 individually by the help of low pass and high pass filters, but now the problem which i am having is with the control bits which are basically voltage controlled. I am not knowing how to control them with pin diodes transistors. The one w