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I need to power a 24VDC solenoid with a battery supply of 12V. The solenoid is max 36W and only need to be activated for 3 seconds. The circuit must be able to reactivate the solenoid within 30 seconds if needed. I would like to use a voltage doubler ( maybe controlled by a PIC) for this job. Can a FET be used for this solenoid activation?
I made this little power supply but i have a problem wich i cant explain When i make it like in the schematic my voltage between posive and ground terminal gets 48V (2x24V) and between negative and ground only -1V. As soon as i add a 10k Ohm between the positive and ground terminal i get +24 V between
How about using voltage doubler to generate the four phase clocks and then use these clocks to generate the high voltage? You will need an oscillator that generates 4clock phases. Then with this you will need to make the nonoverlapping clocks for your circuit. Without non overlapping you will reduce the efficiency of your
Hi all, I am designing a switched capacitor voltage doubler as shown in the attached figure. Its based on the cross-coupled configuration. The problem i am facing is that the 2 nmos transistors (cross coupled) are always off because the Vgs=0. How do I bias them so that they are on? If possible can someone explain how I go about designing the ci
Hi all, I want to design a charge pump which can provide 5V/less than 10uA output. The supply is 2.9~4.6V, while the total current budget is 50uA. Can someone suggest me a good charge pump architecture, which can fit in (or close to) my 50uA current budget? And how to partition power budget to individual block??? I tried to build one with
what is voltage doubler and what is its application
How to improve the efficiency of CMOS voltage doubler using charge pump?
I'm designing an integrated voltage doubler. The power is in the range of 20 uW. The supply voltage is approx. 2 times bigger than Vth. Since I use integrated capacitors, I have ~20% of parasitics associated with them. The other losses stem from parasitics of MOSFET switches. I use a non-overlapping clock. Four questions: :arrow: I get (...)
Hi anyone who reads this, I'm currently doing my final year project. I'm doing chemical engineering but somehow my thesis supervisor asked me to do power supply circuits. Anyway, I need to make a voltage doubler circuit with 20V input to get an output of 400V. I'm not really good at this electrical thingy so anyone can help me with the diagram?
i would like to power up a system which need 3.7V dc and 300mA. Now,if i have an input of 2V,can i use a voltage doubler to power up the system?? If cant,any solution to this problem?
You cannot double a voltage as low as few mV using a passive multiplier circuit. You need a voltage high enough to bring diodes in conduction state.
hi just try the following circuit i am providing you for voltage doubler and current pumping also will be
Hi, I have designed a voltage doubler circuit (for RFID application) using ADS. I would like to find out what is the input impedance of the circuit at different input power and frequency so that I can proceed with the design of an impedance matching network which will be placed in between a 50 ohm antenna and the voltage (...)
How to build the voltage doubler in the simple way ??? Eg. 5V to 10V I wish to see some circuit schematic diagram... thanks :grin:
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Hi , Can we employ voltage doubler/tripler using capacitor & diode at the output of any switching boost converter to get a higher voltage of our likeness?Is there any limitation in this method..? Regards
66689 In the design the voltage doubler is used to power internal circuits.Two CAP are external. simulation show big spikes on Vout when wire induction is took in account, especially at the transition from transfer phase to charge phase, a big minus spike occur. Do the switching sequence or the rising speed of the swi
Hi, i want to use this voltage doubler in order to be used with a bistable relay . the voltage doubler will be switched using a microcontroller, and the voltage doubler will be applied to the relay the relay is 5 VDC, so i hav
it is best if you post your entire schematic including relays as there may be better ways to switch analog. you can simulate here too if you dont have one. MAX232 also runs on 5Vdc and generates 15V from .1uF.. similar ways clocking >10KHz SQ.wave from 5V with voltage double CR-C previously stated also w
Hai everybody, Anybody tell me what are the disadvantages and advantages of full wave voltage doubler(capacitor and diode combination)?
How do I do simulations and design of a voltage doubler? And then go on to match the impedance.
hi! I need 18 volts supply, since i'm having 12 volts transformer i decided to use full wave voltage doubler to raise voltage to 24 volts. But at the output of doubler i'm getting 36 volts :/ and after pluging it to LM7818 at the output of regulator i'm getting 3.5 volts :( In datasheet of LM7818 maximum input (...)
Hi folks. I am designing a voltage doubler in a TSMC process. I used diode-connected native transistors (VTH is a few ten mV) and the schematic is shown in the enclosed pic. When I did transient simulation, I found something weird and different to what I read. At the moment when the transistors were turned on/off, I saw some current spikes, see
Anyone knows why the output of the voltage doubler doesn't increase even though i cascade it up to 3rd stage?..Tnx for any answer. i attach the circuit of the 1st stage voltage doubler with its simulated output.
hi all, i want to make a half wave voltage doubler, at input side of rectifier is 9v ac can anybody please tell me what are equation/formula for find out proper value of capacitor thanks, i_engineer
Hi I was trying to figure out this circuit but could not figure out its operation. I had done a simple simulation, it seemed to work as per intention, i.e. a DC voltage doubler/multiplier?.. Can somebody help me understand how it works and its circuit tradeoffs. BTW - this is not the typical flying capacitor/switching diodes circuit. its only
Hi Either you use a stepup DC/DC converter that will give 12VDC out with different in voltage. If you have constant 6VDC as input it is easier, I would recommend a chip from Maxim. I do not know what current you need, either use parametric search at their site or give more info. Convert from AC-DC is wrong way to go I think, you already have D
You will need another power supply or circuit. A simple voltage doubler might work. Put the AC output of your system through a series capacitor. Then connect a large value resistor from your 20V to the far side of the capacitor. You will end up with an AC signal with a 20V average offset.
here you have a nice tutorial about voltage doublers:
Any dc-dc step-up converter can be called a voltage booster .. For example, if you need 12V and your battery is only 6V, you have to BOOST the voltage .. see picture below .. Regards, IanP
hello i am designing a lvds output buffer ,,the input to it must be swing from '0' to '3.3v',,but the input from the core of the ic has swing from '0' to '1.8',,so i think that using a voltage doubler to accomplish this ,,but i want it for very high speed about 1 Gbps,,,so,,, if i use voltage doubler ,can it work on (...)
Just as described in the pic: My question is how to determine the bulk(S3,S4) voltage? I want to get a regulated voltage vout:vinvoltage levels:vin,vout,v(A);to prevent leakage current,the bulk (S3,S4) must be connected to the highest voltage, I have done voltage (...)
Just as described in the pic: My question is how to determine the bulk(S3,S4) voltage? I want to get a regulated voltage vout:vinvoltage levels:vin,vout,v(A);to prevent leakage current,the bulk (S3,S4) must be connected to the highest voltage, I have done voltage (...)
Can somebody give me papers/reports on design of High Current(>50mA) charge pump voltage doublers using CMOS? I have tried looking on the web but all I can find is PLL charge pumps which use very little current. I need one for very large current? Thanks Suhas
If input voltage is 5V and the output is -10V, the current is not specified. Which IC can fulfill this task. The circuit should be simple and not expensive. Can anybody help me?
Dear all, I see this paper which is applied an average modeling technique to model switched-capacitor DC-DC converters. The equivalent circuit of voltage doubler is shown to model it by using verilog-A or simulink? (The paper is also uploaded.)
Hi, all I am working on voltage doulber. There is a problem when I add the ESR shown in the figure. The voltage of the output can not be inverted or goes below zero and stayes at high. The voltage is supposed to be inverted @ -Vin. When I remove the ESR, everything goes right. The value of ESR is 0.1m ohm and of C is 10uF. For more (...)
Hello i was wondering if someone could give me advice on a problem related to stepping up voltage. How do i up the voltage from 0.7V to +-2V using a lm317?: Any circuits out there? I have not heard such application in my career till date. I have seen LM317 used as an drop down voltage regulator which will provide a regulated
This is only a 7 times multiplier. If you say that the inductor output is only 70V, then it can barely reach the displayed output voltage. Besides, the feedback network is regulating the first stage output at about 85V. So we are probably looking at around 100V from the inductor output.
I'm using a neon power supply like like this: The 10 kV goes through a simple voltage doubler (2 caps and 2 diodes) and then through a 1 M-ohm resistor to limit current. I'm trying to charge a large 40 kV cap. The problem seems to be that the Neon power supply shuts itself off after briefly changing th
Create Pulse Width Modulation ( PWM) pulses which are neccessary to increate the voltage.
Hi, I want to generate high voltage DC upto 3 kV or more.Can some one propose different methods or techniques through which i can generate this much voltage. input can be either DC or AC. thanks
Also, be aware that: - Motors need quite much current/power. If you plan using a voltage doubler made of diodes and capacitors, it will likely not work - A power amplifier (linear amplifier) will be very little efficient, and thus wasting power a lot. - The most efficient - but also most complex - circuitry would be based on a switchmode convert
The circuit is incomplete, as you need an additional switch at Vout connected to a reservoir cap to gnd. Your problem is that you are thinking too much on voltages. For charge pumps, you work with charges! At end of phase1, charge in cap is Q=C∆V=C(Vdd-0) At phase2, charge in cap is Q=C∆V=C(Vout-Vdd) Since no charging/discharging occur
After a week and a half of hair tearing frustration and agrivation I have finally done it. I have found a discrete transistor voltage doubler that works nicely in the usual direction but that I was also able to modify and get it to work in the reverse direction, i.e. -12V to -24V All I did was swap all the NPNs for PNPs, reversed the polarity of
It seems like you are confusing amplifiers and voltage converters.
For a 555, 50 mA load is too high when you feed a voltage doubler. You will need a transistor output buffer for such load. You can use a two-transistor stage, PNP/NPN, like used in audio amplifiers.
Hi All, I have a voltage source that may vary from 7V to 16V 5Amps Is there anyway I can get 12V 5 AMP output from it? Thanks in Advance for the help. Regards, Devil
Respected Members, I have designed a voltage multiplier/doubler at 950 MHz (0.95 GHz)(Figure below). I am having some trouble in terms of its functionality and design. If you could clarify the following; 1. Is my circuit design appropriate/correct (i.e. simulators, lumped components, values, and rest parameters)? 2. Why Im not getting any in
Any old TV/CRT will have the flyback + voltage doubler. 25kV. Monochrome used 15kV Or you can modify a microwave oven transformer circuit with 1kW arcs. What are your specs?