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@stereo As your ADC is reading the analog values ON REQUEST by your software, and you are displaying the values after the conversion is over (your compiler takes care of that), the simplest solution is to: send a Clear screen command to your display, delay for 0.5 sec, read LM35, display temperature, delay some time for user to be (...)
Your voltage and current are DC or AC?
Dear friends, can you help to me? I am not able to displays out put voltage and current by using PIC 16F877A microcontroller. pLZ help me.
HARMONIC CALCULATOR OS Windows 98/ME/NT4/2000 The HARMONIC CALCULATOR provides a tool for determining how much voltage and current distortion might exist on your distribution system when operating non linear loads. This program is not intended to determine harmonic distortion with single phase loads.
You can use ADE7754 or the newest one ADE7758 powermeter that send on SPI serial, all data regarding the 3 phase powerlines (voltage, current, phase, power, energy etc)
The main principle is that by adding the two voltages you should get zero voltage. By comparing this virtual zero you regulate the negative voltage to exactly track the positive. bastos
Yes. Another way to remember is to see which parameter in the output is sampled by the feedback network. As additional information, that parameter will be kept constant by the feedback system. This influences the circuit output impedance. If the voltage is sampled, it will be kept constant which will make the circuit output impedance smaller th
The bobbin is the means of providing magnetic coupling between the primary and secondary transformer windings. Secondary voltage and current will be affected if the bobbin (core) saturates magnetically. At saturation, no further coupling of energy from primary to secondary can occur. This is how magnetic amplifiers work - a control winding is use
Does anyone have an idea about a circuit which act as voltage and current sensing?Where i can find it? which controller is better to interface with visual basic program? Anyone have any reference about virtual power meter,please inform me.thank u so much.
your bandgap core only generate a temperature independent voltage, so you need to convert this voltage to current. Don't confuse PTAT current and temperature independent current.
Hi All! Could you give me some instruction (paper or books) about frequency compensation of voltage or current reference ! Thank you very much!
I'm design a chip in which it need a voltage-to-current converter to converter my voltage signal(Vin) into current signal(Iout). Now I choose the schematic as is shown below. The problem may be noise issue. There are both the resistor noise and the opamp noise. I'm not sure whether the noise performance is very poor. (...)
Dear sir, I have a project which needs to measure Supply voltage and current.I want to measure them using only MCu adc (ST7 with 10 bit ADC and 6 analog i/p channel).Could anybody help me ??I want a tested circuit and also want the design idea/steps to develope this firmware to measure voltage and current rms value.I (...)
A differential-input amplifier + a voltage-to-current coverter can realize a vcvs. Both can be contructed with opamps.
For current sensing with 4volt FSD it is better to use current transformer. Then rectify its output and put one load resistor (paraleld with capacitor) such that when current reach to maximum value output voltage become 4Volt.
Am using a eZdsp? F2812 for TMS320F2812 DSP (C28xx) from spectrum digital. I want to be able to read a voltage or current source from the JART port , sample it into an array of 128 points, and then take the Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) of it to get harmonics. I have already written the DFT algorithm and seems to be working fine, when I use poin
I use CST MW to simulate an antenna, the port is a discrete port (for s-parameter caculation), and the box "monitor voltage and current" is selected. So I got the voltage and current information of the port in different forms(time domain, frequency domain) at the folder "1D Results/Discrete Ports/voltages" (...)
Try: XTR110 .. It's precission voltage to current converter from former Burr-Brown - today it's Texas Instruments .. Regards, IanP
hi I intend to design a ring VCO as shown in the figure. Could anyone suggest a voltage controlled current source that i could use to generate the control current (Ictrl)?
Hello Forum, Would someone please tell me the best way to check the voltage and current present at a tone generators preamps output? The only piece of test equipment I have is a Digital Multimeter. I would like to connect this piece of gear to the input of my PC for recording purposes but, don't want to blow up my PC doing it. any help will b
hello every1! how can i see time domain voltage and current plots(from an oscilloscope) in ADS2002c?
In this case you can use LM317 voltage regulator and configure it as adjustable constant current source .. see picture below .. More details you can find in the LM317's data sheet .. This, of course will not be voltage-controlled-current-source, but it is a very simple alternative .. If you need to control (...)
Help!!! I design analog Gm-C BP filter and I`ve met the problem of voltage control current source realization. The problem is that Gm must be around 100 uA/V. But for all that amplification band should be more than 10MHz. Output capability should be high. Power supply - 2.5 V. CMOS - 0.25um.
FET and OPAMP are voltage controlled device whereas BJT is current controlled device.
Only current reference ! If lines is long that voltage reference is very inaccurate.
First, your question is very tricky as you have a LARGE chip. For a large chip, you may have multiple VDD/VSS. Then for each pair VDD/VSS, you put your blocks close to that pair and route power/ground signals to those blocks. For example, PLL use PLLVDD/PLLVSS. However, for stable output with low noise and high PSRR, you may need a seperate LDO/
Can usb can drive 2 channel speakers? What are the voltage and current drive specification. I see, mp3 player are charged through usb drive. Best regards, Buts101
what's the value of the VDD? 1.8v? I think the overdrive voltage and dynamic range is more important.
Hi all, I am designing a foldback current limiting circuit for LDO. I just want to ask, how can I plot the voltage vs current graph? The problem is that I need to sweep the Rload but at the same time, I need to plot the V-I curve. Initially, I am using spectre but I cant find a way to do this in spectre. Therefore, I am using HSPICE since (...)
A current converter need power supply to work. As long your power supply is limited to 3V ( assuming there is no voltage lost on the FET), the voltage swing on the load could be 3V so the maximum load value could be be R = U/I, 3V/20mA = 150 ohm. Such load swing could be to small for a long wire (with a large voltage drop). (...)
Hello does someone knows what is the exact voltage and current in the simple téléphone line ?
Hello, is it possible to measure ac voltage and current using the usual optocoupler like 4N35??
I'm in need of an intermediate voltage transformer that converts (step-up) voltage from 63v to 120v. Also I require a current transformer again for converting (step-up) 1-6A of current to 20A of current. I have searched the net and contacted companies that design custom transformers but everyone replied (...)
Usually, electric fencing runs on a charger, which converts low voltages into a pulsed, high-voltage, low-current output .. Although the potential involved may be in the order of 2,500 to 9,000 volts the actual pulse lasts only milliseconds .. Here is an example of such a circuit:
How does one calculate the RF voltage or current going through say a coaxial cable, is it by the impedance of the cable and the amount of power?
voltage-to-current converter chip for oscilloscope XY mode for curve tracing? Using a oscilloscope in XY mode is voltage verically and voltage horzontally My goal is to use the oscilloscope to do curve tracing or component characterists like what a signature analysis test gear does If i put my oscilloscope in XY (...)
I need to make up the Power Factor Controller for the final year project. Actually that's my friend project. He got around 6 months to compete that project, but he couldn't with group of 4 people, they had done nothing in the project so far. Now their group leader is asking me to complete his project. I believe his knowledge of electronic is poor,
hey all, i've got the siemens step7-200 cpu 222 & the analog to digital extension EM 231 and i've a task to do which is to measure the voltage and current flowing in my local network of electricity and to draw their wave forms which needs very high accuracy as the frequency in the network is 50hz which means that 1 cycle of the voltage wave (...)
hi... i have to measure voltage and current from the main ac supply 240 ac by using pic16f877a. the voltage and current input will be measured using built in pic adc. im using voltage and current transformer to scale down the input value to 0-5V range. so, i write this code in order to (...)
frndz...i wanted to measure battery charge voltage and current of lead acid battery of current voltage value 48V,10A . i am using PIC as brain . how can i get it done ???? please help me in this regard.. what sensor shall i use 4 current measurement ??? or else when its sense resistor of 1 ohm, to (...)
your question does not make alot of sense. You cannot boost both the voltage and current. For example If your 6V supply is capable of delivering 25AMPS - that is 150 Watts Power = Volts X current if you boost the said voltage to 12V, assuming 100% efficiency! the current available will only be (...)
I faced the problem about continuesly reading the voltage and current difference ,as i used PT & CT with ZCD .I am displaying these on LCD(16x2) but i can't get continuesly varying readings ,instead of that it will give next reading when reset.
Hi, I have seen in sinewave invertors, voltage and current are read with voltage divider circuit connected to an ADC of a micro controller. Can any one tell me, What is the sequence I need to follow to read Volatge and current of main supply with out using external Energy Metering IC. Thanking You, Ravi Kumar.
current source - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia voltage source - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia :wink:
In industrial environments the main way of reading sensors is by using a 4-20ma output which can travel through long wires without any losses because the output of the sensor uses constant current output (4-20 for the full range of measurement) which includes in the loop the wires and the resistance in the ADC (destination) side. This current is
We've been looking for a low-voltage high-current power supply for our lab to put between 200A and 1000A through a superconducting coil with inductance of 50mH. Total resistance of the load will be around 0.1 Ohm. The only thing I've been able to find so far is an electro-plating rectifier. Although it's called a rectifier, as far as I can see i
Hi all, Recently I met an interesting question for RF amplifier design. In the design, at a frequency of about 2 GHz (e.g. 2.4 GHz), we want to design an amplifier which can independently amplify "current" or independently amplify "voltage". In the RF power amplifier design, the voltage and current are amplified at the (...)
Increasing doping concentration means that you are placing more charge carriers. More charge carriers mean that your device will be able to handle more current, therefore increasing drain current capacity. It also means that more carriers have to recombine so the leakage current will increase. I'm not so sure about the threshold (...)
Hi all, How do I convert a single input voltage signal (input voltage range 0V-5V, for example) to high precision differential current signal (differential output current range -25uA to 25uA)? I need high linearity, more than 12 bits. Is there some IC with this functionality and output current order of (...)