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Hi friends In Razavi's book it's mentioned that an equivalent noise voltage source together with an equivalent noise current source is needed at the input of a two-port network to display its noise performance at input. Now, my question is that what is needed at input of a one-port network to display its noise performance? (...)
Hello I'm usnig ATmega8 with ADE7753, display on 4 digit seven segment. I already read/ write ADE7753 register's bits n display register's default value on 7-segment (e.g. I read MODE (0x09) register's default hex value (0x000C) and displayed on 4-digit 7 segment like 0012 in decimal). Means there is no issue with SPI (...)
hello dear forum, this below circuit is the schematic of an ultrasonic inverter 129223 I want bring the circuit to resonance by playing with the value of inductance between output transformer and the piezo element my question is ; if I display the current and voltage at the 220 VAC input with the osciloscope -
I would expect 10 to 20 mA average and 40 to 80 mA peak segment current for a 2" display. It has multiple LED chips (e.g. 2-4) in series connection, in so far a higher supply voltage than 5 V is required. Due to the forward voltage, the segments can be possibly still driven by a 5V open drain circuit. The problem is (...)
Your block diagram is insufficient. Each digit needs to drive 4x160mA with constant voltage ( either common Anode or COmmon Cathode) which is multiplexed to give 1/4 of the average max current of 160mA per digit. Then each segment must be current limited by a resistor drop including ESR of driver, Vf of LED @20mA and Vdrop of digit driver ( (...)
Hi, Usually the contrast voltage must be supplied by the user, not by the display. So if it is not in the expected range you should pull it to the expected level. This may fail if there is a high current in/out of the VC pin. Check datasheet to finde max. current and then check circuit on this. Klaus
The question you did not answer was; Was the display backlight visibly fully on, when you measured the current? If not, it's the problem Audioguru describe. The current shunt in the meter has a voltage drop. Most backlights I've seen has a Vf between 4 and 5V, normally around 4V5. If you reduce the (...)
Sounds like you are trying to measure ?C supply current. 1. You'll use a series resistor with suffcient margin to minimal voltage, e.g. 100 or 200 ohm. 2. You can't display ?A to mA current in a linear range. I'm not sure if it makes sense at all to acquire current waveforms in the ?A range. You're (...)
Please i need assistance on how to write program in MikroC to a PIC microcontroller to work as an inverter and display some parameters like,battery level,output voltage,output current and power Urgent assistance needed please.
Yes its possible. I have used an MCU as PWM regulator with voltage and current feedback loops and other interface as well. If you do it right you might be able to increase the overall efficiency. ATMEGA is relatively more expensive than other MCUs I used. Microchip's PIC16F18xx series can be considered and if are able you can use NXP's LPC11xx whic
Hi, I am trying to display current and voltage values on LCD but its not working. I could see only "black squares" in first row.But if I remove any of the code part(current_read or voltage read) then LCD works!Here is my code: // LCD module connections sbit LCD_RS at RB7_bit; sbit LCD_EN at RB6_bit; (...)
hello, When you power up both PIC and display, is your 5V OK ( voltage value keep normal). If yes, it is not a probleme of max current value possible by the power source (3A instead of 1A capability) but a probleme of timing exposure to light up the led, and also if timing is very short, you must increase the curent value passing trough (...)
if you do a web search for pic measure mains voltage and pic measure 3 phase line you will get many links which sholud help
what voltage and current range are you interested in?
Best intelligent charge monitor will pulse battery with light load and heavy load and compute C, capacity based on load voltage and ESR. For example using programmable current source ,pulse 1st 5 mA then 505 mA and use S&H to display ESR or delta V over delta I (0.5A) which is a function of C the Ah capacity of battery. Each battery (...)
Or if it is simply two digital displays in one package it could for example be measuring voltage and current simultaneously. They are frequently used in the outputs of power supplies but could be employed anywhere where two readings are needed at the same time in a compact space. Brian.
i need more current! You didn't reveal your input voltage nor your output current requirement! You want us to guess? Perhaps this one could do the job. S. fig. 10
what is the current range ? the current is not fixed, the idea is to apply a high voltage and later reading the current indicated, this current value must be displayed on lcd
The current through the diode will be proportional to the voltage across the resistor. So, put channel 2 of the oscilloscope on the other side of the resistor and use the math functions on the oscilloscope to display Ch2-Ch1. This will be 100k x . -Jonathan
I have SIM300 module connected to an electronic hardware. I need to transmit certain information (voltage, current, etc) to a remote server. The purpose of this process is to display the information (voltage, current, etc) finally on a webpage which can be accessed from anywhere. I have come across a (...)
how much voltage can be measured vmin vmax dc or ac?
Hi, Does anyone ever use ADS 2011 version? I am using it to do analog circuit simulations. I would like to calculate an input impedance by running ac simulation. However, after doing this by employing an ac voltage source and current probe, I cannot find the "advanced" button in data display window of this version of ADS. So that I have (...)
I am planning to using a RS232 to supply voltage to my circuit. In this circuit the LCD will read out the temperature sense by LM35 and display it. The pic also will send the temperature to pc and store it. My problem is, initially my LCD give out some reading then after a few second it then give out zero only. Is it not enough current (...)
Also check the load in use. If it is a test load, it is drawing larger amount of current that can be afforded by your system so the voltage is dropping making the display dim. Either decrease the load or try to increase current sourcing capability of the system.
Is it normal with power supplies that it doesn't turn the `current' LCD on when you power up the unit ? I got the ps1503sbu but I don't have anything to connect to it with me, and when I turn it on it only shows the voltage, the `current' lcd display is dead. It may be because there is no current flowing (...)
The first parameter is the DC voltage you have available from battery , power supply or anything else. Second question is simple. You use the typically values. Only if the value of the resistor or number of led you like to use does not exist you put the maximum just to know if your led will be damaged. Example. 12volt power supply and 3 led of 3.3
i want the internal happening in the PIC. input the voltage & current to PIC. then analog to digital cnversn energy calculation takes place. then what?? for lcd display ASCII value is passed.. in flow chart/algo what to mention after calculation that digital value converted to ASCII?? Can explain in detail the algorithm ?
i want the internal happening in the PIC. input the voltage & current to PIC. then analog to digital cnversn energy calculation takes place. then what?? for lcd display ASCII value is passed.. in flow chart/algo what to mention after calculation that digital value converted to ASCII??
Hi, All. Am trying to interface CS5460 and P89V51rd2. The Set up is not working please suggest me wher i gone wrong. Am using 4 seven segment display, am getting some garbage values in the display I wanted to display consumed power/energy, even i have tried voltage and current. Please guide me (...)
This bench power supply unit is less comlex than most other circuits but has a lot more features: The display shows the actual measured values for voltage and current. The display shows the pre-set limites for voltage and current. Only standard components are used (no special (...)
YES, you can use a scope as a curve tracer to measure the current gain in a transistor or the voltage gain in a FET or the transconductance of a MOSFET. Simply use series resistor on emitter to monitor current and display as Channel 1 and voltage as Channel 2 and use scope in XY mode to see the input versus (...)
Sounds like a mixture of wideband current sense setup (e.g. to be used to display waveforms on an oscilloscope) and a simple DC measurement. You can try yourself by simply probing the resistor voltage with regular multimeter probe cables, optionally twisting them. I would expect identical results in all cases. Personally I don't feel (...)
but LM3914 is for DC voltage. will it work for a/c also.
You will need to read the voltage using the ADC (internal or external). You also need to sense current (also with the ADC). It can be done simply via a shunt resistor. Or you can use other methods like hall-effect sensor. In the microcontroller code, you need to scale the ADC readings and convert them to display them to LCD. This depends to (...)
Hi All I picked up a digital voltage gauge for my families Polaris Ranger. it on a battery first, fine, drilled a big hole in the dash, installed, started up the ranger, and the gauge goes NUTS. It's very
I was thinking of making my own lab power supply so thought to add negative supply also. Obviously i have to display both voltage and current. In pici can only feed positive voltages on ADC. How do i feed negative voltages? One idea is to invert that negative voltage using an inverting (...)
Sample voltage and current separately through adc, then do the math in pic. current value is sampled voltage value on pass resistor. Sample at regular intervals. voltage developerd due to passing current indicate resistance, you dont have to disconnect it from the circuit.
Hi, I want to display current measured in 2 digit. Please suggest me how to do it. nominal current sensor voltage is 2.5V. and from thr 25mv per Amps. I want to display this in two digit from 1 to 20amps.I need help only in convertion to digit. I have program to display the digits. I am (...)
The most logical way is to inject a current into the device and to simulate the voltage across it (ac simulation). If you choose 1 Ampere then the complex voltage is identical to the complex impedance (X=V/I). Now you have the choice to display magnitude and/or phase as function of the frequency or the locus curve in the (...)
Assumptions of the project were: the power supply should be small and have big current efficiency, display the voltage, current, power and temperature, have voltage adjustable by a switch. Transformers used have 24V and about 5A.
You need ADC samples for voltage and current in addition to a lapse timer to track time passed.
I need to make a current Source controlled by a PIC 16F877A which should be able to 1. Set the current Range - 0 to 500uA 2. Give up to 2 different Square Waveforms of frequency 10 mHz to 10 Hz with adjustable duty cycle with resolution 0.1% 3. Shut off when current/voltage exceeds a limit. 4. display (...)
What is your voltage and current rating????/
Hi all, i did this test in the lab. can anyone help me with some doubts that i have? below is how the system was setup. Power circuit of lab drive shafts of motors M1 and M2 are coupled directly. The AC VSD (A1) is a two-quadrant drive, and hence cannot provide braking. Motor M1,
Hello everyone I have established connection b/w ADE7753 and ATmega32. Problem still facing is the incorrect reading of Load power and current. e.g. LCD display 74W when 60W load is connected to it!! Also, displays 9W-1W when no load is connected!! :idea: Any one has idea how to read ADE7753 read register correctly? :???: Thanks (...)
Frequency is not a problem but what are your going to switch, if it is a led or lcd display (15-100mA) in a low voltage circuit then you can use it. Alex
How do you display voltages and currents readings on the schematic with SPICE?
The ground wire and the neutral wire will both display extremely low resistance to an earth ground as they are bonded together at some point (if the installation is properly done, subject to the local regulations) .. As the earth wire is not used to conduct current it should not display any voltage drop if a load is (...)
Hi All, I thought this was going to be easy, but I was wrong. I have a dual rail power supply that I would like to add some voltage and amp display to. As I would also like to do some logging, I thought doing both with a PIC is the way to go. The voltage part is fine, it is the current path that is getting me. As the (...)
Hi, Use a "shunt resistor" in the current path. Measure the voltage drop across the resistor using ADC and then use the PIC to calculate I = V/R and then display required voltage on 7 segment. E.g. If you have a 0.1R resistor and 3A flows through, V = IR = 0.1 * 3 = 0.3V, interpreted by ADC as (0.3/5)*1023 = 61 . T