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hay everybody Please any body help me how to design high current(0-2A) and high voltage(0-1000V) measuring circuits to dispaly the voltage & current on the digital dispaly. Regards nari
@stereo As your ADC is reading the analog values ON REQUEST by your software, and you are displaying the values after the conversion is over (your compiler takes care of that), the simplest solution is to: send a Clear screen command to your display, delay for 0.5 sec, read LM35, display temperature, delay some time for user to be (...)
Dear friends, can you help to me? I am not able to displays out put voltage and current by using PIC 16F877A microcontroller. pLZ help me.
for over current i use an scr and a zener too set a threshold using a .22R resistor in series with v+ and the scr gets clamped too gnd the zener sets and threshold on a pot this gives a good protection and blows a fuse if the scr fires punny attampts at current limit are not worth the equipment the best is a sc
L200 Adjustable voltage and current regulator IC ....
I've just bought voltage and current Meter with Digital display. I found on the PCB 3 main ICs: - TL431 - CD4069 (inverter) - ICL7107 With the voltage Meter, Everything seems to be ok. when I power it let the in put 0V, I mean, I connect the (+) pin and (-) pin of the INPUT, it displays 00.0 V without (...)
Hi there, I'm very new to PIC microcontrollers and have a only a very limited knowledge of programming in C. Does any one have source code and possibly schematics for a circuit using a PIC to read a voltage and then display it on a LCD as a current reading(Basically an ammeter). Thank you to any one who can help
Hello I want to make a porject that reads the voltage ,current ,frequency, of the electricity mains and display them on an LCD using a uC, i have no problem about the uC part , but little info about the signal converting , SO is there a chip that cant tranform such signals to the uC ,or where to find circuit schematics about this subject. Thx
from the simulation pull down menu , click on annotate DC solution , this will display the current and the voltage at every node
I wnat to design an analog circuit to give a reading about the voltage and current a cross the diode , can any one help me?
I want to design a microcontroller based linear power supply with voltage and current reading, current limiting, etc, output voltage 0-15V, current 0-2A. I sample with the uC ADC the output voltage and the voltage on the current sensing resistor every 1ms (...)
It was for measuring voltage
hii i want display the cylindrical object using FDTD in MATLAB. plz also tell me how can i define voltage and current source for cylindrical probe in MATLAB using FDTD method.
I purchased a LED Moving message display with 7 rows and 64 cols. I pluged out the microcontroller p89v51rd2 and inserted mine in that and it is working fine. My problem starts from here, i replaced one led of that board with a new one. Now new led keeps on which it is expected to be off. and the other leds in the same col shows very slight vol
Hi All, I thought this was going to be easy, but I was wrong. I have a dual rail power supply that I would like to add some voltage and amp display to. As I would also like to do some logging, I thought doing both with a PIC is the way to go. The voltage part is fine, it is the current path that is getting me. As the (...)
How do you display voltages and currents readings on the schematic with SPICE?
Do you want the micro to only display the output voltages ? Exactly how do you want to control the output voltages ? ( by pot or by micro and how?)
Hello,everybody.I want to measure Ac currents and voltages with the following specifications; My circuit & program code specifications; Applied AC voltage 100Vpeak via a 1/20 resistor network attenuator to AN0/pin2 of PIC18F452/XTAL;20MHZ. I wrote a program to show 25000Vrms/35355Vpeak,so we have a factor (...)
my 16x2 lcd is working in a PIC development board with sample program of MikroC. but same connection, doesnt work in my circuit. i dont kno whats wrong. normally if power is supplied to LCD, dark square boxes will appear on screen. but in my case, i cant get that from my circuit. so, i took it as some kind of power problem. i get the power from
I was thinking of making my own lab power supply so thought to add negative supply also. Obviously i have to display both voltage and current. In pici can only feed positive voltages on ADC. How do i feed negative voltages? One idea is to invert that negative voltage using an inverting (...)
Hi, What is the mains load your relay is switching, suspect its an inductive load like a fan ? Try fitting a mains contact suppressor across the relay contacts ( note - ensure they are proper mains voltage components ) Have you got any switches going to the Pic with long connecting leads, if so shorten them and use a screened cable to mi
A standing wave consist of traveling waves of both voltage and current so why is there only terminology related to vswr and not current standing wave ratio (cswr)? Standing waves are caused by the combination of incident and reflected waves on a transmission line? It appears from my studies that the amplitude of the incident and reflected (...)
Hey i have a mickro c code to measure voltage and current ... i want to run this code on ccs compiler.... please help // LCD module connections sbit LCD_RS at RB5_bit; sbit LCD_EN at RB7_bit; sbit LCD_D4 at RC4_bit; sbit LCD_D5 at RC5_bit; sbit LCD_D6 at RC6_bit; sbit LCD_D7 at RC7_bit; sbit LCD_RS_Direction at TRISB5_bit; sbit L
But adc just reads the voltage.... is there any formula to convert voltage into current? In both cases you measure voltage. If you use current shunt for measuring you should use OpAmp to amp voltage from mV range 50mV-100mV to 0V-4,5V (5V). In uC software you make calc that showing (...)
To start with, you will need an ADC, to check your voltage, a current sensor (it can be a hall effect sensor, or a current transformer). For reading temperature you will need a temperature sensor( may be a RTD will do for you or an LM35 IC which gives you an analog voltage based on temperature, so here again you need an (...)
Guys .. i need to write a C code for sensing the voltage and current using the microcontroller P89V51RD2.. in LCD i want to display the exact voltage value i.e. like 8.2V and also the current..and i also want give an reference voltage and current and when the V,I is less (...)
Hello I'm working on a data logger to monitor an ham tv relay on a mountain. System is working on 24 V batteries with a diesel group running one time by day between failures. We are secondary users and time of charge is not regulated by our need of energy but by the need of the first user, the owner of the group, paying fuel and repairs. The p
HI BOBCAT At the beginnng of this year i did a design very close of your current needs .. I used a MSP430F413 cpu i goes for less than $3 in 1K pieces . also i used a lumex LCD see . they had a LCD display for $0.4 in 1k quantities .. they also can make the LCD according to your specs . but there is a one time mask fee (is n
in your simulatio netlist ,add the .probe v(*) ,i(*) this command means display all the node voltage and all terminal's currents. Best regards.
Use the first PIC (wire speed) as the master 2 sec clock. By sending "wire speed" evere 2 secs to the second PIC it will cause the second PIC to read voltage/current and then feed this information together with the wire speed to the On-Screen display video module .. If you want to you can use a DS1307 or DS1337 to interrupt the first PIC (...)
I make a data logger to have information on the electric situation on an amateur television relay.The display use an OSD circuit and i wish to use a DS2450 to obtain infos on the batteries charge current.Other 1wire circuits are already used without trouble.(time,temperature) I encountered a problem in reading the voltage informations with (...)
I got Sharp LQ057Q3DC02 5.7" Color TFT LCD module and I need a backlight inverter for it. Is it to hard to make it from strach? Lamp voltage 620..760 Vrms Il=5mA Lamp current Il = 4.5..5.5 mArms Power Consumption 3.5W Do you know any ccft inverter IC and schematic? Regards
It can be dangerous for the 89C51. First, the voltage is to high, and second, microcontroller pins are not designed to source that much current, maybe per pin, but not per whole port. Supply this 7-segment of 5V or, using reverse logic use 7 npn transistors to drive the 7-segment display of 12V (with 1kΩ resistors between each (...)
If you want to make a DC current or voltage Digital meter, you can use an Intersil's ICL7107 (LED display) or ICL7106 (LCD display), depending on your desired display medium. Microchip also has versions of the mentioned IC's namely TC7107 and TC7106 plus an improved versions in TC7117 and TC7116. You can (...)
usualy because of 5A is rms value then C.T. output current and voltage will be rms value.
I want to find the scalar potential and current distributions on the microstrip line using commercial software like IE3D, can anyone help me? I need the distribution in data file form.
i had this query as to how is impedance measured in RF circuits. in RF we generally specify power and not the voltage and current levels, so how do we measure the impedance?
i am desgin data logger usin pic 16f877 it simply take from current loop ( first i cahnge current level 4-20ma to 0-5 volt by ic called rcv420 ) to its A/d but there is small error when cureent is less than 4 ma the ic give me -ve voltage which the microcontroller read it as zero (i can not make any different betwen 4ma or (...)
I tried to tag ac current and display it on an LCD. I was successful initially but in order to measure currents at higher voltages i figured it out that high wattage in-line resistors are required. Is there anyother option apart from Hall Effect sensors to do this?
i always thought to drive a LED, one would use current source... LCD, voltage source....
Could you monitor current using a low value R and then just do the math? For example, let's say you had 200mA flowing into a load. You could add a series 1Ω, and then the voltage drop would be V = IR = 200mA*(1) = 200mV When you see 200mV on your meter, you'd know you have 200mA flowing. But, since you want a waveform on the scope
Hi all Thanks 4 ur reply's. what is diference between potential and voltage. is kinetic and potential energies linked to voltage? Using chemicals or friction, we can put extra electrons on an object or we can take electrons away from an object (think of static charges or batteries). Unless we provide some means for
hi, I have a problem in SPECTRE I wanted to measure the input voltage and current noises of an current feedback opamp I have finished my DC analysis but havent yet figured out how to proceed with calculating noise V^2 and noise i^2 at input of opamp though i could figure out that i need to check the NOISE option in the ANALYSES (...)
Hey everyone.... Im working on a new one now and I just wanted to get some input.... Ive been thinking of building a "dummy" load for test. I am thinking of using a PIC16F676 to read and display voltage and current... I was thinking of using the pic to limit the current by using PWM and shunting a MOSFET through a limit (...)
you can use a current sense of the LED display, with current sensor You can also sense the voltage drop across the LED. If the LED has failed open, the voltage will go to the power supply voltage. If the LED failed short, the voltage will go to zero.
Help!!!! Anyone who can help me with source code to control a voltage regulator from Parallel port or serial port of the PC preferably in VB, other languages will also be appreciated. Thanks.
hi friends how to find the gain of phase detector....?? i can understand that it is output voltage divided by input phase..... my doubt is how to find it practically ( ie in hspice or cadence) thanks in advance
Hello I am doing a system with 8 numbers of 7 segment digits. common cathod ,directly driven from PIC port pins. Usually for systems with 4 digits what I do is a use a 300R resistor series with MCU port pins and timing I adjust by trial and error and it used to be ok. But here what ever I do with timing I am not getting a bright display. I
heres a youtube of the OSD output from UAV controller.... this is a layout test and NMEA parsing test.. we are using the etek eb 85 a but in the test its only like 4 or 5 sats since its indoors....(usually get like 9 or 10 outside)... this OSD portion will have a windows GUI frontend to s