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sir/madam, does any one know how to design filtered SVPWM Multiphase voltage source inverter in simulation ... filtered by state space Analysis..
Can i use inverter 1 phase in and 3 phase out instead of voltage source for checking 3 ph switching power supply? I have SIEMENS SITOP input 3 ph 400-500V output 10A 24V out of oder. I insert L and N of 1 phAC220V to L1 L2. Then Checking voltage after Rectifier it has 320 VDC and voltage (...)
Voltge is like the pressure of water and current is like the flow of water. voltage source means measure the pressure of water at that point and current source means measure the flow of water at that point rather than measure the pressure.
In Spectre, the sine voltage source have the following parameters: offset, amplitude, AC ampltude, DC amplitude; What is the difference between: amplitude and AC amplitude? What is the difference between: offset and DC amplitude? Is my understanding correct? (1) amplitude and offset is for TRAN analysis. (2) AC amplitude is just for AC
Dear Sir: May I just use valtage source to get the S-para in Driven Model? You can use voltage source, if you want to look at the EM-field pattern, only! For S-parameters getting you need to use Lumped or Wave ports.
just remember it this way: an ideal current source is represented by a nortons model:a current source in parallel witha a resistance,so when this parallel resiatnce becomes infinite then the whole of the current sourced by the current source reaches the desired location or load resistor which is the usual destination. (...)
Yes what you say is true and makes sense. An alternative to a voltage source will be a controled current source. source Inductance will influence maximum current rise rate, but this don't give bether results!?
i hav a transformer that gives 16.38 V rms without load, and 12.6 V rms @ 300 ma which of those values do i use to design a regulated dc voltage source that would give me 310 ma at 12 v?
I am going to design a programmable voltage source, the requirements is output is +/- 15VDC, 50 mA continuous 0.04%+100uV accuracy. But current DAC chips only can output +/- 10VDC, what I can do with it?:cry: Thank you.
A DC voltage source develops 10 V DC at its output terminals. A DC current source that you found at the flea market develops 10 A maximum when properly loaded. Is the first device a high-resistance device, or a low-resistance one? How about the second device?
A voltage source for Hspice: V1 60 0 vol='pow(I(V0),2)*res' for Spectre simulator , How to add this .
hi, i wanna create a voltage source with high-speed normal distributed noise using veriloga, can anyone give me a help? thanks arsenal
Hi, anyone know how to use a current control voltage source in cadence? What to input in the PORT TAB?
If you connect two IDEAL dc voltage sources (bear in mind - 0Ω internal impedance) of different voltages - in theory - you will end our existance on this planet .. In practice, voltage sources such as batteries don't have infinitely low internal impedance, so one which has higher capacity and lower (...)
our sir asked this in the class we are given with two black boxes one with a current source and other witha voltage source how do we distinguish them.... no terminals are provided
Hello I want to construct a hi impedance voltage source,(0-1V) for which I identfied 1.5V battery with a external 1Gohm resistor in series, and a variable resistor accross which i will get required voltage. is this sufficient or any other considarations? Thankx --Babesh
1. The input impedance of a MOS transistor is near infinity near DC. As you go up in frequency it looks like a capacitor. Going further up there is a real part. 2. In your simulator (or in your breadboard use a current probe) take the ratio of the gate AC voltage to the gate AC current.
dear friends, can current controlled pwm inverter be called as current source inverter? i need formulas to calculate id , iq, theta in vector control of single phase asynchronous machine. thank u.
There is a range of small off-the-shelf 3.3V 100-150mA LDO voltage regulators .. Here is one example: Regards, IanP
Hi, I am analyzing the effect of noise on my system. For this I want to put a noise source at the input of the system. Can anybody tell if there is any voltage source in Cadence which generates noise. I want white gaussian noise. thanks sarfraz
If you want to use for PSpice simulation in OrCAD, use a bridge network circuit based on 1n4001/1N4007 and connect to DC point. Try to keep the offset as 0V or specified voltage inorder to get exact DC in simulation. ..
Yes, LC circuit can resonate with a square wave voltage source, because square wave is a sum of sinusoid's (Fourier approximation). LC circuit resonate on the basic frequency (square wave frequency) and the other waves with higher frequency are suppress, so we can observe only the basic frequency sinusoid in LC circuit...
hmm .. dn knw much !! bt 1>u cn use a voltage source followed by a comparater to make a square wave gen .
Can someone help me how do u put a sinusoidal transient voltage source with zero offset and a frequency of 10khz in pspice?
Hi everybody, I'm not familiar with DC/DC converter design, so I ask you for suggestions. I have a voltage source of 24V DC and need 2 outputs: V1 = 5V /0.5A for TTL logic V2 = 16 to 35 V / 0.5A Both V1 and V2 must be isolated from source. V2 is to be controlled by a microcontroller according to a thermistor. I've been searching on (...)
S parameters are independent of voltages for linear devices. use a lumped port instead.
Hi, I am looking for a CMOS current source that provides constant current while its voltage source changes between 0.7V to 2V. Any help would be so much appericiated!
i need documentation about this. principles,advantages,etc. thanks for your help. :D
Where can i find the RF voltage source in spectre?? i want to simulate the S-Parameters of an LNA in analoglib , there are voltage sources but we cant give port numbers to them, i read from manual that only RF voltage sources can be given some port numbeirs i think port numbers are (...)
Hello I don't know how to use current control voltage source on cadence since they look like vdc with the transresistance to specify but I don't know which wire it uses for the current control. How do I connect it to the circuit ? thanks for your help.
Hi. I need help to simulate and to design a single phase full bridge Z-source inverter. is a new topology in DC link. I have tried to carry out the simulation through PSIM and MATLAB SIMULINK, however I have not had good results. :cry: I have read many documents and I don't arrive to some solution:| if somebody can help I will be eternally
zhonghan, I do not know if there is a voltage source that can do that. I would use a verilog-A module in your spectre netlist (verilog-A is native in spectre). module vsin_jitter(p,n); output p,n; electrical p,n; parameter real fosc = 1.0, fjitter = 0.0, ampl = 1.0 ; analog begin V(p,n) <+ ampl * sin(2.0 * ?M_PI * fosc * $abstime +
Sorry, the inverter is voltage source inverter type, i saw in Rashid book, The VSI generates an ac output voltage waveform composed of discrete values (high dv=dt); therefore, the load should be inductive at the harmonic frequencies in order to produce a smooth current waveform. A capacitive load in the VSIs (...)
Hi, i need help to design a simple z-source inverter. specification: 1. single phase 2. z-source please so reply soon... i need something where i can approximate the size of the components i can use for this project. if there's a schematic diagram, it will be a big help. regards :?
Hi Guys Can anyone tell me how to generate a voltage source from some data(no analysis equations), I attached the voltage source in the pic, any suggestions will be appreciated. Also, any suggestions on how to design an amplifier to amplify the pic DC signal, I want to get digital output out of the curve. Thanks
Hi there, I have a very basic question would like to seek a good illustration explanation. I would like to represent the output resistance of a analog model by using voltage source in series to a resistor, however i have been told that modeling the output resistance by using a current source in parallel with a resistor is a better way. (...)
i wnat to simulate a array of two identic rectangular microstrip antenna , each one is excited by a voltage source , the boundaries must be perfectly electric and the ground plane is finite. when i simulate the project with hfss v9.2 i didn't find S21 in the list of outputs parameters, can any one help me! i attached my project
Hi all Just wanted to know if there is any way to calculate the impedance of a structure when excited by a voltage source in HFSS. I tried running a simulation and all I get are field values at each frequency point. There are no other variables for plotting in the results menu. Is there a way to calculate the impedance of the structure using the
I have been trying to calculate the impedance of a dipole pole antenna that is excited by a voltage source in HFSS v9.2.1. I can use the fields calculator to calculate the current at the center of the voltage source line. I should then be able to get the impedance by dividing the voltage by the current. I (...)
if you want to check the power consumption of your circuit from an ideal voltage source (no inductors, or resistors in series with the source), do you use the average or the rms functions? i.e.: average(IT('/V0')) or rms(IT('/V0'))? Shouldn't they give the same results?
If there is ideal voltage source and load is connected to it, being the ideal voltage source it can source upto infinite current to the load and the voltage level will not drop. Now coming to non-ideal voltage source or voltage regulator; (...)
Implement a signal and quantity affectation as : signal generator_voltage : boolean := false; quantity vout across iout through tout to electrical_ref; begin generator_voltage <= false, true after 0.1 sec, false 0.2; if generator_voltage use vout == 0.5; else vout == 0.0; end use; break on (...)
Hello. I am doing it for my final year project, and the quasi-z-source has been suggested recently to be better than the z-source, without discontinuous current/voltage. So I have to investigate it, and build a prototype. Currently trying to sync my dspace for my pwm inverters using igbts. Did you do yours in open loop (...)
Hi From the practical point of view if you need a negative voltage source to drive an opamp all you need is to add A max232 IC and connect the driver output to the amp neg power rails. All the best Bobi
hiii... i am new to this forum.. i am doing my project on 3 phase 3 level 9 switches voltage source inverter employing space vector modulation using igbt's as power electronic switches.. my problem is i dont know how to give pulses to the switches in simulink. can any one plzzz help me out..!! plzzzz...i am in a real crisis situation.. thn
hi,,, how can i make an voltage source with the following waveform period = 1ms 0
You need to specify the voltage, current, tolerances, temperature coeficient and everything else you are interested in to get a more specific answer. Please be more specific in your posts.
I wonder if one can define a voltage controlled voltage source in CST. Also, is it possible to define a time varying conductivity for a given material. Thanks!
hi all, i am new to this website.I just would like to know as what happens when an ideal voltage source is in series with an ideal current source.will the voltage source gets cancelled as it has zero resistance or?? help me out in learning this
can anyone of you help me to design controller for Z source inverter