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i have voltmeter source code in 'C' lang. but i don't understand 'C' help me , pl it source code convert into ASM & HEX.
hello to all can anyone please help me with this code it's ac voltmeter using 16F676. how can i convert it to Hex void main() { #define data1 PORTC.F1 #define clk PORTC.F0 #define seg1 PORTC.F3 #define seg2 PORTC.F4 #define seg3 PORTC.F5 unsigned char aray1={0xbf,0x86,0xdb,0xcf,0xe6,0xed,0xfc,0x87,0xff,0xe7
I have some problems with this voltmeter (value reading are not stable and are not linear). I configured resistive divisor at imput 1 (AN0) to match lower limit voltage, but when I rise the voltage to be measured, the pic reading is lower than real voltage) and is not stable. Could anubody help me ? this is the code: #include <16F876.h>
Here it is: #include main() { printf("Hello World - I'm a voltmeter!"); }
Hi I am using 10 bit ADC and the coding has been done in Assembly Language. I need to display the input voltage (which is scaled by 2.5 ) on the LCD . Pls suggest me on how to do this in ASM as it involves lot of floating point multiplications and all... Thanksss
Use a sensor chip that outputs a voltage that represents the temperature, so that the output voltage to the PIC changes with temperature. Adjust the voltmeter code to read the sensor. Eg. If you use LM35, the output is 10mV per degree Celsius. So, if you have 74'C, the output is 0.74V. Adjust your code so that when the input is 0.74V, the (...)
Tha is.....someone can helpme please?? I want make a PIC based voltmeter using 16F84 /ADC0832 or 16F877A, but i dont know home make the circuit/schematic for this... I have tipical power suply with a LM317T... Thankz
Hi. I was make 8 channel voltmeter (0-5) with diffrent works good in proteuse but in real when i connect a voltage to channel 0, it's affect will change the other channels voltage.How can i solve this? Thanks.
Hi Osha, Don't worry here is the solution to your problem. 1) Firstly take a voltmeter and determine the coded sequence of the keyborad you have for each key now you know the hex code for each key. Now save these values in a lookup table. 2) Now for each key test the values with the mask set against a port where you ahve interface the (...)
Hi, Check this out:
Hi all, I want to make a numeric voltmeter, with atmega16 processor and an LCD display 2X16 (with 14 pins). I tried to make a program but it didnt worked. It only displays: Volts = 3fV Can anyone please help me with this. Many thanks. /***************************************************** This program was produced by the code
No No, I want to write a VSM model (.dll file) for a micro controller in C/C++. Just like AVR.dll which is in "MODEL" folder of where you installed proteus. but I couldn't find any sample model for micro until now, I just found component model like gates, voltmeter and so on. Does anyone have useful link for sample? tnx
anyone help ---------- Post added at 14:31 ---------- Previous post was at 14:18 ---------- i'm design the digital voltmeter for a car battery now i want to use pic16f690 to display the values of the voltage,then i used the portc pins as the one that will display in the 7-segment and RA4/AN3 is my input now
Hallo Viewers, I get a good and simple LCD based voltmeter with PIC16F688 form can measure only 1.5 V to 20 V DC. But i need to change the Voltage range between 1.5 V to 70 V DC. can anyone know how to convert the source code for given purpose? I dont know to change the source code. This this the programme code of the (...)
Hi Friends I want to make a PIC 16F84 based LED voltmeter. Can any one help me on this with schematic and software for the same. Will appreciate an early help.
There both the same voltmeter for the links you've pasted but the trouble is it does not so you how accurate it is only against an analogue meter. There is plenty out there but I always like to do my own so you know it works well
Hi, I was not so much refering you to that posts project, but more the last entry advising how you can get started coding for yourself. You start off with the proverbial flashing led and build up your experience with the goal of making your thermometer and voltmeter work. You will find some ready made code for the ds18b20 sensor in this or
hello guys i am trying to develope a voltmeter using PIC16F877 and LCD. So i need help in the coding section. I am using micro c. So can any body provide me some codes for it.. with regards Hridz
You can use thise project and adjust code for your needs just to shows voltage on lcd, and most important you have example of ADC conversion: code is writen in MikroC. For higher input vol
I see this request a lot for voltmeter/ammeter so I thought I'd share my design that I'm working on at the moment using a VREF of 4.096V The volatge side works really well as you can see from the readings of the vout compared to the LCD, This works really well on my dev board,max voltage 50V max current 12.34amps at the moment. The current part I
Hi, I am a second year electrical engineer student doing a project on multimeter. I have been trying to get the LCD display to display the mode the multimeter is in. I found a code online called LCD_Controller to initialize the LCD display. However, whenever I reset, the display does not come back up again. Can you please take a look at my codes an
Here a project I did a digital voltmeter upto 220v-dc. You can change this project an use it. First by changing the voltage divider part you can increase the range over to 415v-ac, And by using timer and array you can get samples and then by arranging the measured values you can change it into ac, Be careful about choosing resistor, the scaled res
I have made a digital voltmeter you can use as voltmeter part, as ammeter part use a piece of cable (you must know the resistance per meter) or a high powered low valued resistor (shunt resistor - generally aluminium shield resistor). The microcontroller is pic16f877a and 1602B lcd screen, and codes in pic ccs c complier.
Hi All, I am very new here I have collect the following c-code for 20V LCD voltmeter using pic16F688, now i want to activate RA0 pin high when LCD voltage is grater than or equal 10.0v, what is the change need in this code? Please help.... char Message1 = "DVM Project"; unsigned int ADC_Value, DisplayVolt; char *volt = "00.0
Hello there,can some body help me to know where the error is I am design a 0-30V digital voltmeter but I am always getting 0V on the seven segment display. Here are the code and the proteus circuit. #include "16f876a.h" #DEVICE ADC=10 #fuses XT,NOWDT,NOLVP,NODEBUG,NOCPD #use delay(clock=4M) #include
Can we design a DC voltmeter with pic16f877a? yes we can!
hy guyz,i'm working on digital voltmeter and ammeter (130V and 40A,on lcd) using atmega328. it is working well on proteus.but not worknig on verroboard,it shows the constant voltage and current i.e, 130V and 40A(max. does not detect the adc voltage. This is my code. #include LiquidCrystal lcd(7,8,9,10,11
the voltmeter problem is solved,now I have trouble with making such a timer that gives the system ON time such as any machine is turned on the machine gives signal to mcu based circuit and this circuit begins to note the the time at last it displays it on hyperterminal the whole time hour,min,second the machine worked in, I am using PIC18F microcon
can u give me the circuit diagram, source code and proteus simulation of digital voltmeter and ammeter and frequency meter to measure ac as well as dc. very urgent. - - - Updated - - - using microcontroller
Hi All, I am looking for C source code to build uC based webserver with SLIP interface. I am looking for ANSI C and portable C code. Thanks Zastereo
Hi guys, someone know about a decompiler for microcontroller's code like 16F84. Decompiler! Not Disassembler. Thanks for support
Hi everybody Is there a way to extract the code out of a programmed , and most certainly , protected 89C55 . The chip is valuable , and i only have one , so i can't risk losing it . Is there a safe way ??
For reduing the debug effort,how to write best RTL code? Thanks
Hi Here is the VHDL code for 8051 MC. tnx Uploaded file: 8051 in
I'm looking for schematics and source code PIC for Dejan-Box to connect nokia phones. Anyone knows about?
I have an ST10 project that requires a smartmedia card for data storage, this must be compatible with windows storage fat16/32. The data I store on the card must be readable by PC. does anyone have the 'C' code for such a project. Thanks in advance
Does anyone have 8051 C code for controlling a graphic LCD? tnx ...
Does anyone have 8051 C code for controlling a graphic LCD? tnx ...
Would anyone share the RS232 VHDL code ? If you have RS232 test program , please share. Thanks a lot.
Hi,source code with MoM for antenna design:
I have a design that uses a PIC16F874. Can I rely on the code protection offered by microchip to protect my code? The reason I ask is because I have a company interest in purchased programmed PICs with my code. Can I be ripped off by using code protection? Does anyone have bad / good experience or advice for me. (...)
hello... need rc5(ir code) c source for 89c2051.... thank you. ^o^!!!!!!@!!!@!!!!@@!
Hi every body Does anyone can help and provide an FDTD code to solve non-linear differential equations especially to slove the E and H fields inside microwaveFerrite Devices (circulators and isolators)? Thanks
Somebody can give me more into about ARM apb brdige? Thanks!
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hi all is there any software which convert matlab code to vhdl? how can i get it? best regards baa110
I write a rtl verilog code, there is a memory in code,if i use design analyzer to compile ,,because i am told that memeory can not be compiled by tools. so how will i do ?
this is a module of my design ,there is memory declaration in it,funtion is correct,now i will syntheze it in order to do timing simulation ,so what do i do with this code and in design analyzer? thanks ,i am a new asic designer.i need help! module regfile( reset_s1, Write_Mem_q1, wrapout_s1, pixel_s1, Mem_Pointer_s1,
module car_window(clk,clr,data_up,data_down,move_up,move_down,auto_move_up,auto_move_down,stop_move); //IO ports input clk,clr,data_up,data_down,stop_move; output move_up,move_down,auto_move_up,auto_move_down; wire clk,clr,data_up,data_down,stop_move; reg counts; reg move_up,move_down,auto_move_up,auto_move_down,break; initial
if I write a module as follows: module ....... ... .... ... rom (........); .. endmoudle we know that rom can not be synthesized by dc,so only can be intantiated as above. but how i deal with this code in dc. because rom general can not be synthesized. thanks