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i have voltmeter source code in 'C' lang. but i don't understand 'C' help me , pl it source code convert into ASM & HEX.
I have some problems with this voltmeter (value reading are not stable and are not linear). I configured resistive divisor at imput 1 (AN0) to match lower limit voltage, but when I rise the voltage to be measured, the pic reading is lower than real voltage) and is not stable. Could anubody help me ? this is the code: #include <16F876.h>
hello to all can anyone please help me with this code it's ac voltmeter using 16F676. how can i convert it to Hex void main() { #define data1 PORTC.F1 #define clk PORTC.F0 #define seg1 PORTC.F3 #define seg2 PORTC.F4 #define seg3 PORTC.F5 unsigned char aray1={0xbf,0x86,0xdb,0xcf,0xe6,0xed,0xfc,0x87,0xff,0xe7
Tha is.....someone can helpme please?? I want make a PIC based voltmeter using 16F84 /ADC0832 or 16F877A, but i dont know home make the circuit/schematic for this... I have tipical power suply with a LM317T... Thankz
Hi. I was make 8 channel voltmeter (0-5) with diffrent works good in proteuse but in real when i connect a voltage to channel 0, it's affect will change the other channels voltage.How can i solve this? Thanks.
Hi Osha, Don't worry here is the solution to your problem. 1) Firstly take a voltmeter and determine the coded sequence of the keyborad you have for each key now you know the hex code for each key. Now save these values in a lookup table. 2) Now for each key test the values with the mask set against a port where you ahve interface the (...)
Friends I want to make PIC16f876 or PIC16f628 based led display or LCD voltmeter in basic. I have no more knowledge about it. (How can read from ADC and convert it LED or LCD display?) Please any friend helps me about its schematics, and how can we write its program in basic or any example for it but I need in basic. Thanks Tariq Javid
range:0-5V i have to design a volmeter until 8th of january using 89C52,ADC0804 and a 1602 LCD display.i dont have enough knowledge.Could i find circuit and its assembly code or can someone help me pls?
Hi, Check this out:
Hi sahu, here is the circuit for you i am using this for upto 300v , if you want you can reduce the 1.5k resistor, i traced the circuit from voltmeter from market and i make the code for that
Hi all, I want to make a numeric voltmeter, with atmega16 processor and an LCD display 2X16 (with 14 pins). I tried to make a program but it didnt worked. It only displays: Volts = 3fV Can anyone please help me with this. Many thanks. /***************************************************** This program was produced by the code
No No, I want to write a VSM model (.dll file) for a micro controller in C/C++. Just like AVR.dll which is in "MODEL" folder of where you installed proteus. but I couldn't find any sample model for micro until now, I just found component model like gates, voltmeter and so on. Does anyone have useful link for sample? tnx
anyone help ---------- Post added at 14:31 ---------- Previous post was at 14:18 ---------- i'm design the digital voltmeter for a car battery now i want to use pic16f690 to display the values of the voltage,then i used the portc pins as the one that will display in the 7-segment and RA4/AN3 is my input now
hi, i m a newbie. And i m having trouble on reading and processing adc value for a voltmeter. i m building a simple digital voltmeter(0-5v) using PIC 16F887, i having trouble on reading the 10bit adc_result and processing the value into 7 segment. Pls tell me, how can i read 10bit(ADRESH:ADRESL), what is the data type should i use ? float, in
If you measure an AC voltage source with a voltmeter set to dc mode, it's generally going to measure the DC offset voltage of your waveform.
Hallo Viewers, I get a good and simple LCD based voltmeter with PIC16F688 form can measure only 1.5 V to 20 V DC. But i need to change the Voltage range between 1.5 V to 70 V DC. can anyone know how to convert the source code for given purpose? I dont know to change the source code. This this the programme code of the (...)
Hi Friends I want to make a PIC 16F84 based LED voltmeter. Can any one help me on this with schematic and software for the same. Will appreciate an early help.
There both the same voltmeter for the links you've pasted but the trouble is it does not so you how accurate it is only against an analogue meter. There is plenty out there but I always like to do my own so you know it works well
Thanks but that`s with a different pic and don`t have voltmeter. By the way i don`t know a thing about programming.
Hi I am using 10 bit ADC and the coding has been done in Assembly Language. I need to display the input voltage (which is scaled by 2.5 ) on the LCD . Pls suggest me on how to do this in ASM as it involves lot of floating point multiplications and all... Thanksss
hello guys i am trying to develope a voltmeter using PIC16F877 and LCD. So i need help in the coding section. I am using micro c. So can any body provide me some codes for it.. with regards Hridz
You can use thise project and adjust code for your needs just to shows voltage on lcd, and most important you have example of ADC conversion: code is writen in MikroC. For higher input vol
I see this request a lot for voltmeter/ammeter so I thought I'd share my design that I'm working on at the moment using a VREF of 4.096V The volatge side works really well as you can see from the readings of the vout compared to the LCD, This works really well on my dev board,max voltage 50V max current 12.34amps at the moment. The current part I
I have a pic 16f73 based ac volt meter.the volts on Adc pin vary from .87v to 1.58v the respective lcd display is from 170v to 230v. .87v=170v .93v=175v .99v=180v 1.05v=185v 1.11v=190v 1.17v=195v 1.23v=200v and so on.i am unable to understand adc math for this conversion.can any one explain it.Vref = Vdd in the circuit.
Hi, I am a second year electrical engineer student doing a project on multimeter. I have been trying to get the LCD display to display the mode the multimeter is in. I found a code online called LCD_Controller to initialize the LCD display. However, whenever I reset, the display does not come back up again. Can you please take a look at my codes an
Here a project I did a digital voltmeter upto 220v-dc. You can change this project an use it. First by changing the voltage divider part you can increase the range over to 415v-ac, And by using timer and array you can get samples and then by arranging the measured values you can change it into ac, Be careful about choosing resistor, the scaled res
I have made a digital voltmeter you can use as voltmeter part, as ammeter part use a piece of cable (you must know the resistance per meter) or a high powered low valued resistor (shunt resistor - generally aluminium shield resistor). The microcontroller is pic16f877a and 1602B lcd screen, and codes in pic ccs c complier.
Use a sensor chip that outputs a voltage that represents the temperature, so that the output voltage to the PIC changes with temperature. Adjust the voltmeter code to read the sensor. Eg. If you use LM35, the output is 10mV per degree Celsius. So, if you have 74'C, the output is 0.74V. Adjust your code so that when the input is 0.74V, the (...)
i need help in this code///nothing is displayed on LCD // #include #define lcdport PORTB #define rs PORTAbits.RA0 #define rw PORTAbits.RA1 #define en PORTAbits.RA2 void lcd_ini() ; void lcdcmd(unsigned char) ; void lcddata(unsigned char); void adc_con(unsigned int) ; void adc_init(); void DELAY(int ti
Why did you use UART ? Working with ADC of pic microcontroller is very simple using mikroC compiler. PIC 16F877A converts adc input to 10 bit digital value.. ie, if -Vref = 0V and +Vref = 5V Input Digital 0V 0000000000 5V 1111111111 Resolution of ADc = (+Vref- -Vref)/(10^2 - 1) The following links might help you.. [
Hi All, I am very new here I have collect the following c-code for 20V LCD voltmeter using pic16F688, now i want to activate RA0 pin high when LCD voltage is grater than or equal 10.0v, what is the change need in this code? Please help.... char Message1 = "DVM Project"; unsigned int ADC_Value, DisplayVolt; char *volt = "00.0
HERE IS code: FONT Var Byte Value2 VAR BYTE Value1 Var Byte Value Var Word TRISA = 0 : TRISB = %10000000 mainloop: FOR VALUE = 0 TO 9 FOR Value1 = 0 TO 9 FOR VALUE2 = 0 TO 9 PORTA.0 = 0 : PORTA.1 = 1 : PORTA.2 = 1 PORTB = FONT GOSUB DIS Pause 100 NEXT V
Hello there,can some body help me to know where the error is I am design a 0-30V digital voltmeter but I am always getting 0V on the seven segment display. Here are the code and the proteus circuit. #include "16f876a.h" #DEVICE ADC=10 #fuses XT,NOWDT,NOLVP,NODEBUG,NOCPD #use delay(clock=4M) #include
16 functions with PIC16F870 and 4 digit LED display with Source 1. Logic Probe 2. logic pulser 3. Frequency Counter 4. Event Counter 5. voltmeter 6. Diode Junction Voltage 7. Capacitance Measurement 8. Signal Generator (500hz ) 9. Video Patern ntsc 10. Serial Ascii 11. Midi Note 12.
You should add an endless loop at the end of your program: DONE: JMP DONE Otherwise it will just run wildly through the unused code space and start over at 00H again - faster than you can measure with your voltmeter. :wink: /Rambo
hi all this is a very nice collection of tutorial circuits hope it'll be helpful for all of u cheers Contenents 7_2 Volt NiCad Cycler 555 Timer Go-No-Go tester 555 Timer IC Tester 555 Timer-Oscillator Tutorial 741 Op-Amp Tutorial A Super-Simple NiCd-Battery Rejuvenator ASSP ODD Product Lineup2 ASSP ODD Product Lineup3
Take a look at these appnotes, especially the ones with the digital voltmeter and the clock. You will find examples of how to interface the 7-segment display to the PIC and some code examples.
opps! uploade wrong code that one is just a voltmeter this on is the voltmeter/bar grapgh sorry wizpic
Hi, I am using AT89C4051 to utilize it as an AD Converter for an application as a two digit voltmeter. I am following the circuit design given in the following address: . I have written a code in C and it does not work and also i am not able to compile, the compiler says something
Hi, Check out the buffer that you are using and see if you have any leackage voltage. i.e see the when you puls 0V from the PIC, you get 0 at the buffer and also at its output. Myaby you are geeting voltage from other pines or something. Dont forget that you are using Transistors ( link the 2003 buff ) that will output voltage relative to the in
The power tab: code: Target Vdd: 5.00 Target Vpp: 9.75 MPLAB ICD 2 Vpp: 12.06 Check the USB voltage! Its must bee 5V!!!! Check L1 Check VPP,VDD whit an digital voltmeter At the output of the OpAmp, You should tweak it to about 13V (see Voltage Monitor at ICD's Status Dialog in MPLAB!). Since the programming voltage VPP is 13V
The reading on RA0-RA3 is about right if you are using a DC voltmeter. Have you put any load on the 13.5V? If possible disconnect the load and do a measurement again. This should give you a 13.5-13.8 V result.
you can attach a galvanometer and a voltmeter to input and a galvanometer and a voltmeter to output. measure AC voltage and multiply it by square Root of 2 and multiply it to current. measure DC output voltage and current. the difference Vin xIin - Vout xIout has wasted in rectifier.
Hi, Well yes, it seems to be the internal oscillator so should not need any other connections. How are you checking the portA,1 is working ? -a led or a voltmeter ? What is your development board ? - might help if I could see its circuit. I do not have that chip, but two things to try - assuming your breadboard is a good one with cl
First, without microcontroller, take a voltmeter and verify whether the 7805 voltage regulator generates +5Vdc .. Second, still without microcontroller, using a piece of wire try to turn on the LED by connecting the Cathode (assuming the Anode is connected via 330Ω resistor to +5V) to 0V .. Third, if the microcontroller is programmed and th
for example..............i would like to read the value let say 100 ohm resistor display on it possible ??? and how to connect with 8051 and adc 0804 ??? is it just like the connection as voltmeter ???
hi i try to run led blinkage code from microbasic library after i instal code in pic itry run my pic but dont work and ehen i touch it by voltmeter oin its do first step but its dont completei check my cercuit and crystal its ok Hi, There may be some error in your code.You just dump the waveform and check it step by step
pls visit Downloads / 8051 Projects / Simple Digital voltmeter using 8051 : 8051 Microcontroller Projects AVR PIC Projects Tutorials Ebooks Libraries codes for voltmeter project and for controlling use lm317 as adjustable power supply
I want to build multimeter which can measure V,I,R,C etc.I hope to use PIC,ADC...But i have nt clear idea about how Current is measured ,how maintain autoranges..please give me some ideas,directions to do this project. It's called Superprobe and it's not a digital multimeter (logic pulser, frequency counter, volt