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Hi, Constant vswr circles are actually constant gain circles. Device itself has gain that coresponds to Gmax at a given frequency. By chosing the gain smaller that Gmax (selecting a constant gain circle instead of a dot that corespond to Gmax) you are mismatching the device. The mismach is constant on a constant gain circle, so is the vswr. You
Normaly I used vswr(S(1,1)) for vswr value reading. Can I read vswr value when I put a mark on the S11 trace without set any equation in ads ? Thanks a lot.
Anyone who know how to add a vswr=2 circle in the smith chart in ads data display file?
You can define an equation in the data display: vswr = It is even simpler. You can also use the vswr function that enjunear has pointed to: vswr(s11)
Hi all, I am trying to export S parameter from HFSS to ads. I tried using matrix data and export S parameter and save it as touchstone file. However, when I opened this file, I get S parameters mixed Y, Z and vswr parameters. I would appreciate if someone can help Thanks.
who can tell me how to plot constant vswr circles in ads? thank you in advance!
In fig 5 of this paper there is an ads model of the PIN diode Agilent HSMP-3810: RF,RFIC,Microwave,Systems Tutorials, RFMicrowave_Circuits_Files/Attenuator.pdf Hi, I have made a PIN diode model in ads with the help of this PDF. In Figure 13, a Simple model of the MACOM MAP202
Hi, How can I plot E-theta and E-phi 2D polar far-field radiation patterns in ads? I want to compare both? How can I do this in ads? What's the impact of Axial ratio, which is best low or high? How can I plot vswr vs. Frequency in ads? How can I know in ads, whether impedance is matched or not? (...)
As specification, the PA should be stable even if the output vswr=3:1 In ads, I use the formula vswr(S22) to calculate it, the value is extrem high. I think this formula is only valid for small signal, not for PA. Can any one tell me how to verify this specification in ads? Thanks!
yes i agree with vswr khouly
Thanks vswr ( :) ) for the answer, this is what I expected but now, I'm much reliable ! Regards
Hello, It has been quite long time since I used ads for the last time! I believe you can do it very easily on ads... First, I'd like to say that as u may know, vswr is a measurement of loading effect on signal at transmission lines, or in other words, how big portion of the signal would propagate through the load. If that is what u are (...)
Design a low-noise single stage amplifier using microstrip on 1-mm-thick alumina substrate (εr =9.6) and a FET (proposed type: NE3210S01) with the following specifications: Center Frequency: 2.3GHz Bandwidth: 10% Gain (min): 12dB Noise Figure (max): 1dB Output vswr (max): 2.0:1 (matched to 50Ω source and load) i need
I want to simulate the characteristics of DMB Mixer (Mini-Circuits ADE-1L) using a behavioral model in ads called MIX1 (polinomial model for nonlinearity:3), So from the manufacturer, Mini-Circuits, I have got the parameters that are most close to my application driving the LO with + 3dBm power : - Conversion Loss = 5.32 dB - Isolation betwe
any one knows the ouput's vswr of coax balun, the simulation is so poor, only 2 or bigger
I'm working on an LNA in ads 2009, with no prior experience with ads. I have a transistor model with impedance matching networks at the input and output of the transistor, with 50 ohm terminations at the ends of the matching networks. I want to measure the vswr at the input and output of the transistor (between the transistor and the input (...)
Hi, I want to calculate the Gain,vswr of a micro strip antenna which is designed. I wanted to see the Gain,vswr change with frequency, I'm using Layout Window to create the antenna. I would really appreciate if someone can guide me.
Please tell me the advantage and disadvantage of them and which is most suitable for optical communication system. Suggestion of other candidate will also be appropriate.
The functions used in ads schematic and Datadisplay is hard to find and unstand, is there any tutorial of it , or an catagory help of it?
Hello, I have listen that is posible the use or ads 2002 on linux runing on vmware 3.2. Any experience? It is posible? I tried time ago with vmware 3.0 and it was not posible. Thank you TaPa
HI,As i konw ads is good software for ARM.but There is little different hardware in every chip vendor.I want to use 91 series of ATMEL.could i use the code develped by ads directly without any change?Thank you
Hi there, I am curious to know which software gives better simulation results in terms of circuit simulation, ads or MWO? Any opinion will be appreciated. Thanks. Linda.
who know where got RF design kit for ads, and how to install them. thax.
ads DQPSK Design
Anybody using ADL schematic ? I am just starting to use it and either I am doing something wrong or I interpret the results wrongly. My variables are defined in 'mils', however the optimization seems to take it in meters (!). I correlated the numbers and they match. Am I missing here somethig? Tx Kato01
Is it possible to use ads or MWO to simulate the frequency response of the rectangle loop antenna w/ the resonate capacitor ? how ? I've tried above two tools by inputing several segments of suspend strip line to do the simulation but finally find they only treat them as "one" long strip line and the result is very different from the calculation
I would like to compare the advantage and disadvantage between the Eagleware and ads Microwave EDA software. Somebody can tell me ?
sometimes when I use ads moment to simulate a circuit ,there could not to get into solve the problem,the message says:since no cti file could be read,no dispaly file be write..... what's the reason of this and how to solve it? every I must reinstall ads and the problem diapear. are there any other method to solve? expect anyone there can tell m
The versions of ads could be installed at the same time ? For instance let's say that I would like use ads2002 and ads2002C at the same machine with different licensing. Any response will appreciate.
In this forum,I think there have many expert on coupler design.but how to just use software, such as ads2002 or microwave office to design a 3-dB stripline coupler?I use mutilayer model of ads2002,but the result seems not very good.wish expert give me some advice. Thx. Best regards, Needbias
:D Hi everybody, Who can tell me where i get UMS design kit for ads? and how can get process account? thax lot.
Anyone knows PLL tutorial for ads 2002? Thanks.
need nonliniar model for any limiter didoe for ads
When we simulate, errors accur as the following, "Warning detected by HPEESOFSIM during TRAN analysis `Tran1'. MaxTimeStep reduced to 6.944e-011 to resolve source bandwidth. Warning detected by HPEESOFSIM during TRAN analysis `Tran1'. Internal timestep 9.09495e-023 too small at time 2.06961e-019 while simulator using Truncation Err
I found that In my distributed amplifier,the vswr is very High,if I try to low it ,the noise will rise,How can I do? Is there any way to lower the vswr at the same time lower the noise? Thank you very much. try to put coil from source to gnd. it will change the gama opt , look that your s21 is became lower, and your s
Hi, I need a copy of an article in Ham Radio Magazine in May 1980, written by W0INK and describes the construction of an automatic vswr and power meter. Hoping for your help 73 de Chipslicer
The transient simulation in ads often failes to convergent. I have to keep changing time step and other parameter randomly to make it work. Any suggestion or trick on that?
hi,all when i use ads momentum,"segmentation violation" error jump out ,i checked my layer definition,it's ok,who can tell me how to solve it? thx
How to add a ads model (from web) into my schematic as a sub-circuit? I download a ads model file for a transistor ,but it is a *.prj file after unziped. I try to create a new symbol,but nothing help. Could someone help me?
does anyone know what ltp_rf_mw_dg feature in the ads license is?? rfc
how can i make a disgn at ads and put block of matlab ,
how and why to use ads and matlab together ?
Does anyone know where I can find ARM ads 1.2 for Linux? ARM offers an evaluation CD which works only on Windows. I send them an e-mail a few days ago about the Linux version but they did not answer, so if anyone knows, please help.
It describes how to use HB in ads.
How can I simulate a time domain waveform in Agilent ads. How can I make equations and variables.
Is there any way to switch off the noise of a component in ads. I would like to switch all the components of my circuit except one, the one which I would like to check the noise. I have been told by setting the temperature to 0°, that would work :) Thanks. Boy
when I use ads moment to simulate a lange coupler,the couple sames less than formulas caculates.but when I use HFSS simulate the same layout,the couple sames little bigger then theory.which one can I believe?
Hi all I've recently went to Eagleware's homepage to find out about "GENESYS" and "SPECTRA"(or something). Downloaded some of the many video-tutorials they have, and I was so impressed! They have wizzards for almost anything: filter-synthesis, oscillators, pll, matching... I would like to hear comments from people who are familiar with this
if i have a componnent with vswr of 35 dBr (not real number) i can get an error phase of 1 deg (combain of two voltage vector ) but at alot of system there is 15 dBr, how it work ?
Hi,I try to design Ka band LNA in ads and using cadence to drew layout. Have you have any idea about connecting these two software?