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Good day, Everyone I am beginner in the design of circuits. However, I have been to able to design my schematic but in the process of converting from schematic to layout in ADS keysight, i have been getting this warning message: "Ground net cannot be split: All pieces of the net have ground symbols. Delete ground symbols instead." How can
Can you post the warning message which you are getting
The following section of code shows the warning: Xst:737 - Found 1-bit latch for signal . Latches may be generated from incomplete case or if statements. We do not recommend the use of latches in FPGA/CPLD designs, as they may lead to timing problems. Architecture SIGNAL SIG_bit : STD_LOGIC := '0';
but i am getting these warnings Taking a look on the first warning message logged, you are not assigning any initial/reset value to the variable datt, but you are using it in operations inside a process. warning:Xst:1781 - Signal is used but never assigned
See Proteus output message windows, there is allways a warning with a message like "Simulation is not being performed in real time". Moreover, you're not doing the right way, a soft generated PWM as you did will change if you add more routines to run in the main() function.
It's not a yes as the clock isn't going to the ICON/ILA, hence the "slow or stopped clock" warning. How did you insert the ILA/VIO/ICON cores into the design? Instantiated, post synthesis insertion? Did you verify that that the clock source is correctly implemented? is it from a PLL, or ? Did you check in the reports when building the design t
Hello! As title says I having problem with PIC16F877A ADC.,Thus I want to send ADC data through GSM modem, But problem is.... I getting error warning in MPLAB IDE (Hi-Tech C compiler) is as follows. warning C:\Users\abk\Desktop\MPLAB TEST\SEM.c; 174.28 implicit conversion of float to integer warning C:\U
Firstly it's a warning message, not an error. Do you understand the difference? Secondly, you have been cutting the wrong code part. Assignments controlled by a clock edge sensitive condition never generate latches respectively combinational loops. But there a lot of combinational loops in a different part of the code: 57.-- 56 No risi
Hello, The following log is printed when run DC synthesis. If I operate the "insert_dft", the process will be broke off, I have no idea to resolve the problem, Can anyone help me? insert_dft warning: The following synthetic libraries should be added to the list of link libraries: 'dw_foundation.sldb'. (UISN-2
CPU simulations hardly run in real time. It's no error, just a warning remembering the fact.
I have converted some IBIS models to PSpice and trying to carrying out simulation with them. I am getting this error 'ERROR(ORPSIM-16316): Invalid device'. The error does not say what file is causing this offence. This message is generated continuosly in an endless loop. If I pass the simulation I get the following message (...)
While synthesizing a design in RTL Compiler, I reported the timing using report timing -lint command. I got a warning message as follows: ******************************************** Inputs without clocked external delays The following primary inputs have no clocked external delays. As a result the timing paths leading from the ports have
Dear All: There is one error message pops up and simulation terminates when HSIM simulator is running a specific *.sp and vector Does any expert know how can I solve this problem? The error message is as following: warning: Divided by zero... Error: nxcmd.c (12875) Timestep: #34474 Transient time is 112182.717000ns S
When I run Monte Carlo simulation it shows, warning 369: COMMAND ignored: No LOT or DEV specification found ERROR 26: No analysis specified what does it mean?
when making simulation in x- ray detector this message appear(warning: Solution diverging. Potential update too large.) and trap more and program cannot solve and stop I used climit in method and increase mesh poits also I have this problem and I used suitable model for structure note (structure 3D) and I made s
You do not have error messages?, only warning? well you need to fix the map file used to map the layers between the LEF/GDSand DEF files.
I am simulating a circuit using devices designed using SILVACO ATLAS in Mixed Mode. Now, there is no convergence error while finding IV Characteristics of the designed device but when I'm using that particular device in a circuit, on simulation is giving me a message in the Command Bar which states warning: Not A Numbers found in currents.
Dear all: I am performing MBIST by Tessent. There are several RAM and ROM in my design. When running ETPlan, a warning message showed " NonProgrammable MemoryBist (...) wrapper has RomDiagnostic disabled. The ROM Diagnostic hardware will not be generated." Can any MBIST expert explain this warning for me? Is it mean that my ROMs will not (...)
These warnings can be ignored. These are reported because your design is an overkill. The unnecessary logic has been optimized away. So for every bit optimized away, it reports a warning message. Go through the warning message & relate it to your design. You will understand the meaning.
dear edaboard member when i am trying to synthesis a VHDL code in ISE 14.1, i get this warning message warning:Xst - The specified part-type was not generated at build time. XST is loading the full part-type and will therefore consume more CPU and memory. it is my first time i facing such warning what does it (...)
It is a warning and not an error message. You can either ignore it or use the ungroup_ok command instead of the auto_ungroup_ok command.
As a first rule of thumb, you can ignore those warning because they are just that ... warnings. Your design should still work. If you really want to know (not a bad habit at all), then usually copy/paste a specific error message into google has pretty good chances of giving you some idea.I think that in this particular case the (...)
the message :: warning: (1273) Omniscient Code Generation not available in Free mode is just a warning that you are using the free version of XC8 and certain code generation options are not available the errors are that the symbols _key_code _dcount _key_ready etc in production.obj are undefined - is there a missing fil
Hello, I am defining a model card for a simple custom resistor : deltaV=R*I targetting a simulation in HSIM (Fast Spice simulator "coming from Hspice"). When I launch the simulation of my netlist : a circuit including this simple resistor custom, I have a warning message. My goal is to evaluate the runtime (and accuracy) impact of the model
I am working on ubuntu 14.04 installed as a virtually on my PC. In that everytime when I create a .c file using gedit command it shows some warning, and new file creates. I tried to figure it out but not getting success.However I installed ubuntu in my personal PC an I am not getting any warning message like this(Both have same set up file). (...)
Hi there! I'm trying to make a FSM for the Fibonacci string, but I'm getting some warnings during the synthesis and I can't figure out why. This is the code : `timescale 1ns / 1ps ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Company: // Engineer: // // Create Date: 14:02:45
i am using ATMEL STUDIO 6 #define F_CPU 16000000UL #include #include when i write this there is No Error No warning and No message but whn i write it as #include #include #define F_CPU 16000000UL warning 1 #warning "F_CPU not defined for
This my message - - - Updated - - - Thank u man, but i do check and save, but message don't change message of log is " Netlister: There were errors, no netlist was produced." i should mention that simulation have a warning : "shorted output" That was not a message. That was
I agree with johnjoe, "source unleveled" is also a possible warning in case of oscillating amplifier.
I am using Encounter RTL Compiler Version 10.1. I am getting the following warning message as a result of using the command (report ple). This warning message is about the tool dropping certain metal levels and it looks like the following: ** = 'M1' is dropped because its Resistance/Length (value_of_resistance_here) is (...)
I can't believe the gall of Greeshu. Sent me a private message asking me to write the Verilog for this Mario game. Obviously doesn't want to do any kind of work. What a troll... If you get PMs like that, please report them. warning given. Keith
... what defines the critical charge of the node? is it the magnitude of the strike where there is a warning about the "current exceeding the limit imax" or when there is a oxide breakdown i.e., warning - "The bulk-drain junction current exceeds 'imax'." occurs at Qcoll=50fC warning - "Oxide Breakdown" occur
Hi all, I am doing HFSS simulation for combination of FR4 PCB and Metal PCB. My simulation failed after running several hours. There was a warning message-"Geometry Stitch Failed. Falling back to backup process". I'm using HFSS 15.0 (64 bit) for analysis. Can anyone give me idea what is this warning message and how to (...)
Hello - When compiling UVM using VCS, I am getting the following message. make: warning: Clock skew detected. Your build may be incomplete. Any help of what this means and how to fix it? Thanks.
Does anyone know how to change a warning message for a particular warning# to an Error within dc_compiler? I know how to suppress warnings, but can't find a command to change a warning to an error. Thanks - - - Updated - - - Actually it's being reported as "Information" not a (...)
ADCHSbits.CH0SA0 = 0x0004; // Connect RB4/AN4 as CH0 input Most likely the warning is due to an implicit conversion from integer to unsigned char of the 0x0004 value before beginning masked to set the bits of ADCHSbits.CH0SA0. If you reduce the length of the Rvalue 0x0004 to 0x04, is the warning stil
I am new to Pads Logic, when I tried to add the ground symbol, I always get the warning message stating that ?Part selected is an off-page and not a component. I notice that when I right click on the existing ground symbol of the sample schematic circuit, there is no option to copy the ground symbol , hence I can?t copy and paste the ground sy
Hi When i got the FIFO IP from xilinx coregen then i simulate these files. But some something warning message happend like this "arrary reference in @* implies sensitivity" What is this warninig about "arrary reference in @* implies sensitivity? What am i supposed to solve this problems? File name is FIFO_GENERATOR_V9_3.v
hi I'm trying to simulate a patch antenna in ads but always I have this warning: layout healing changed the layout.the actual highest agregate snap distance... any ideas?? merci
Hi, The title is a warning given by ModelSim when I start the simulation. The problem is I'm pretty sure all the port type of my clock signal is the same, namely 'input'. Plus this warning didn't exist in the previous simulation and came out from nowhere after some modifications to the components which is completely irrelevant to the indicated
I have made the ASM program using keil 4, with AT89C55WD device. rebuild results: 0 warning, 0 errors. but why when downloaded to the device so "verify fail". I've tried several times to replace the IC it, but still can not, which is definitely not a problem of the device. I ask, what if the outcome rebuild no error but if it can be downloaded t
I am using synopsis design compiler and Nangate Library for synthesis. When I want to insert scan chain in circuit I got the following message warning: No scan equivalent exists for cell iwb_biu/wb_cyc_o_reg (DFFR_X1). (TEST-120) There is SDFFR_X1 cell which seems to be scan equivalent of this cell. This is same for all flip-flops and finally
================================================================= - - - Updated - - - Hi i m new and basic user using PIC16F887, and i m facing the problem before writing it, the message appears "warning some configuration words not in hex file, Please Set it after the loading" wha
It is just a warning for you to make sure the device you are using requires indeed a 5V supply. If you know your microcontroller works at 5V, you can disregard the message. If you are using a 3.3V device, then you need to change the power supply voltage. Regards, Nicolae
it is working fine all warning relate to pic code not to
Found area constraint ratio of 100 (+ 5) on block iqmap12, actual ratio is 36.what this warning message tell.i could not understand the meaning of this warning.i am using vertex 4 fpga and whether this message effect the final output of the fpga .
As far as I know, you can not suppress these warning message from externally. This warning message is reported because Calibre does not find the CELL NAME used in operation in your layout. If you have write access to Calibre runset, then you can add an exception in starting of Calibre. You can refer to Mentor user manual for (...)
There are warning message about single tri-state driver when I invoke check_design in IC Compiler. I found about single tri-state driver, but I couldn't understand. Please anybody tell me about that.
MOV PC, r14 It gives an error : warning: A1608W: MOV pc, instruction used, but BX is preferred First of all, it was a warning, not an error message, there is a significant difference. During compilation or assembly, an error will usually prevent completion, while
Hi, I am seeing this warning in my Primetime report on some of the input ports: There are n ports with parasitics but with no driving cells What this warning means and how to resolve this? Thanks