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here is the coplanar waveguide impedance calculator. you can calculate dimenstion of your coplanar waveguide using below link. it cannot be monopole antenna. is there any groud plane underneath the antenna?
Dear All, At the risk of annoying some of you here for posting, most probably, trivial questions on the HFSS simulation I am trying to carry out. I've scourged through the HFSS documentation and the two posts in the forum related to cpw+HFSS. I came out even more confused than before. Here I go: I'm trying to calculate the resonance frequency
Hi I am trying to simulate a simple cpw in ADS momentum. I have used the differential port setup as shown in the attached image. I have also attached my substrate configuration. The simulation is giving me the following warnings: WARNING S-parameter results show unphysical behavior for certain frequencies. Cause : - inaccurate (high freq
Split Ring Resonator (at 20 GHz) loaded with cpw (Coplanar waveguide) with pitch size (of GSG probe) 0.15 mm! 50 Ohm impedance of cpw was matched, but after loading SRR no resonance occurred. S11 and S21 curves are appearing totally flat. I loaded CSRR also, and changed different parameters but it seems coupling is not occurring (one pos
for designing a novel cpw feed fractal antenna for UWB,, they have chosen coplanar waveguide feed... is there any possibility of using probe feed??? what are all the advantages and disadvantages of using this probe feed for designing a novel probe feed fractal antenna for UWB???? rectify my doubt as earlier as possible
Hi! Greetings! I am used to generate mictrostrip to layout and then export to gerber in ADS. However, I am first time dealing with cpwG lines. I can see cpwG converted in the layout with center conductor (line width W) and thin ground lines at distance (Gap=G) apart. I can see the same once I export the layout to gerber. However my doubt is
Dear colleagues Please pardon me for a lack of education, but I can not figure out how to realize a tapered transition between completely different coplanar waveguide circuits with different input impedances. Specifically, I have a ~40 Ohm cpw input on high-ε ceramic substrate (ε>10). And a 50Ohm coax connector (SMA or K) which I at
Hello, I am using Driven Terminal for my simulation with some 50Ohm cpw waveguide. On getting the results, I want to simulate for the given power in dBm, how much current I will end up running through some sections. However in Driven Terminal the excitation is in terms of incident voltage. May I know if I should take this voltage as Vpp, Vr
I am designing meander antenna in ADS for f0=95MHZ. I would like to know how to define the coplanar waveguide (cpw) port for structure. Also for solver setup if i m simulating my structure from 50 to 200 MHz range then what should be the appropriate mesh frequency and number of segments per wavelength. Also the value of Nmax in frequency definition
I?m simulation a Grounded cpw in HFSS v13 and getting invalid results near 15GHz. 109384 NOTE: Solid lines are simulation results, dotted lines are measured results in the lab. I assigned waveport width to 4xLineWidth, waveport height to 4xDielectricHeight Simulation specifies "NOT CONVERGED" Any suggestions are
hi i'm very new in HFSS? Is there a tutorial explaining the design and implementation of tunable serial RF-MEMS capacitor on coplanar waveguide (cpw) using HFSS or ANSYS? step by step??
Dear all, I am designing a Coplanar waveguide feed for my printed LPDA antenna. I need some help about design parameter and calculation that need to be followed for cpw design on patch antenna. The feedline width of the LPDA is 1mm. can cpw be implemented on this feed width? Regards
Ok let's try: 1) So, my first question is which feeding port is most suitable for this type of design.Discrete port or waveguide port.: It depends I think, if you have just your antenna, waveguide excitation would be correct if you use for example some microstrip or cpw as feed. In your case, I recommend a discrete
I am using a coplanar waveguide (cpw) without back grounded plane, which kind of port is better? I have tried waveports, but observing asymmetric electric field using HFSS in the perpendicular direction (z) of the cpw board (in x-y plane). Is lumped ports will help me to get symmetric electric field?
Hello. I'm using free saturn PCB toolkit to determine characteristic impedance of coplanar waveguide. But I get strange results. In my opinion the impedance of coplanar waveguide should match the impedance of microstrip line when distance between GND on top and line goes to ∞ and the rest of distances are the same. But the calculator say'
Hello all I am trying to design a Bias T using cpw transmission lines in CST microwave studio. I am confused with the DC blocking. Please have a look at the attachment. I am using quarter wavelength coupled lines for blocking DC but on simulation the RF DC isolation gets worse on adding this DC block. If I do not use any DC Block then RF
Discrete ports are not unsuitable for waveguideS like cpw. That's why you should use a waveguide port. From the point of definition of a waveguide port, it makes no sense to placed it somewhere inside the structure. Because how you want to excite your real cpw inside? One reason for the error could be: If (...)
Hi , first of all , u must change your units to nm , then your waveguide ports have improper range , u should change it , and after that u can run it , but after some seconds , u will get error and solver had to stop , i attached a picture of problem , that u can see , the problem is about background material, try to find the problem , i haven'
I look for some tutorials for cpw design with Q3D extractor. can somebody tell me how to excite Coplanar waveguide with Q3D extractor?
I want to create a wave-guide port for following structure. It is 'cpw with ground' or 'grounded cpw . What should be the dimensions of wave guide port? Please see the structure below. 96793
Would please anybody complete this patch antenna that i have attached...!! I Am confused on how to excite a Coplanar waveguide fed.. and which solution setup would be applied Driven model or driven terminal, I read the Help section ... but technical terms is hard to understand. Moreover, I am new to HFSS, considering a Good tutorial on cpw fed will
The very first thing one needs to know is what simulation tool you were using. From the error message, it seems you might have set up a discrete port instead of a waveguide port to excite the coplanar waveguide, and then not managed to connect one end to the groundplane. The constraint of having to use a discrete (lumped?) port seems unreasonabl
I am working on a coplanar design and am having difficulties simulating the S parameters for the two-port design. I'm just trying to get it working with a simplified model first, shown below: 89140 (This shows the first port, a second has been defined on the other side of the microstrip line; the multiresonator should n
Hi. I´m doing simulations with a patch antenna, fed by a CB-cpw line... And though I thought i knew CB-cpw well... Some doubts have shown up... Your help will be kindly appreciated. I now there are more modes in this structure but i guess the usual propagating one is the CB-cpw mode, from center strip to lateral and bottom ground planes. (...)
Hi, I am looking for a closed form expression for the characteristic impedance and effective dielectric constant for a microstrip line. I can imagine it is going to be something similar to the cpw(coplanar waveguide) equations involving the complete elliptic integral of the second kind.
Hi all, I need to make a coplanar waveguide with ground and I need to know what via spacing to use for strapping the ground to the ground plane. My operating frequency is 1900 MHz (Using GSM). Are there any calculations which can be used for this purpose? Thanks in advance, Regards, Salman
Hi everyone, I have a little problem, could you help me ? I consulted a paper about dual band using coplanar waveguide, I simulated it in CST, but the result seemed very diffferent from that paper, I mean it was wrong. Setting port is ok, beacause E at port is QUASI-TEM and similar to my privious cpw simulation. Boudaries conditions a
Hi tehre. please help me: I designed an antenna with cpw on back of substrate and a patch on substrate. I want to find its equivalent circuit. I used the book "Coplanar waveguide Circuits,Components,and Systems" to find formulas but I couldnt deceide which one to use?!!! ground backed cpw formulas or simple cpw formulas?!!!
Try to model sma connector and put waveguide port on it. -> here you can find my example at CST2011 with modeled SMA connector
This question is mostly a "how possible" is to build one. I am working on a switch and on a separate post I state my problem. But for this one, I am just curious to know. If I am to build an SP2T switch, broadband (0.2 GHz ~ 18 GHz), is it a good choice to use coplanar waveguide? Or should I stick to microstrip? Right now, I don't have a si
Hi all I want to simulate a rectangular microstrip patch antenna with coplanar waveguide feed at 3.4 G Hz what should be my design dimensions Er=4.4 height of substrate=1.6,Fr4 like lenth n width of patch ike lenth n width of ground gap between microstrip line and ground ground dimensions what are the formulas or calculator to compute these
what is "RB" in the term RB cpw (RB Coplanar waveguide)? I have searched this on the net and some books I could get my hands on;even asked designers/engineers who have been dealing with RF designs for years, but no one seems to remember what the "RB" stands for. I thank all of you who reply in advance.
hi to find the resonant frequency of half wavelength resonator u have to use the coplanar waveguide calculator like TXline coplanar calculator or line calculator ads or any other calculators. it will give u the correct result vidhya sivaraj
Hello, I have been trying to simulate a FG-cpw at frequencies in the mm-wave band 190-310 GHz, with the aim of determining the amount of radiation loss from the cpw transmission line. The dimensions of the cpw are w = 2 um, g = 1 um and wg = 3 um, on a 300 um thick Si substrate. The conductors are 2D sheets assigned with a PerfE boundary (...)
hello ppl, From the material I have read so far, I understand that a coplanar waveguide can be treated as a microstrip line only beyond a certain "gap" i.e separation between the trace and the ground plane. My question is how to calculate or find out the gap and/or what is the minimum gap that defines whether the assumption of microstrip line is
There are only few waveguide schematic models. I think your approach might be wrong. What are you trying to model/layout? Do you have an EM simulator available (Momentum, Sonnet etc.)?
I have simulated conductorbacked coplanar waveguide in CST. However I am getting only odd mode fields and not cpw mode ie even mode. Any Suggestions
Hello, Yes, S- or Z or Y Parameters are the solution you can do the cpw analysis using Method of Moments (MoM) ElectroMagnetic Simulator such as Sonnet... See below on Modeling Co-Planar waveguide (cpw) in Sonnet Tips and App Notes www.
Hi Everyone. I am relative new to HFSS, so I really could use some help to this one problem. Im trying to measure the coupling between a Coplanar waveguide and a probe. I have excited my cpw with to lumped ports, placed my probe 10 microns over the cpw and placed a Wave port on top of the probe (which is where i would like to measure (...)
hi i have deigned a cpw bowtie antenna ;can it be used for GPR applications?if yes how deep will its radiations penetrate.plz also mention the surface it will be useful on.
Hi, I'm a beginner with COMSOL Multiphysics. I need to simulate a coplanar waveguide, but I don't understand how to define rf ports. On the model library, there are few examples of easy structures (microstrip, coaxial cable) but nothing about a cpw. Taking in account the port definition of these structures, I think RF port have to be
Hi I have simulated coplanar waveguide (ungrounded) in HFSS and defined waveport as excitation source with waveport width 3* (2g +W) and height of port 4*h and defined integration line from sideground to trace. However I am not getting proper E field distribution the field is scattered throughout the substrate. can anybody give clue what went w
Hi, This might be a very easy question but I don't have an idea on where to start with cpw circuit design. I have been using ADS to design a microstrip circuit since it has Tlines components where you can actually select for a BPF design the characteristics of it and it will give you all the dimensions of the design based on the characteristics
Hi, For defining the ports for coplanar waveguide simulation in HFSS, I followed the ports dimensions as given inHFSS handbook. ie., Port height is atleast 4h and Port width atleast 3-5g and port outline intersects side grounds. I was able to simulate, but I have a question: Since the waveport is touching the side ground planes, Are the go
usually for cpw, the middle metal line is used as the signal line and the other two on each side are grounded. In my set up, I use one line on the side (say, the left one) to connect to the input signal, and ground the center line and the right line. My question is, how should I analyze the modes in this configuration? should it be cpw with e
Hi guys, I have a question soliciting your answer. I am designing a coplanar waveguide to match the 50 ohm from microwave source. Hence the slot width, thickness etc factors have to be considered to ensure the 50ohm. According to the maximum power transfer theorem, the two impedances should be conjugate. The difficulty lies in the TXline only
Hi, everyone I just begin to learn ADS. i want to design a 50ohm coplanar waveguide with finite ground. I know the linecalc in ADS can be use to obtain the gap and wide value of infinite cpw. Is this tool still valid to for cpw with finite ground? I have seen dr_em(
Hi all, i found some discrepancies when simulating a cpw in ADS momentum compared to when co-simulating in ADS the same layout. Wonders if someone can help clarify things. It's a bit involved so I thank you so very much for your patience. Situation: We are simulating a coplanar waveguide (cpw)using momentum and co-simulation. A (...)
Hello. can anybody give me the details of equations used in designing cpw, as iam new to design cpw.
hi friends I need a help from you I want to design back to back cpw to CPS using balun. I have a problem with exciting the coplanar waveguide using waveguide port using multipin method in cst. can any body help me how to define waveguide port for cpw? thanks advance Added after 1 minutes: hi i have