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Hi, Does someone have, or know where to download, Philips TouCam Pro II webcam schematic diagram ? Thanks
hi all i need servis manual for webcam it is Havit 3809
is it possible to read image pixel that from webcam by parallel port or microcontroller as shown in the attachment if not why and how
I am looking for either a schematic or components of a GSM networked Video Camera. Would like to know what the ICs and circuit components are. I am not talking about a webcam, but the ones that include the codec and transmitting circuitry. A packaged camera of this type costs about $150. Curious if it needs to be that costly. Thanks a bunch!
I have to install a logitech globe/sphere webcam at about 10m from inside a building. The webcam will be enclosed in a glass dome and exposed to very very harsh environmental conditions, i.e. cold, wind and lightning. I know that there are commercial USB extenders that go to 150ft over cat5 ethernet cable like
LM358 O/P will not be the same as Vcc for logic "1" ( but for logic "0" u'll get 0V). If u r powering up the IR ckt with 5V, op-amp logic "1" O/P will not be 5V. near about 3.5V only u'll get. so put one transistor then give it to controller. what's ur controller operationg voltage? Follow this thread. Instead of LDR u can use IR photo diode (