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Hi, Does someone have, or know where to download, Philips TouCam Pro II webcam schematic diagram ? Thanks
hi all i need servis manual for webcam it is Havit 3809
The schematic looks like a joke :) You need a uC with host USB interface... this is rare on microcontrollers. Once i saw an old webcam - aprox 1999-2001 (ALARIS ? if i remember) that was connected to PC on parallel port. You can try that if u find one, but you also need to hnow the protocol.
I am looking for either a schematic or components of a GSM networked Video Camera. Would like to know what the ICs and circuit components are. I am not talking about a webcam, but the ones that include the codec and transmitting circuitry. A packaged camera of this type costs about $150. Curious if it needs to be that costly. Thanks a bunch!
I have to install a logitech globe/sphere webcam at about 10m from inside a building. The webcam will be enclosed in a glass dome and exposed to very very harsh environmental conditions, i.e. cold, wind and lightning. I know that there are commercial USB extenders that go to 150ft over cat5 ethernet cable like
LM358 O/P will not be the same as Vcc for logic "1" ( but for logic "0" u'll get 0V). If u r powering up the IR ckt with 5V, op-amp logic "1" O/P will not be 5V. near about 3.5V only u'll get. so put one transistor then give it to controller. what's ur controller operationg voltage? Follow this thread. Instead of LDR u can use IR photo diode (