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Hi every one, I do not know if I am in right topic section. I need some schematic circuit diagram of an HF Plastic welding machine (for creating Photo Albums). I want to assemble one for me by using FU 501 triode as the main oscillator/output tube.
Hello, I have a project to design a welding machine controller based on a micro. The micro should have good EMI immunity. It is preferrable if it has one inbuilt in 8bit DAC. What is your openion about using Cypress PSoC. Regards WorkSmart
Please explain better what is this kind of cold welding and how it can be accomplished, for which materials and applications, .....
Hi, how can i build an arc ignition device for a welding machine?
hi, i need to know how to desine choke coil (inductor coil) for welding machine of 250 , 300 and 400 amps. i am useing 3 scr's and 3 diode's to controlle output voltage.
Hi, I have made an smps Arc welding machine with max.150A and 50v no load. For current control, I used primary side phase control with Pic Micro controller. It is still in testing process. Can anybody suggest better process for controlling current without reducing voltage as a certain level of voltage is required for creating welding arc (...)
Did anyone worked with 3? argon arc welding machine yet? I need to go to a factory in BD to repair its circuit board. But as I'm new with this type of machine so I need so many information before I open it. Please give information as far as you know. Model no: ZUEP06738, brand: Panasonic, Japan. ---------- Post added at
This welding machine can weld cells such as NiCd, NiMH Lithium and other. It is much cheaper solution to make the device yourself than to order welding service from a company. Drill stand (also DIY) was used in t
dear all, I consrtucted Invertor welding machine 400A with filter capacitor 50MFD in DC link. Some machine of same capacity uses 470MFD. I find large variations. How exactly it affects the performance, can I use 25MFD for 250A machine? deepak
Anyone can tell me what's the price of the machine that used to welding the multi-foot chips?
Anyone has service manual or just schematic for this equipment?
Who have a schematic diagram of a bond paper vending machine or other similar diagrams
Sir, I have built this circuit, i dont know, whats going wrong, when i switched on, the transistors got heated and got short, the IC's getting hot on 12V supply. on operating on 6V supply, the circuit worked well, but dint operated with the welding transformer Pls help website:
Does somebody have a schematic for electroerosion mashine?. If yes pls send it at or post it here
I whas see once welding machine madet by pc power supply. Did someone have link or scematic for that?
i am making plastic welding generator where i am using 20 khz signal to for welding(BY using inverter with IGBT), this 20 khz electrical signal is given to piezo electric device, this 20 khz signal is converted into 20 khz machanical vibrations, and this vibratios are given to boosters and finally given to ho
Transformer and ventilator used for building this device were taken from an old German microwave. The ventilator's aim is to cool the windings. The secondary welding was removed from the transformer. It is important
Hello, I'm building a prototype 37V-350A inverter welding machine. Currently i'm using Full bridge topology and hard switching (with 2 PWM control signals, one for LEG A, One for LEG B). Rectified 3 phase AC is connected as main input voltage. Switching frequency is 31250 Hz. (32 us period). my Main controller is an ARM processor that produce
Hallo!! I need " service menual " for welding machine Lincoln Electric SP 175PLUS I have problem with " arc voltage" potentiometer ( no regulation)? Is possible that someone give me scheme of PCB Thanks Gogi
I need a 220VDC motor speed control without speed feedback(tacho) to drive an independ excitation(DC field not permanent magnet) brushed DC motor if possible using SCRs and TCA780/TCA785 IC or even without any complex control. This motor will drive a TIG welding machine wire system. Regards, Fernando
please help me... i have a problem that confuse me. when my 3 phase 4 wire wye circuit watt hour meter loaded by an arc welding machine (it's a 1 phase machine), the induction type watt hour meter act so weird. The disc rotation reverse slowly for a few moments, and then stop, and then move forward very slowly (mostly it don't move (...)
I need to design a welding machine in my project, but how to create a circuit that can produce the electrical current up to 120 Amperes? Anyone can give a suggestion? It doesnt a matter to what type of welding, but now my stage is create the circuit that can produce 120A.
Are you designing a welding machine? What sort of parameters are you wanting? Load regulation, ripple?
After problem with welding machine that sometimes like to destroy line fuse, and often likes to be adjust for welder current, I decide to make regulator. It’s based on integrated phase regulator for thyristors U209B – v
hello peter u given very good data of welding machine is it commercialy succesfull?
Hi, We are a long established UK based welding equipment manufacturer, looking for a company to supply us with a power source to be used in a welding machine. We require: Supply: 380 - 440V 3 phase Output current: 50 - 1000A DC Open circuit voltage: 75 - 85VDC Duty cycle: 10 to 15% We would set the required current with (...)
Hi, In my welding machine power supply project,i am designing a high frequency transformer...The major issue that I am facing is with the winding losses,when it comes to 100KHz.... In the design, I am asked to avoid the use of Litz wires. So I have to go for some paralleling there any thumb rule for assuming the current density
Hi, I am designing a welding machine. What should be the worst case ripple current (%) for the ouput inductor filter...? Thanks in advance...
Hi, I am building an ecg machine as my senior project and I need some serious help. Can anyone please help/give me a full/complete schematic of an ecg machine? Thanks in advance.
Please help me build one drilling PCB machine use microcontroller ( ex : AT8951 ) include schematic and software. My email : Many thanks ! :)
Do not found www site? x68000 schematic???
Hi Friends, Please help me build a CNC drilling PCB machine include schematic, software. Many thanks, Trinh The Long
I request it on altera'MySupport,and they told me that they don't provide .
Hi to all, I'm new in this forum, so I hope to make the right thing (i.e. posting this topic in this section and so on...) I desperately need a Thorens td 126 mkIII schematic diagram with the part list of the motor speed regulator circuit in jpg, gif, tif or any image format. This can be find in the Service Manual. Because I had one of this beaut
hi,all, Any one has experience about how to design a control board to control embroidery machine? any clue is highly appreciated. if possible, schematic is preferred:) thanks,
I have to develop asynchronous state machines (no common clock. I can use only RS flip flop). I prepare the state diagrams and then I have to define the state and output equations. I'm missing something passing from state diagrams ( I use asm chart) to equation/schematic circuit. Is there a tutorial explaining how to design an asynchronous sta
:multi: I want design a Phone Answering Device. Please tell me websites where I will refer this
could somebody help me to find schematic diagram for an quick rotan control box model 25.231.021 (it is on 'beisler' machine model
salam,,, can any body help me finding some approach to the design of a microcontroller based automatic washing machine timer and what microcontroller can be used in this and with what sensors????
Hi! We have Cadence IC 445 installed on a Sun machine ( SunOS 5.8 ) and it works nice. Recently we have installed IC 5.0.33. However, some strange things happend. In Virtuoso schematic editor, the grid is not shown, altough it's set and the instances align to the grid, which tells me that it exits but it's not drawn. In IC 445 the grid is shown
hi i wand wireless phone schematic for building a wireless phone without dialing. thanks.
hello , i plan to build a simple man machine counter using microcontroller, if someone who passes that machine, counter increases to one and soon, any idea how i must do first? or any related website?
hi all, 1. I use icfb in redhat 8.0. whenever I open a schematic and then enlarge the window size, then the speed of my computer is slow down, and every movement of my mouse is in slow motion ?? why is it a bug, or anything I did wrong when in intalling ic5.033 2. one more bug, whenever I open two schematic window, the speed is also slow do
someone plz give me an idea of building an electronic voting machine(EVM).i want a schematic of already existing voting machine.whr can i get that??i plan to use a microcontroller for this purpose.which microcontroller would be better??the specifications for the EVM are that it must support five candidates and an vote count of 5000.i will be (...)
i also want to build a smps welding inverter , i found this schematic (scroll to the end of document) sorry , my internet connection in very weak right now, i'll be back. Added after 26 minutes: ok, i took a look at the circuit in the first post, and i have some question for you guys: First of all,
Hello All: Can anyone in the forum direct me to a location where I might be able to find a schematic or a service manual for a Sharp model XM-10BF Video Monitor which operates on an X-ray machine. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
Hello, I got some problems with cadence machine, the following are my problems: 1. I saw some tutoral from website, and they mentioned that EVERY TIME when we access cadence system we need to execute a command -". cdscdk2003". I have tried that but it seems can't work at my cadence machine. 2. I have simulated a simple circuit without BJ
Hello, I'm trying to fix a Nelson NCD 150 stud welding, anybody has a power schematic diagram? thanks in advance ingeom