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what is j-pole antenna? and what is input impedance?
what is internal pole ,related with op amp circuits
Hello, Is it a specific frequency, or is it a trace on a bode plot? In Marty brown book he shows an RC circuit and shows bode plots for it and says it is a "pole"..........but what is a pole? Is the pole the frequency at which the voltage transfer function through the RC circuit goes down by 6dB?....or is the RC (...)
what is mirror ? e.g. if the link of the file you want to download is error. you should file the mirror to download. what is the mirror?
dear every body could you pls tell me what is the physical meaning of the mirror pole and rezo ? many thanks in advance
I have another question here. Let's say I need a current mirror ratio of 2:3. I determine the number of fingers of each transistor as 4:6 so that I could use interdigitized form of layout. Someone mentioned to me that the W of each fingers used should be less than 20um for 0.35um process. How true is this and what's the rationale behind it? Thank y
what is the use of totem-pole output? Somewhere it is defined as three state o/p and somewhere else as two state o/p, what is correct out of both?
A totem pole predriver has already been suggested in and So I don't understand what more do you need? Alex
what is the inverse laplace transform of 1/(s+a)? what do you think happens when a is positive?
Hi All, what is the variation expected in Current mirror(Simple Current mirror) due to MOSFET mismatch? what are the other parameters that can affect the accuracy? For example if a current mirror is designed for 10mA. How much is variation expected due to MOSFET mismatch?
what is matching in mirror circuit
what is it chopper stabilization. and how it take care of Flicker noise and offsetr voltage in diffrential amp. Amit
what is current control for servo motors? How can i implement this? Regards.
what is the concept of phase margin ? And the meaning of "zero" and "pole" ? Please describe in simplify Thanks ------------------ chmr
in allen's book , psrr is defined as' the product of ration of the change in supply voltage to the change in output voltage of amp caused by the change in the power supply and the open loop gain of op amp' psrr=ΔVdd/ΔVout*Av(s) so,l think psrr is only for amp, if it can be used for bandgap,what is the Av(s)? thanks
Hi All, Needed some info on output capacitor for LDO .Based on stability requirements ,one can have the output cap from 1uF to 3uF based on the dominant pole location & scale the ESR accordigly so as to have the loop stability question is how to choose the value of the cap ? what is the ratio between Ropass and Resr ? Any help would be
what is the advantage of Current mode DCDC modulator compared to voltage mode DCDC modulator. I thought both structure need saw-tooth wave and similiar compensation. So what is the big deal?
what is the format of spectre model files? how do I use spectre, as each time I try to run it I get a message saying I need to convert SpectreS model siminfo to spectre using toolbox, but that doesnt work, is there a way around? like specifying my own .25u libraries and giving that path to spectre? Or is there any way to do PZ(pole zero) using spec
When I reading a paper, I found the word:compensated device. what is compensated device? Thank you.
what is a Totem pole Output? A Totem pole output is essentially the same as a Push Pull output; however, it is the terminology commonly used when referring to a TTL device. The major difference between it and a Push Pull is the amount of current that it can sink or source. The Totem pole output is going to sink/source (...)
Hi, I designed a fully diff op amp with cmfb. And when I did the ac sweep to the cmfb network I got the following result. I am puzzled by the phase response. Is it oscillating? If not, what is the phase margin? Thank you very much for your help! princerock
The input to causal LTI system is x = u+(0.5)^n u the Z transform of the output of this system is Y(Z) = -1/2 Z^-1 whole divided by (1-0.5z^ -1)(1+z^-1) a) determine H(z) the transform of the system impulse sure to specify the ROC. b) what is the ROC of Y(z)? c) determine y(n) answer to part a is H(
i have a current source of 100uA.I need 2mA current.could this be achieved by transistor mirroring operation.if yes,what is the trade-off.
what is an error amplifier? and what is an error-amplifier-based current mirror? thanks
what is lead-lag how can i control this block with PI controller: and how can i find the Kp=?Ki=?:
what is the gravitation force at the core of the earth crust. say i have dug a hole through the core from one pole of the earth to the other. neglecting the pressure and temperature, what will happen to an object dropped in that hole. will it stop at the centre or come out at the other end.? thanks
what is the significance of 3-db bw. i know much about that but dont know why all insist on that rather than say 0-db bw. is that due to consitent gain or phase diff. plz explain me
what is u255 law ??
what is Miller, lead and Lag compensation ? Thanks
what is meant by push pull output Hi !!! It means that the output stage has two complementary transistors, one connected to Vcc, and the other to Gnd. The output is coonnected to the emitter of the 2 transistors. So one transistor push the output to vcc, when the other pull the output to the ground. There are other ty
what is the difference between Unity Gain Frequency and Gain Bandwidth Product? Are they the same concept?
hi all i am attaching the loop filer schematic which is being used in pll. my question is ther is two pole and one zero. first pole is on the origin and the second pole and zero is occouring respectevly. so what is the bandwidth of this loop filer. as if we consider the first order low pass filer the bandwidth is the (...)
Hi all, Can anyone explain the DC offset concept ? I need a good document on it, when we say DC offset, what is it exactly the main concern ? How to measure DC offset e.g if i have a sine wave--can i read a DC offset from it, how ? Thanks in advance !
HI, I am interested in a LNA design using BJT for low noise. I am told to use an active biasing to minimise the noise figure and also have a lower VSWR ratio. Does anyone have idea what is active biasing and where can I find information on it? Thanks for the help Rula
A bipolar current mirror with beta helper is aiways used. Sometimes I can see that a resistor is connected between the common base node and the ground. But in classic books ,such as gray and meyer's book,there is no resistor fron the common base node and the ground. I want to know what is the resistor used for? My second question is : in BIC
1.what is the sub harmonic poles?
Hi what is the effect of "doublet pair" on amplifier: 1- near first pole, 2- near ωu, 3- near 10 ωu?
Dear friends, I want know what is difference between the "ground" and "Earth". Is "Earth" and "Ground" are same. Can I connect "Ground" directly to "Earth". Regards V. Naresh Kumar
Hi, does anyone know what is "armature choke" (kindly refer text below)? Thanks Shunt Wound 0.18 to 11kW A range of high efficiency shunt wound 2 pole dc motors available in either IP22 (drip proof) or IP44 (totally enclosed) format. These are suitable for use with single phase Eurotherm Drives dc drives with a form
I do not understand the problem. what is the question? Where is a problem in simulation results?
Hi, I am starting electronics after a long gap. Well can someone explain me what is LED Driver circuit and why we use it ? If it is just a circuit for giving some rated current, cant I make one such circuit using a proper resistor in series with the power supply and LED? Thanks
Dear all, Would anyone tell me what is this circuit called? 76800
So I intuitively / physically understand a pole. Its a cap (parasitic or not), the charging /discharging of it drains the circuit gain and incurs phase shifts in the circuit frequency response. what is a zero then? I know its the oppositve of a pole (adds 20dB/dec, etc.) but physically - what is a zero? Ive seen in (...)
Hi, can anyone help to to find the AC gain of this circuit.the conditions are 1) the gm of BJT is large enough 2) the mirror ratio is 1. what is the possible expression for ac voltage gain?111695
Specctra, AutoActive,...what is the best one ? Thanks.
what is the best language to program with and is it proprietary to microchip? what tools should I use ? Is the Mplab ide suitable and is it complete? Debugger or emulator or both? Any help is greatly appreciated. thanx
Hi, Can anyone tell me what is the difference between the tow designs for video inverter (I know the first one) Simple one ---------- Complex one (Electronics Now July-95) ------------------------------------- AmR
what is the best tool for analog routing 20Hz-200Khz
It depends on what you mean by power analysis.... Power grid: There is a tool from IOTA which can help you analyze your power grid IR drops and electromigration. You need to define the activity level of your ciruits. System Level: You can use Star-RCXT from Avanti. They use to offer Star-Power as a standalone tool but now it has been incorpo
I am looking for a really good DIGITAL design tool like xilinx ? what is the best one out there?? Thanks