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Hi Junus, finally, I don`t know what your problem is. Please, explain in detail. Let me summarize: 1.) You have a circuit (without internal pos. feedback) with certain gain and phase characteristic. Gain is approx. 70 dB. 2.) Resulting from internal pos. feedback the gain is somewhat increased and the phase is enhanced. This gives an improved pha
dear every body could you pls tell me what is the physical meaning of the mirror pole and rezo ? many thanks in advance
This is bias circuit. what's the advantage of this tpye? Thanks
It can be generated by current mirror in differential amplifier... also in the case of pole-zero cancellation, when components are not perfectly matched. The effect of pole-zero doublet could be not clearly seen in the amplitude and phase response, especiaqlly if the case if they are closed together, but relativlly small mismatch can

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