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Hi I have a Hantek 6022BL PC USB oscilloscope which I would like to use on linux. Hantek does not provide linux solutions but I found a wiki which refferes to openhantek. However, openhantek was last updated in 2011 which is a bit old. Are there other known wa
Hi. I have read this article which suggest the use of a passive probe with attenuation for measuring signals above +20dBm. The equivalent circuit of the probe is
which opamp to be used for differential oscilloscope probe??? Should I use fully differential opamp??
which exponential time constants do you see? Are you sure the behavior is outside specifications? Also, is your oscilloscope probe correctly compensated?
When i to probe at output of second stage amplifier, a noise with 0.5Hz is seen which is causing false detection Just to check: Is that failure occurring just after probing the output with the oscilloscope ? Did you try see the waveform with another instrument, but powered with battery instead from ma
Hello, I have found this little oscilloscope project (URL) that uses a single A/D converter connected directly to the LPT port. It uses one pin of the port as an EXT trigger, which is desirable in my application. The author notified me that it can display signals up to 30-40KHz or so. 1. I wonder, what is the thing that limits the display of signa
I think I have to define two trigger points, one for start sampling and one for stop sampling data No. The most simple trigger setup uses a single trigger condition which stops data recording, showing a data window according to the defined trigger position. Quite similar to the operation of a digital storage oscilloscope.
Hello, because of space limitation, I want to buy a USB oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer. My main interest is at HF work, so 30MHz analogue bandwidth at least. a 100-200MHz would be better so as to be able to measure harmonics as well. which ones would you suggest for: 100-200MHz analogue bandwidth. scope combined with spectrum analyzer usb2 d
If I connect a highly inductive machine to the grid power or an AC power supply, will it really affect the phase between the supply voltage and current? So If I check the supply voltage and current by an oscilloscope, I can see the phase difference? I know there are many applications which need to check the supply zero crossing point, if the
Please describe what traces 1 and 2 are on your oscilloscope picture. The waveforms look completely wrong but without knowing which signals they are, what data is being shown and the time scale it isn't possible to make a good diagnosis. Brian.
When I connect the ground of the probe to a different reference ground I see an small increase of the current consumption. which current consumption? There should be no problem if the probed circuit is actually isolated. A SMPS has usually "Y" capacitors between primary and secondary, a 50 Hz and possible switch frequent current
Dear All, Does anybody have the Service manual for LeCroy WaveSurfer 454? I just got this oscilloscope from a auction and the main AC entry board is missing inside it. But, there are some couple of connectors inside which are folded during manufacturing and also there is a cut-out which is closed and is marked as "19V-25V 7A" Max. I (...)
I have set up a PWM which is working before and has been tested to be able to change its duty cycle. But after adding in other peripherals it does not work and generate the signal anymore. Is there a reason why this is happening and what should be checked to find the problem? Obviou
A perfectly balanced probe is flat response. Any imbalance in R ratio or C ratio results in a 1st error response. Any additional filtering will be 2nd or higher and likely have ringing unless overdamped. -even if the probe is perfectly balanced, any N>1 order LPF will have ringing unless critically damped. (butterworth) which is unlikely if it is
When troubleshooting TV's and Arcade monitors where do I put my oscilloscope ground onto? Do I use the isolation transformers ground , the monitors chassis ground or the The isolation transformer is for the monitor But there is also a line transformer. TV repair technicians don't use the oscilloscopes safety ground on the AC plug when
Hi all; Please i need a very good clarification in regards to the maximum input voltage of an osscilloscope. i just bought one the Rigol1074z which came with the Rigol 2200 probe. the datasheet says at 10x maximum input voltage is 300ACV but i am not really cleared about this if it is RMS, Peak or peak to peak voltage. so i tried mailing
Is there a simple way to wire in an LED that will light up if the output voltage is over 1V RMS? The LED with visible color that has the lowest voltage drop is the RED, whose value is ~ 1,63Vdc which is a little above the value of 1Vrms
If this is for calibrating a home made CRO for the first time, you need a good reference for your voltage and time. For voltage a DVM should do, for time, the 50 HZ from the mains will do for the lower time base speeds. Then you need some sort of oscillator which is calibrated, or a very good way would be to use a high frequency crystal oscillator
Decapitary, Do you want to use Visual Basic to interact through USB with a board? You need to provide more details, e.g., which Visual Basic version do you want to use. is completely different than VB 6. Can you provide more details about your requirements?
I install the context menu, so when I open the folder, I send to > Virustotal. If the hash is found, result is instant, otherwise queued up for < 1 minute. Locate the Desktop App which adds the context menu for explorer
How did you arrive at this 18% figure? Is this some law?Can you please put the reference.. All these statements are based on assumptions, e.g. about the sampling function, about the frequency characteristic of an oscilloscope. But we don't know if they are actually valid for the problem which is only loosely sketched
Greetings, I'm looking for any documents related to the Intron DSO-2020A oscilloscope which looks like this. There was another topic from 2008 where ilux942 offered to post the schematics (which would be perfect) but the topic died and nothing happened.
The Trigger signal in the oscilloscope is responsible for what part of input signal has to be displayed on the screen. which is generated with time scale setting and input signal edges, If the distance between edges in the input signals keep changing it cant be stable.
Dear Friends , I have a rigol ds1102E oscilloscope , when i tied the probe to its terminals as shown in the image , i dont get a perfect square wave which i used to get earlier . I think this is due to some weak capacitor , please suggest the reason and how to rectify..... 109448109449[ATTACH=CONFI
Hello I have one test station which has various stand alone instruments like Audio analyzer , spectrum analyzer . oscilloscope , and other radio testing instruments . Every time Audio test fails due to the signal interference. it would be great if any one refer me some good website for finding best filters to compensate this noise Hus
This is a "low end" oscilloscope. But the strong side is its sensitivity - 5mV/Div, which is pretty good for weak signal viewing. The real strong points for this scope is the small size and touch panel operation. Very simple and straightforward to use. It is ideal for field audio work. See details at
You can use a current transformer or shunt. The purpose of the measurement isn't quite clear. Ripple current will cause heating of the capacitor according to it's ESR which can be well predicted. The most important effect is lifetime reduction due to elevated temperature,
I have a voltage source thats output is 200V and frequency is up to 2kHz max. How can I divide this signal without signal form and phase shift for 200V/4V rate? Can I use transformer in charge adapter? all I know, used ferrite cored transformes for SMPS and in kHZ frequency range. Can be used voltage divider made of resistor. But there is a pro
First, before you do any countermeasures, reveal the source of your problem. Use an oscilloscope and check for transients, especially on VCC and Reset pins of your pic. When the malfunction happens? which part of your circuit in your schematic is active in this situation? It's also possible that the problem is due some layout mistakes, is the d
i am using mcp 2515 in can communication in transmission i am getting some problem. my data has not transmitted properly.. i thnik there must some error.. i have no analyzer to see.. so is there any alternative way to check error which found in tx as well as reception .. please help me out. with regards, jaga123
Can anyone help me design a device which will allow a laptop or tablet to operate as an oscilloscope and a spectrum analyzer? Please help!!!
Can anyone help me design a device which will allow a laptop or tablet to operate as an oscilloscope and a spectrum analyzer? Any schematics, web links and other info would be well appreciated. Please help!!!
With any good scope, adjusting the eye pattern requires a careful synchronization. Many scopes offer trigger delay by which you can shift the trigger time to a suitable delay after the observed signal. By this shift you can get the desired eye diagram. I would not advise to "repair" your scope but rather to test first some simpler signals, to learn
Dear members, I am using a TDS2024C scope and recently encountered the following two issues for which I do not have any satisfactory explanation. 1. I am trying to measure the output of a hydrophone (piezoelectric) using the scope. I connected a BNC to the scope from the output leads of the hydrophone (floating unit not grounded). When the hydro
USB or PCI based data acquisition and display systems would cost you more than a benchtop oscilloscope. Try in your circle for any abandoned or old cathode ray tube based oscilloscopes from Industries which should serve your purpose. I assume you aren't looking for any high frequency applications.
Im debating on which one to buy, the Hantek MSO5074FG or the Rigol DS1074Z or Rigol DS1074Z-S. Same screen size for all models. Im on a budget but im willing to spend ONLY if its worth it. MSO5074FG spec: 4 channels, 70MHz bandwidth, 8 channel logic analyzer, 2 channel 25MHz function generator, 1M memory depth, $646 Rigol DS1074Z-S: 4 chann
There are lots of good scopes out there. I really like the Agilent DSO6000 series, but they're a LOT more than $900. First you say your budget is $900, then you say you'd pay more. which is it? Decide what you really need (and what you might need in the future). Those cheap Chinese scopes might look like they have similar specs compared to the
Hello I have a sinusoidal signal generator connected in series with a toroidal choke and the choke is connected to the oscilloscope to the ground. As I vary the frequency of the generator I notice dips and peaks of the sinusoidal waveform on the scope. I find the maximum peak which is at a specific frequency. Then I reduce the number of turns in t
The Hantek specification seems confusing. It states 20mV-5V/division but 35V maximum which doesn't make sense but will possibly meet you needs. x10/100 probes can help increase the range. Keith
We have designed an oscilloscope using PC and Arduino Board. The signal is first of all fed to the Arduino Board where the analog signal is converted to a digital signal by the ADC which is then serially outputted to the PC and is read by the MATLAB software via the COM ports. Here the signal is read in the form of digital data but then is converte
Dear all, Thanks for noticing this post which might be a stupid question...:roll: I have measured a series of data (let's say S1) from an oscilloscope which contains the voltage output from a thermal sensor. Since I need to estimate the signal to noise ratio of the measured data, I have to work out what is the signal power and the (...)
Hello there, I have txt. files which are recorded by some oscilloscope in the format: LECROYSDA813Zi,51921,Waveform Segments,1,SegmentSize,20000002 Ampl -0.075 -0.075 0.075 -0.06875 0.0625 -0.0625 How can I get the only the amplitude data into MATLAB, without deleting header lines in the txt.? Thanks in advance..
I suppose you want to detect also partial reflections (i.e. not a full short or open)? If so, what you essentially need, is to nearly to construct a digital oscilloscope - kind of, at least. And the pulse driver, as well (which is relatively simple, anyway, in comparison) I can't give here a cookbook solution. However, I would approach the task by
For a serious discussion, please provide some informations: - generator pulse width - generator output impedance (probably 50 ohm) - length of each cable segment - oscilloscope time base - which oscilloscope trace refers to which signal - oscilloscope input impedance (I presume high impedance) At (...)
:sad:Somebody to know which the model of this oscilloscope? Necessary to make repair, I do not have no information on this instrument, it does not appear the trace in the SweepMode automatic Full.9105791058
:?: It will be that somebody can help me? Necessary of the project Iwatsu oscilloscope, but before necessary to know which the model! Somebody knows which is this model? 91017
Check on oscilloscope what are you getting from pin A or B. In your schematic it'll be better to use pull up and pull down at A & Bwhile using 485 conversion... wikipage of RS485 has details explanation about how to connect them and why we need them and which values we should use for pull up & pull down. Because it seems that your slave may not be
If you want to compare a time domain device (as an oscilloscope) to a frequency domain device, this should be a Spectrum Analyzer, and not a Network Analyzer which has a different meaning in frequency domain.
1) which is it, triangle or square wave input? 2) which is it, square wave or spikes on the output? You want DC coupling, not AC.
Hello, Do you know how to save waveforms to usb on the DPO4000B series scopes. it just keeps telling me "media not recognised", no matter which USB stick i put in there