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how we can get positive gain in wide band fractal antenna.
what is the difference between wide band and multiband antennas? wideband antenna provides a specified impedance match (i.e. <2:1 or < 3:1) over a continuous frequency band (i.e. an octave). Multiband antenna is (...)
which antenna is good for research point of view wide band or multi band antenna ?
UWB is Ultra wide-band antenna. Single UWB- antenna can be used for multiple applications because its can support wider bandwidth. For example if the antenna in the range of 50 MHz to 5 GHz Then it can be used for FM Transmitter/Receiver (88MHz to 108 MHz). It can be (...)
Hello everyone, I am working on one project which is "wide-band antenna for medical application" i am supposed to achieve the miniaturization of the same. Now i know the meander slot can help in miniaturization of antenna which i got to know by studying few papers but however i failed to find the theory of the same that (...)
hi i'm designing a uwb antenna and the size of the antenna is 15.85mm*15.7mm*0.4mm so my lower band comes from 4.2 so plz tell me what i will do that my lower band comes from 3.1ghz and the what frequency sweep i will take?? and also tell me the frequency range for the wimax and itu band
Hi My antenna is an ultra wide band (3.1-10.6GHz) hfss I gave solution frequency as 10.6GHz and drew radiation box corresponding to 10.6GHz. Is it correct? Please help....
Hello All, In CST MWS, I'm using a square pulse, current signal as an excitation signal sent from Design Studio to Microwave Studio using the co-simulation feature. I am interested in the transient behavior of a wide-band antenna after receiving such a square pulse. I was hoping to see a damped sinusoidal response with time after the (...)
In the past I used a dual dodecahedral antenna for wide band. For microwave, these days people are using Fractal types.
Hi Friends, I am designing log periodic dipole antenna in ADS but i am not getting exact results over the wide band from 2GHz to 10GHz, Can anybody help me with designing values and images and i have one more doubt like whether is it possible to design LPDA in ADS why because normally an LPDA antenna doesn't need any (...)
I design and measure wide band antennas in the range 700-2700 MHz. For anechoic chamber measurement, how to route measurement cable in a good way, not interfering the radiation measurement, is seldom a big problem and more or less do it exist a branch standard rules how it should be performed. Cellphone manufacturer do often require its (...)
You should measure the impedance of your antenna, then design a matched feed from a 50 Ohm line. You have certainly done that if you measured RL. Apparently your balun is not matched over the wide band. BTW, the correct name of a "spiral" antenna is HELICAL. What is the balun for? Helicals are matched to coaxial lines, no (...)
Hello, i am designing a microstrip dipole on the frequency between 900 Mhz and 2200 Mhz . i did something about it in Hfss with lumped ports but i should realize it physically.And when i did it with lumped ports it have not a omnidirectional pattern . so what can be the problem fot this? i didnt use a balun is it a problem for this? thanks
I guess thee is no exact consensus on that. Narrow-band antennas are typically resonant (dipoles, cavities) and cover < 5 % bandwidth. wideband ones are horns and aperture antennas covering >5% bandwidth. Spiral and special antennas are used for (...)
hi friends, a new issue to be discussed. I was reading about ultra wide band radar sensors. and found a nice block diagram as follow. 86364 the simplest thing i know is that an antenna is connected to transmitter side, transmits signals and a receiving antenna receive the signal... what is the need of a delay line in th
Hello I working on the attached paper and i want to know to the reason behind the enhanced bandwidth. What happened to it using the L shaped ground plane that helped to have wide band characteristic. with best regards. Vishal
It also depends on the kind of the antenna. Some antennas have a small band while others are very wide band antennas, for example antennas used in cell phones or cars. If you use an antenna that covers the frequency band you need this should (...)
In every paper they have used FR-4 as the dielectric substrate for the Ultra wide band antenna. Could anyone explain why have they gone for that choice? This is the standard material for PCB design, and for cost optimization, people try to integrate the antenna onto the same standard PCB as the circuit.
I'm going to use a dipole antenna for 300-900MHz application... Do you know is there any available antenna in the market... I designed one but Its S11 is not as well as I expect... I prefer a patch antenna...
hi u can find the dimension formula in this paper by K. P. Ray Research Article Design Aspects of Printed Monopole antennas for Ultra-wide band Applications Hindawi Publishing Corporation International Journal of antennas and Propagation Volume 2008, Article ID 713858, 8 pages doi:10.1155/2008/713858
basically antenna consider these parameter which are need to use specifically. the frequency band, and bandwidth, signal radiation, transmitting gain, and direction of signal(uniform,bi-directional). other these it's mainly depend on coil/ antenna construction. hi can you help me in understanding this line which i re
Any USB GSM/3G/4G modem or cell phone, if it have a FCC certification number can you find photos of the antennas at . Dominating type of antenna is multiband PIFA for both modem and cell phones regarding this type of wide band internet connection.
Well Friends, I am designing a ultra wide band antenna with CPW. Now I want to use Wave Port Excitation. I designed the wave port but whenever I am not getting good result because of improper excitation. Now I really need to know the proper excitation method. I did go through Help menu but problem was not fixed. Please help me. Thank You.
Dear Friends, I'm new to this Forum. I find this very interesting and helpful. Now I want your valuable suggestions for my small project. Here I attached the circuit schematic of an analog wide-band beam steering circuit. I want to steer my antenna primary beam(8 degrees) by certain angle by introducing the cable length equal to angle of (...)
THere may be considerable phase shift thru this wide dual bands and not possible. I assume you have done something like this already
Hello Talha863, Your reference on patch antennas is really interesting. It gives useful practical design info. From the design info you can see that a patch antenna close to a ground plane isn't a wide band antenna, so it will have really bad performance as a 3 to 10 GHz UWB antenna (...)
Hello, You may try "Compact & Broadband Microstrip antennas", by K. Wong. Regarding "design equations"; If you want to design something new, innovative, you may need to do everything yourself. Note that small, high gain and wide band don't go together.
you can use this Ultra wide band
I design ultra wide band micro strip antenna using HFSS , when i make to it export *.sm3 to run it on CST i get different result can anyone help me it's my thesis in mater thanks all :sad:
Hi All, I'm currently have designed a UWB antenna where UWB stands for (ultra wide band). The problem is that my simulation for retrun loss doesn't get with the desired results. i will attach my result and the paper result if any one can help please i will also attach the paper 65181
Hello, You should design the feed alone and put two ports, one each at either side. Simulate for wide frequency band and look for S - parameters. They should be within the specified limits. As for physical dimensions for coaxial feed, you may look on internet for common SMA connector layouts. Most common SMA use PTFE as dielectric to get 50 ohm im
hello friends, my project title is "a microstrip line fed wide band circular patch antenna with tooth shape" so please give any idea and document for simulate on hfss
Hi all, I'm a student currently doing my undergrad studies in Singapore. Is there a design to increase the bandwidth of the Quasi-Yagi antenna without decreasing too much of its directional gain? Thank you Jason :)
Dear all, I am designing a deferential feeding antenna. A wide band 180 deg power divider is used to transform a single-ended signal to two deferential signals which are anti-phase with each other. and the two deferential signals are fed into the antenna via two coaxial ports. I used HFSS to get deferential (...)
Hi sir ferdows, my lecturer decided to apply ultra-wideband antenna technique in UHF television frequency range, and pardon me to ask if you have any reference about Ultra-wideband antenna fundamental itself, because i'm still confused about the difference of non-ultra (...)
Just another idea. U-shape slot antenna can get wide bandwidth.
I have never design so wide band ANT. you can find spiral materails as reference.
As a first remark, induction loops for hearing assistance are in fact transmitting unmodulated audio signals, so they are wide band rather than tuned circuits. There are however other induction loop systems using modulation. To characterize the transmission system, you would want to measure magnetic field strength. A loop antenna, (...)
hi pls read this paper and other LPDA work of Anja K. Skrivervik Analysis, Design and Realization of a Novel Directive Ultra wide band antenna Francesco Merli, Jean-F. Zürcher, Angelo Freni, Senior Member, IEEE, and Anja K. Skrivervik IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON antennaS AND PROPAGATION, VOL. 57, NO. 11, NOVEMBER 2009
The amount of energy you can harvest is very, very, very tiny so don't expect great results. 1. If you know the frequency you can optimize the antenna by making it resonant. wide band will probably give the poorest results but it depends on individual situations. 2. To get any appreciable power you either have to be in a very strong signal (...)
PIER Online - Design of Double Dipole antenna with Enhanced Usable bandwidth for wideband Phased Array Applications
dear roomates im looking to design a wide beam microstripe antenna in S band.would you please introduce me a tutorial on this topic please?
Hello, Some things to consider before starting the actual design and simulation: Frequency range Acceptable VSWR ? Return Loss within the required frequency range Directivity Dependency of directivity on frequency. Radiation efficiency Gain Polarization Maximum size 2D or 3D shape allowed Allowable dispersion (depends on system requ
I need help to produce a new ultra wide band antenna element that can operate from a range of 300MHz to 26GHz.. Please provide any reference and HFSS simulation if there is.. Thank You!
Look on... Ultra wide band Radio Technology (UWB)(B-TECH SEMINAR REPORT) Be free to share more interesting UWB applications............
Hi all, I'm trying to design a wide band directional antenna working in 3.5 - 6.5 GHz range (bandwidth 3 GHz) with a high gain. I tried several types and now simulating a dipole antenna array with a reflector in CST microwave studio and got following results for return loss and realized gain 4971449715
Hallo please help me in hfss 11 coaxial feed and result Hi i am new to this forum and i need help :cry:, i have simulated the ieee paper "Investigation of wide band Micro strip Slot antenna" using FEKO but the result did not tally with the published result except the curve shape, now i want to simulate the same paper with HFSS 11 (as (...)
Try PICA antenna - Planar Inverted Cone antenna. It's easy to generate in CST MWS and you can easilly match it to 50ohms. Or you can use some improved bow tie antennas too - see: Qu, ShiWei; Rhua, Cheng-Li - Planar bow-tie antenna embedded in circular aperture within conductive frame. However, everything depends on (...)
2.4 to 2.5 GHa isnt wideband and is an usual microstrip antenna you can find about it in any text about microstrip antenna design such as microstrip antennas by Bahl
Hi all U guys have any idea what type of antenna operates in the frequency band of 860MHZ to 5300MHZ... I need to design this antenna. your advise greatly appreciated.....

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