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Hi, guys. Does anybody recommend good papers, books, and websites for Ultra wide band antenna Design? Of course, it's better if you upload the stuffs to share your valuable resources. Thanks.
i despratly need a simulation for ultra wide band antenna on hfss or cst and some suggestion that what kind of antenna is suitable for 3.1ghz to 10.6ghz (UWB)...................................... waiting for your help................
I need help to produce a new ultra wide band antenna element that can operate from a range of 300MHz to 26GHz.. Please provide any reference and HFSS simulation if there is.. Thank You!
I guess thee is no exact consensus on that. Narrow-band antennas are typically resonant (dipoles, cavities) and cover < 5 % bandwidth. wideband ones are horns and aperture antennas covering >5% bandwidth. Spiral and special antennas are used for (...)
Hi all, I'm trying to design a wide band directional antenna working in 3.5 - 6.5 GHz range (bandwidth 3 GHz) with a high gain. I tried several types and now simulating a dipole antenna array with a reflector in CST microwave studio and got following results for return loss and realized gain 4971449715
I design ultra wide band micro strip antenna using HFSS , when i make to it export *.sm3 to run it on CST i get different result can anyone help me it's my thesis in mater thanks all :sad:
I design and measure wide band antennas in the range 700-2700 MHz. For anechoic chamber measurement, how to route measurement cable in a good way, not interfering the radiation measurement, is seldom a big problem and more or less do it exist a branch standard rules how it should be performed. Cellphone manufacturer do often require its (...)
The design of the dual-band mobile antenna (for example PIFA) shall give a proper VSWR at both bands without external matching components. Implementing a wide-band antenna match for this situation is not worthed, due to high insertion loss.
Hello, I need help with designing a very wide band matching network that goes from 0.85GHz to 6 GHz. In fact, it should be adapted in 4 bands: 0.9, 1.8, 2.4, 5.8GHz We want to match to variables loads in frequency, the real and the imaginary part. Which will be the best way: - LC elements (I tried but I don't get good results) - (...)
Hi please help me on designing wide band antenna impedance design. I am using log periodic antenna working 150 to 650 MHz,So how can i make impedance compatible with TV receiver
hi guys,i would like to design active wide band log periodic antenna on pcb boards(epsr=4.3:4.5) with active amplifier,so my band 200 to 900 Mhz so any help pls regards
Dear romrom, Patch antennas have never be known to be wideband anyway. Another thing to note is the ground-to-radiator distance. Hope this helps, Watson
Hi sir ferdows, my lecturer decided to apply ultra-wideband antenna technique in UHF television frequency range, and pardon me to ask if you have any reference about Ultra-wideband antenna fundamental itself, because i'm still confused about the difference of non-ultra (...)
Have any body a good reference or paper for wide band horn design? (especially 2-18Ghz double ridge )
I am in need of an antenna which should work for frequency ranges of 1GHz to 12 GHz. and in both linear and circular polarization. pls identify the same. Desigan Prabaharan
Try PICA antenna - Planar Inverted Cone antenna. It's easy to generate in CST MWS and you can easilly match it to 50ohms. Or you can use some improved bow tie antennas too - see: Qu, ShiWei; Rhua, Cheng-Li - Planar bow-tie antenna embedded in circular aperture within conductive frame. However, everything depends on (...)
Hi all U guys have any idea what type of antenna operates in the frequency band of 860MHZ to 5300MHZ... I need to design this antenna. your advise greatly appreciated.....
dear roommates: I'm going to design some microstrip λ/4 line to make an RF chock for an amplifier design working in frequency band 900-2400 mHz.I've designed ones for some shorter B.W but for this frequency range I think it looks wide band to some you have any Idea to help me? thanks in advance
I have a 15 high frequency array elements working in range of (1.710-2180) MHz that i should connect using a parallel corporate feeding network.. I first connected them using T-junction power dividers , but since T-junction power dividers are narrow banded, it did not cover the desired range !! Can any one propose a wide
dual band antenna paper
I use EMC chamber to measure it. General use a standard wide band antenna, we know this antenna gain. And tested antenna to be apart from standard antenna 3m.(>1GHz) Sweep a fixed power signal to the tested antenna. Standard antenna receive and measure (...)
A wide-band reflection-type phase shifter at S-band using BST coated substrate
I want to design an amplifier inband is 200-400MHz now the problem is that if I get the gain flatness in 1dB , the inband return loss will be poor. This is due to most transistor has high gain and poor gain flatness at low frequency in a relative wide band. Any advice can help me to catch both gain flatness and good RL?
anyone know any chipset truely work on ultra wide band? how does it demodulate the signal?
Can anybody tell me what is Time-modulated Ultra-wide band communications scheme and whether i can use it in accurate position tracking for a room-navigator. Thanks a lot!
Hello, I require following products 1) P-band Transmitter 5W 2) P-band antenna airborne
I need to do a simulation which is to perform a simulation of antenna parameters (such as directive gain, beamwidth, radiation patterns, bandwidth, etc.), and i choose the "Multiple-Frequency band antenna". Also i found a software (SuperNEC) to do the simulation, but this software can not simulate this kind of (...)
i wanna design a bipolar wide band opamp with rail to rail swing and gain about 110dB that have a capacitance load of size 1nf please help me in possible configuration for better band width and a good compensation algorithm for best performance ..... thanx
Hallo I would like to know the effect of human body on the mobil antenna and how can we make the antenna insenstive to this effect is this a problem for a wide band antenna thanx
hi, can anybody spare me any idea about designing a quad-band antenna to cover all the four GSM bands(850,900,1800,1900).i'm trying to design one simple,possibly single layer microstrip patch antenna(PIFA) for these four bands.any idea or suggestions or links will be appriciated. thanx abhi
Hi, Micca: You can apply an impulse or a sine wave to a dipole. Certainly, a dipole is not a very wide band antenna, if you apply an impulse to it, the radiated wave will havfe deformation on the waveform because the radiated energy will have different magnitides and phases at different frequencies. Basically, a dipole (...)
Hi GDF, So far I have only guessed what WB, NB and keyed AGC may mean and to clarify I did some search. Certain radio services need high quality AM or FM receptions and receivers designed for this purpose include multi conversion solutions (at least they have 2 IF stages at different frequencies). Usually their first IF stage includes a filte
I have one 5-band antenna where will plan to layout on phone. But no good idea for this design. If the area for antenna is more and more small how can i think away on this point or anyone who can give me comment ? Many thanks!
Hello, I need some clarifications. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Here is my summary of the problem which I don't quit understand. The source ( feed the antenna) will attach to the antenna. Quit obvious. The only thing is to be sure to match the source to the antenna to avoid inefficiency. So, what is the ultility of the source (...)
How can i model WBFM (wide band FM) in matlab??
wide band asymmetric coupled-transmission-line magic-T and sum-difference circuit Gruszczynski, S.; Microwaves, Radar and Wireless Communications, 2004. MIKON-2004. 15th International Conference on Volume 1, 17-19 May 2004 Page(s):162 - 165 Vol.1 Abstract: A novel broadband 3-dB/0/spl deg//180/spl deg/ coupler and a novel (...)
does any one hae a book on ultra wide band and channel coding, something related to soils and grounds and how the beams look like
Dear All, I am making a survey on ultra wide band antennas. So if anyone knows good papers or resources,I will be very grateful if he shared them with me. Thanks in advance, adel_48
are you thinking in a wide band antenna(more than 1 octave) or just an antenna covering two narrow and differents bandwith????? Helicoidal antennas are used for wideband but i don't really know if it could be a good idea having in mind the frequencies you (...)
Have any body a good reference or paper for wide band horn design? (especially 2-18Ghz double ridge )
i am trying to design a reference voltage buffer for switched -cap ADC stage, which has a working clock up to 100~160Mhz. I need a wide-band opamp to get setting time shorter... but dont know where to begin with. any hint,spec,topology about wide-band opamp will be appreciated P.S.since the ADC works at 160MHz, i (...)
can someone give me some examples about ka-band antenna operating 35GHz? best regards! gw_uestc.
Hi, I'm currently doing my project concerning wide-band FM transciever. Could anyone give me some hints on where to
I simulate a six-band antenna with cst.but there is some error. I think the problem is in the feed. Could anyone help me with it ? I upload the antenna CST mod and this antenna paper. thanks a lot!
hi all, know that the lc matching network is very narrow band,how i widden its band so i can use it in wide band antennas matching
hello all, i need to design very wide band gm-c integrators, about 300 Mhz. since this is my first gm-c, i am pretty much clueless. could you please recommend a good book on the subject? many thanks
now i need a ultra wide-band balun:1-18GHz it completes the transition from microstrip to cps and the cps is lying on the top and bottom of the substrate. can someone help me ? just tell me the balun form! i have try the e-gradually change form,but the result is not well!
hi all, I need MATLAB source code for Ultra wide band (UWB).can anyone pls send me the source code?where can i get MATLAB version 7.1.1 ?pls help me,its urgently needed for my simulation project.
u r not designing an opamp, it's a wideband amp. if inductors r allowed, it would be easy.
check the BW of the signal , if the BW is like AM , it is narrow band FM and if it isn't it is wide band khouly