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Hi, guys. Does anybody recommend good papers, books, and websites for Ultra wide band antenna Design? Of course, it's better if you upload the stuffs to share your valuable resources. Thanks.
i despratly need a simulation for ultra wide band antenna on hfss or cst and some suggestion that what kind of antenna is suitable for 3.1ghz to 10.6ghz (UWB)...................................... waiting for your help................
I need help to produce a new ultra wide band antenna element that can operate from a range of 300MHz to 26GHz.. Please provide any reference and HFSS simulation if there is.. Thank You!
I guess thee is no exact consensus on that. Narrow-band antennas are typically resonant (dipoles, cavities) and cover < 5 % bandwidth. wideband ones are horns and aperture antennas covering >5% bandwidth. Spiral and special antennas are used for (...)
The design of the dual-band mobile antenna (for example PIFA) shall give a proper VSWR at both bands without external matching components. Implementing a wide-band antenna match for this situation is not worthed, due to high insertion loss.
Hello, I need help with designing a very wide band matching network that goes from 0.85GHz to 6 GHz. In fact, it should be adapted in 4 bands: 0.9, 1.8, 2.4, 5.8GHz We want to match to variables loads in frequency, the real and the imaginary part. Which will be the best way: - LC elements (I tried but I don't get good results) - (...)
Hi all, I'm trying to design a wide band directional antenna working in 3.5 - 6.5 GHz range (bandwidth 3 GHz) with a high gain. I tried several types and now simulating a dipole antenna array with a reflector in CST microwave studio and got following results for return loss and realized gain 4971449715
Hi please help me on designing wide band antenna impedance design. I am using log periodic antenna working 150 to 650 MHz,So how can i make impedance compatible with TV receiver
I design ultra wide band micro strip antenna using HFSS , when i make to it export *.sm3 to run it on CST i get different result can anyone help me it's my thesis in mater thanks all :sad:
I use EMC chamber to measure it. General use a standard wide band antenna, we know this antenna gain. And tested antenna to be apart from standard antenna 3m.(>1GHz) Sweep a fixed power signal to the tested antenna. Standard antenna receive and measure (...)
hi guys,i would like to design active wide band log periodic antenna on pcb boards(epsr=4.3:4.5) with active amplifier,so my band 200 to 900 Mhz so any help pls regards
Hallo I would like to know the effect of human body on the mobil antenna and how can we make the antenna insenstive to this effect is this a problem for a wide band antenna thanx
Hi, Micca: You can apply an impulse or a sine wave to a dipole. Certainly, a dipole is not a very wide band antenna, if you apply an impulse to it, the radiated wave will havfe deformation on the waveform because the radiated energy will have different magnitides and phases at different frequencies. Basically, a dipole (...)
Hello, I need some clarifications. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Here is my summary of the problem which I don't quit understand. The source ( feed the antenna) will attach to the antenna. Quit obvious. The only thing is to be sure to match the source to the antenna to avoid inefficiency. So, what is the ultility of the source (...)
are you thinking in a wide band antenna(more than 1 octave) or just an antenna covering two narrow and differents bandwith????? Helicoidal antennas are used for wideband but i don't really know if it could be a good idea having in mind the frequencies you (...)
Have any body a good reference or paper for wide band horn design? (especially 2-18Ghz double ridge )
Dear romrom, Patch antennas have never be known to be wideband anyway. Another thing to note is the ground-to-radiator distance. Hope this helps, Watson
Hi I need to design a wide band antenna covering the range from 50 meg to 4 Ghz. I searched alot and I found some people talk about active antennas wipe or telescopic . Also they divide the band in two regions or more. I also found a magic one but its details are not published called "fractal (...)
I am in need of an antenna which should work for frequency ranges of 1GHz to 12 GHz. and in both linear and circular polarization. pls identify the same. Desigan Prabaharan
hi ie3d users-can u pls upload any wide band antenna or ridge antenna with its simulated results...plzz thanks in advance
Try PICA antenna - Planar Inverted Cone antenna. It's easy to generate in CST MWS and you can easilly match it to 50ohms. Or you can use some improved bow tie antennas too - see: Qu, ShiWei; Rhua, Cheng-Li - Planar bow-tie antenna embedded in circular aperture within conductive frame. However, everything depends on (...)
Hi all U guys have any idea what type of antenna operates in the frequency band of 860MHZ to 5300MHZ... I need to design this antenna. your advise greatly appreciated.....
2.4 to 2.5 GHa isnt wideband and is an usual microstrip antenna you can find about it in any text about microstrip antenna design such as microstrip antennas by Bahl
Hi Paolo, You'll better give us more information about your antenna. To begin with, to match the impedance to 50 ohm you will need a matching network. If your antenna is a narrow-band antenna, this network can be made with a RC circuit, commonly built using parallel stubs. If otherwise your antenna is a (...)
hi pls read this paper and other LPDA work of Anja K. Skrivervik Analysis, Design and Realization of a Novel Directive Ultra wide band antenna Francesco Merli, Jean-F. Zürcher, Angelo Freni, Senior Member, IEEE, and Anja K. Skrivervik IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON antennaS AND PROPAGATION, VOL. 57, NO. 11, NOVEMBER 2009
dear roommates: I'm going to design some microstrip λ/4 line to make an RF chock for an amplifier design working in frequency band 900-2400 mHz.I've designed ones for some shorter B.W but for this frequency range I think it looks wide band to some you have any Idea to help me? thanks in advance
Hello, I think you will not be able to make a 400..800 MHz antenna with minimum gain of 7 dBi (over the full frequency range), given your size limitations. It will be hard to get an aperture efficiency of over 100%. What is the third dimension? If it must be an omnidirectional antenna, it will have large size, as you need to combine the outputs
Hi sir ferdows, my lecturer decided to apply ultra-wideband antenna technique in UHF television frequency range, and pardon me to ask if you have any reference about Ultra-wideband antenna fundamental itself, because i'm still confused about the difference of non-ultra (...)
I have a 15 high frequency array elements working in range of (1.710-2180) MHz that i should connect using a parallel corporate feeding network.. I first connected them using T-junction power dividers , but since T-junction power dividers are narrow banded, it did not cover the desired range !! Can any one propose a wide
Yeah, g86 you are right, but consider that a collinear antenna, vertically polarized, has a quite narrow elevation angle. rotating it by 90 ° you will have a very narrow azimuth angle and a wide elevation angle. Usually you need wide horizontal angle ( ideal 360 ° ) for broadband transmission. Mandi
Hi, LNA or LAN? LNA: Advantages: Single antenna, Single source for all RF signal. Ideal for Single Digital Receiver for multiple antennas. DA: wide band Difficulty in Matching. Higher NF Difficulty in tuning. BRM
Helical antennas are very wide band. The only problem is that their beam pattern varies over the frequency range and can split into major lobes and even go perpendicular to the helix axis at some frequencies.
I want to design an antenna which works in the 1-12GHZ frequency bandwidth,and the antenna has less than 10 dBi gain in 1GHz,less than 30 dBi gain in 12 GHz. It seems that the parabolic antenna with the double rage horn feed can implement it . Can other antenna implement it? Otherwise the (...)
I?m trying to design a wide band aperture coupled stacked circular p@tch antenna (Circular p@tches not circularly polarized) for 10 GHz but so far I?m only getting a dual resonance response as shown in the attached file. I tried to optimize: the upper and lower patch (radius, substrate permittivity, substrate thickness), aperture length and (...)
Software defined radio replaces all your current devices which need different bands and equipments for each purpose. Now you have mobile phone, cordless phone, PDA , GPS etc each requiring a different handset and each working in its own band on its own set of protocols. The idea is to replace all these by a single hand unit with software control fo
Can u tell me range freq of wide band ?
My car has a strip of wire inside front window glass that woks like a radio antenna. It needs a wide band amplifier to boost AM and FM signal and send to the radio. I need the schematics of this type of RF booster amplifier. Regards, Fernando
depend on your application, in ultra-wide band, the pattern and phase is mostly the points you must check. And in relative narrow band (still UWB) , VSWR you must check too because it is more like the traditional antenna.
The widest band version I have seen was 10% - 20% bandwidth. Can you make a set of antennas with different frequency ranges and then use diplexers to send your signal to the right antenna.
I'm working on designing a wide-band (~75MHz-12+ GHz) conical antenna inside HFSS. Would anyone know where I could find an example of something like this? I am finding that my models are compiling, but I am doing alot of stuff wrong; being that none of my radiation patterns, graphs, etc are showing any data, despite HFSS spitting out (...)
Hi everyone... I hav to design wide beamwidth 120 deg and 10% bandwidth active phased array in x-band..i want to know whether waveguide or planar antenna element will be suitable...considering large size array can anybody share some antenna geometries with me ...papers will be OK need some quick suggestions
Hum . Broad band is easy with this if you find the key word "wideband slot antenna" or "wide slot antenna" or "wideband antenna" in IEEE
I have designed and fabricated Vivaldi's over multi-octave bandwidths. I wonder where you have doubts about them. When you ask about the stub length I would note that the antenna is operating over a very wide range. Chose a stub length that produces the best match and gain performance. HFSS will allow you to examine this issue in (...)
hai all, I have made one wide band patch antenna(800-2.5GHz), it is working well, now i want to have dual polarization in that like +45 and -45. i will be very glad to have your suggestions. Thank you
Hi, I am trying to simulate a wide band patch bowtie antenna using HFSS. From the literatures, I found the UWB bowtie antenna falls into two categories, slot bowtie antenna with CPW feeding and self-complementary bowtie design. I want to design a patch bowtie antenna with both ties in the (...)
I'm trying to make it work at 3Ghz then I'm making a slot around the center in the shape of a "U". The slot is should help the bandwidth. I read about it on an IEEE paper. It's called " Single-layer single-patch wideband microstrip antenna" by T.Huynh and K.-F. Lee They claim the the slot improve the (...)
Dear llololl, I am also trying to simulate an CPW (Ultra wide-band) antenna that i found in an IEEE paper but i am doing something wrong and i just can't find what's the problem. The dimensions and the shape are exactly the same with the paper. The problem must be something with the ports, ground or basic parameters. Can you help me? I am (...)
Hi, llololl: It seems to me you have built the shapes correctly. However, you have included a GND on IE3D. The GND will suppress the wide band charactersistics of the antenna. Please change the No.0 substrate's conductivity to 0 and you should get good results. Good luck! Regards, Added after 40 minutes:[/size
hi, you can choose wireless(mobile) communication filed Topics like GSM/GPRS/UMTS/CDMA, are very interesting, you can detail on modulation/data services/roaming etc., also GPS, IPTV, WiMAX, BLUETOOTH, WiFi, SMART antenna, ULTRA wide band antenna, MODERN RADAR SYSTEMS. NANO Technology..... go through recently held (...)
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