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Hi Terminator3, I guess you are telling slots like "f" and "g" in this figure (waveguide in TE10 mode). Right? 130941 There is a bit of information in "Modern Antenna Design, 2nd Edition" by Thomas Milligan (wiley-IEEE Press, 2005), section 5-24 . (I saw more information in some other book, but now I don't remember
... there is one more 'It' inside the eqn. What is it? It's the saturated drain current at Vgs=Vt and W/L=1 , called the technology current, because it's a characteristic drain current value of the technology process used, see e.g.
You may want to start by studying frequency selective surfaces. This will give you the basics on periodic structures and some of what can be done with flat structures. The most popular book is by Ben Munk. Here is a link to that book: I think after this, you will be a much be
This might be a start: But if you don't know much about high voltage, maybe you shouldn't be messing with high voltage....
Is such a low noise number just a perk of the 65nm process? Following Binkley's book "Tradeoffs and Optimization in Analog CMOS Design", which comprehensively deals with MOSFET noise and LNAs (in 0.5 .. 0.18?m p
Hey I wanted to know how to know details of paper published. I mean Name of the author are explicitly mentioned but other details? Also all I could get is IEEE is publisher right? Just like IET? Is it similar that book has an author and publisher( like wiley etc). just for example I saw a paper name of the authors clearly on the top. At the bottom
Hi there I'm wondering if sb help me here: Generally I'm familiar with some ISI journal, like IEEE wiley, and so on. But how can I be sure a specific journal is ISI or NOT? You know, where should I check this..ISI Journals? Thx
hi all. I want to implement normalized subband adaptive filter by MATLAB from this book. "Subband Adaptive Filtering Theory and Implementation" by Kong-Aik Lee, Woon-Seng Gan(pages 297-299). I got the e-book version but i don't have the companion CD of [URL="eu.w
I want to learn image processing so that I can use its algorithms in my future projects. Which one of the following books should I start with? Digital Image Processing-Gonzalez Practical Image and Video Processing Using MATLAB - O. Marques ,wiley Digital Image Processing-Jayaraman My aim is not to do any kind of research but to simply use D
Experiments have shown that a healthy young person hears all sound frequencies from approximately 20 to 20,000 Hertz. (utnell, John D. and Kenneth W. Johnson. Physics. 4th ed. New York: wiley, 1998: 466) This is an AUDIBLE frequency RANGE for human ears. The highest rate at which the modules perform iteratively and reliably. Is the operating frequ
IEEE Standard Dictionary of Electical and Electronic Terms. Publisher: The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Inc Distributed by: wiley-Interscience, a division of John wiley and Sons, Inc. I have the third edition. As far as I know, it is still being updated regularly.
I would suggest you to read "Digital Signal Processing in VLSI" by Richard J Higgins - published by Prentice Hall. If you want FPGA related signal processing then read "FPGA-based Implementation of Signal Processing Systems" by Roger Woods et. al published by John wiley
can u please send me also the link of antennas theory to practice book by wiley, my mail id is That would be helpful a lot for my pg project. thanks in advance!!! have a great day.
Hi, Anyone know how to get voucher code/discount code from wiley Online Library . I want to buy a few electronic books from them. Please kindly let me know if you know how to get discount code. Thank you
Hi :) I was reading about 3G and i dint understand what processing gain is? Is it good to have more Processing gain or not? And how it effects the data rate and creates the situation that the user near base station can access at high data rates. Please explain in layman terms giving a example. P.S: m reading John.wiley.and.Sons.Convergence.
check this out A waveguide cavity 180° hybrid coupler with coaxial ports - Navarrini - 2009 - Microwave and Optical Technology Letters - wiley Online Library Directional couplers, Hybrids, Magic tees, Phase shift
Hi Sara88, In his book "Electrically Small, Superdirective, and Superconducting Antennas" (John wiley & Sons, 2006), R.C. Hansen classifies fractal antennas among "Pathological Antennas". Hi gives explanaition and references. Try to take a look at it. I have an interesting reference that gives results specifically for Koch fractal, but I don't
Hello, Anyone have the book ....R. Schreier and G. C. Temes, Understanding Delta-Sigma Data Converters, John wiley & Sons, New York, 2004. Please post it... Thank you
here is my friend's comments: in wiley Sansens design essentials (slide 165, page 457) : "A bandgap reference voltage uses a bipolar transistor, connected as a diode. Its current-voltage expression is then quite accurately given by the exponential. A real pn-junction may have a coefficient of 1.05?1.1 in front of the kT/q; a bipolar-transi
Title: Digital Signal Processing - Laboratory Experiments Using C & the TMS320C31/DSK +D3 ISBN: 0471293628 Author: Chassaing (John wiley)
how can i get his book: Theory of electrical filters, J. D. Rhodes, wiley, London, 1977 thanks in advance
Hi, Can anybody please upload the book: Digital Communications by Andreas Molisch published by wiley. I need the book very urgent. Please help me. I could not download from torrents. They are asking money. But, I could not believe them as I dont know which one is reliable. My e-mail:
and 'power electronics ' by umanand (wiley press) srizbf 25thjune2010
Hi all, What do you think about fractal antennas? In his book "Electrically Small, Superdirective, and Superconducting Antennas" (wiley, 2006) R.C. Hansen put fractal antennas among "pathological antennas", side by side with crossed-field antennas and other crazy designs whose claims would violate laws of physics. Hansen concludes: A car
Dear frnds, i got to learn about one microstrip antenna with cp and broadband operation... here is the problem scheme... the paper name: A design method of circularly polarized rectangular microstrip antenna by one-point feed found in i could not downloa
A good start with Then read this "High Purity Oscillators, Emad Hegazi, Jacob Rael,Asad Abidi-Kluwer Academic Publishers-2005" And this "Microwave solid State Circuit Design, I.Bahl,Bhartia-wiley" God luck..
Hello, Yes, FR4 is not good for your High Frequency filter.. Try alumina (Er 9.8)... There are good books on Filter Design & also synthesis works with AWR Microwave Office... Text book: J.-S. G. Hong and M. J. Lancaster, Microstrip filters for RF/microwave applications, John wiley & Sons, Inc., 2001. • References:
try in this book
Please If possible to send me this books 1-D.E. DUDGEON, R.M. MERSEREAU, Multidimensional Digital Signal Processing, Prentice Hall, 1984. 2-M. FRANCON, Optique : formation et traitement des images, Masson, 1972 3-J.D. GASKILL, Linear Systems, Fourier Transforms and Optics, John wiley and Sons, 1978. 4-R. GONZALEZ, R. WOODS, Digital Image P
If you are not familiar with Digital Control Circuits design at all, then a good start would be Pavlos
Dear all, It would be grateful if someone would give me the following ebooks: 1. Carrara W.G., Goodman R.S., Majewski R.M., Spotlight Synthetic Aperture Radar Signal Processing Algorithms, Artech House, 1995. 2. Curlander J.C., McDonough R.N., Synthetic Aperture Radar: Systems and Signal Processing, John wiley & Sons, New York, NY, 19
hi. I need an article from "International Journal of Circuit Theory and Applications" J. D. Rhodes and A. S. Alseyab, “The generalized Chebychev low pass prototype filter,” Int. J. Circuit Theory Applicat., vol. 8, pp. 113–125, 1980 thanks a lot:D
anybody has the following books? I. Ben G. Streetman and Sanjay Banerjee, “Solid State Electronic Devices”, Prentice-Hall of India Private Limited (2001) II. Jasprit Singh, “Semiconductor Devices - Basic Principles”, John wiley & Sons,Inc.(2002) III. S M Sze, “Physics of Semiconductor Dev
I need following books.can you pls help me. I. M.D. Ereegovac, T Lang, J H Moreno, ‘Introduction to Digital Systems’ John wiley and Sons (Asia) Pte, Ltd, II. Z. Kohavi, ‘ Switching and Finite Automata Theory’ Tata McGraw Hill,1994. III. J. Bhaskar, ‘A VHDL Primer’ Pearson Education Asia Pte Ltd
Hi There are few reference books that are dealing with your problem: Terry Edwards – Foundations of Interconnect and Microstrip Design, 3rd Edition, John wiley & Sons, 2000 K.C. Gupta, Ramesh Garg, Inder Bahl, Prakash Bhartia – Microstrip Lines and Slotlines, Second Edition, Artech House, 1996 Rainee N. Simons – Coplana
My Friend, see this book, it is very very very good. ANTENNA THEORY ANALYSIS AND DESIGN THIRD EDITION Constantine A. Balanis Copyright  2005 by John wiley & Sons, Inc. All rights reserved. in chapter 14 you can down load it from or or from rappidshare
MIMO handheld antenna design approach using characteristic mode concepts Jonathan Ethier, Eric Lanoue, Derek McNamara Microwave and Optical Technology Letters Volume 50 Issue 7, Pages 1724 - 1727 Published Online: 23 Apr 2008 Copyright ? 2009 wiley Periodicals, Inc., A wiley Company
do you know that some authors now use the wavelet in electromagnetic? see this book title: Wavelets in Electromagnetics and Device Modeling GEORGE W. PAN Arizona State University Tempe, Arizona A JOHN wiley & SONS PUBLICATION Copyright c 2003 by John wiley & Sons, Inc. All rights reserved. you can download it from
Recently ,I am studying on cross-coupled filters.I have read a paper " General Coupling Matrix Synthesis Methods for Chebyshev Filtering Functions"But I find it hard to get all the meaning the REFERENCES ,there is a book -M.E Van Valkkeburg,Introduction to Modern Network Synthesis . New York :wiley 1960,I think it may really helpful for I
wiley - Single and Multi-carrier Quadrature Amplitude Modulation / chapter 7 it is all your needs
Hello all, can anyone send me the following paper, I shall really be thankful to him. I am giving the link below the topic. SURVEY OF PATTERN RECOGNITION by Nils J. Nilsson thank you Best Regard Ahmad
Try this one : Microwave Circuit Design Using Linear and Nonlinear Techniques, Second Edition, by George Vendelin, Anthony M. Pavio, Ulrich L. Rohde, published by John wiley & Sons, New York, NY, May, 2005, ISBN 0-471-41479-4. mixer chapter
I need a book about "Capacitor-Diode Voltage Multiplier" like following Handbook: G. J. Scoles, Handbook of Rectifier Circuits. Chichester: wiley, 1980 Any one can helps me?
need paper entitled as "Parametric study of novel types of dielectric resonator antennas based on fractal geometry " by Mohammad R. Hajihashemi 1 *, Habibollah Abiri 2 International Journal of RF and Microwave Computer-Aided Engineering Volume 17 Issue 4, Pages 416 - 424 plz h
paper request from this site: - Simplified design and analysis method for a waveguide iris filter or - A Rigorous Field Treatment for Multiport Waveguide Discontinuities thank's
I need wiley-UMTS Signaling book. Is there a anyone who can send me. Tnk.
I work on wavegude iris filter and,I found this article : please someone can help me, any doc about waveguide filter, waveguide jonction, mode matching methode, matlab code,...will be so helpful to me thaks
look at this books and papers
thank you ricksidd, could you give us any book or website containing informations about the calculation of SNR of WiMax Many
Hi, see chapters 6,7,8 of for a theoritical view of FSM Minimization. With respect to a more practical view see If you want even more details then read these papers