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The wilson current source is particularly advantageous to use in the case of bipolar tech. There is no advantage for the case of MOSFETs. The explanation is given in more detail by Prof.Brodersen in his video lecture(EECS140 at ) when another person asked the same question as you did.
I need to design a current source rated 1Amp for a battery charger i'm doing, i need to know what would be the best one, a simple wilson, a widlar, mos, bjt or something else altogether? Should i use simple transistors or a transistor array and which ones u recommend? It's for driving Dallas/Maxim Ds2711 circuit battery charger. Datasheet (...)
The wilson current mirror doesn't provide much advantage when using MOS. It's biggest strength is eliminating base current error when using BJT's. However, here's how it functions in your configuration: Assuming initially all devices are off, the following sequence of events will happen during start-up: 1) I4 will start increasing (...)
the main thing of the all current sources to get constant wilson and normal sources, output current of the current source is equal to reference current. but in widlar it is not like that,output current less than the reference (...)
I need a design hint for a adjustable current sink or current source. I want to control the current through a solenoid (hydraulic control). The current must be adjustable by a voltage (DAC). It should be a closed loop control. The current is in the range from 50mA to 1500mA. The supply (...)
National LM334 hasn't good tempco.. Im planning use it on 1000Ohm RTD sensor. Regards.
Hello all, Does anybody out there has constant current source circuits which is suitable for electrochemical application (e.g. plating)? This circuit should be adjustable (current setting) and has maximum current rating at least 2 A. Thank you in advance :D
A High Efficiency Constant current source
I need to do a current source controlled by voltage, with an excursion in Amp (peak to peak) 20nA. I need to have the load grounding. Using OP-AMPS. Precision current source. Any suggestions are welcome
Hi there, I need to design a 10nA DC current source, stable DC output. Anybody can help? Thanks in advance. Yours,
Simple current source
:idea: I need to build a high side constant current source using a 34063 PWM controller with 18V in / 13V out @ 1200mA if possible using a PNP power transistor like TIP32, TIP42, 2SA1012 as a current buffer. Very thank you, Fernando - Call sign PU2PLL
Hi i want to desing 20mA constat current source/sink circuit. My supply is varying from 2.2 - 3.4 Volts. Can anyone help me to design the same? how can i maintain constant current throughout this supply range its urgent please help me thanks ~niks~
Hello brothers! I have one problem: I am design a PWM circuit that control the current source in galvanometer(speed meter). The manufacturer of the galvanometer (speed meter) specify the following conditions: 60Hz, 0...25mA; speed show proportional of the pulse current throught of the coil. I design the circuit show above and when the (...)
The buffer of d2a circuit need to provide swing capability. The buffer was actually a 2 stage OP-Amp, with unity gain feedback. The first stage was very typical differential N-pair with Pmos current mirror load. The 2nd stage was a little wierd. It is consists of one push-pull stage with a current source. The circuit structure was (...)
Any idea about generate a fine half cycle cosine wave current source? Thanks 8O
How can i give a current source excitation in HFSS , its just a current source between two gnd planes Your help is highly appreciated. Thanks
i want a cmos current scource for 1.6u should be able to generate a 50nA current resistors or should be low power...VDD is 2V
hi I need to develop a controled current source. The current must be controled in 0 to 50 Amp range, with the minimum ripple. Please where can I find information about the subject. best regards Pendragon
Interview Question: What are the ideal properties of an ideal voltage and an ideal current source - input and output impedance, and so on. thanks !
hi, Though i have pursued my circuit analysis course long back, i am not yet convinced with the knowledge i have gained. I have a very basic thing to ask, as written in the topic, the difference between Voltage source and current source. Also, the differences between voltage and current if that is necessary... also... (...)
hi! i need a constant current source that can be adjusted with pwm. (about 1.5-2 A). is there such a circuit?
Dear all, I have seen much of the typical differential LNA using bottom-biased NMOS current source. Actually, could I use the same structure of the differential LNA, and using top-biased PMOS current source instead? It is because I do not seen this configuration before. Actually, I have seen some VCO (...)
Hi all I have to use a constant current,but I'm not sure current source or sink is suitable, what should I take care. Or which one I can use, and why? Thanks a lot ------------------------- chmr
Hello experts, I am always wondering which symbol represents current source. It looks a simple question, but it seems a little chaos in my mind. I think there should exist standard that most people should follow. I'll be very appriciated for any one could clarify it. Best regards Bittware
If it is possible to realize a micro current source with CMOS technology? It's AC output current is several uA, and it's DC output current is approximately equal to zero(indeed,a positive value to make sure the lowest practical output current is above zero). I had never found such an article about it by (...)
how can I do 1 mA current source? if you have circuit or schematic about it can you send me ? I have a LM317 ,can I do 1 mA current source with it? thanks for your helps
Dear All, I've tried to simulate a current-controlled current source(CCCS) in Hspice. Refer to the diagram, and the syntax for CCCS is: Fcccs1 Iout gnd Vsen 0.5 Vsen A gnd 0 My question is : Vsen voltage souce should be 0v or 0.5v (1/2 of the 1v), why? Thanks in advance... regards, smart
Hi, Anyone has notes or paper on how floating current source works and how to bias it. If anyone has copy of A compact power-efficient 3V CMOS rail-to-rail Op Amp by Hogervorst plz mail to Thanks in Advance.
I do not know if I posted this question at the right section, mods if I posted this in the wrong section, kindly move the thread. Thanks. Here is my question anyway, where can I get a constant current source in Proteus simulator control or parts panel. Thanks.
Can PTAT? current source be implemented by CMOS only? Anybody has the circuit? Thanks
in my opinion, the resistence of current-source is infinite ,and the ac-signal can not pass it , on the other hand , the ac-signal can easilly pass the voltage-source ,is it right ? please give me a help ! thank you !!!
i wanna design a constant current source from 100 uA to 15 mA with DAC.Any idea to share?.. thanks in advance...
one current source is propportional to absolute temperature, another is negative temperature coefficient. and there are only bipolar transistors in the circuit. in other words , there can not be mos transistor in the circuit. thanks
Because the need of simulation,I need to get a current source, whose value is "I=10mA*exp(T/27)",T=temperature, so when I do temperature sweep, I can get a changed current source as the expression above. But I don't know how to cite the parameter "temperature", can anyone know?
Hello everybody, I want to set up a input currnt of hyperbolic tangent funtion .Its waveform like the listed below. So can anybody tell me how to define the equation of the current source in ADS? Thanks in advance.
Dear all, My current source is w/L=64/20.How do I layout to improve area? And if my current source is W/L=1/20 but they have 64. Which one is good(64/20 or 1/20*64)? If 1/20*64, how do I layout to improve area? Thanks.
I read some papers which discuss the LC tank VCO before, long time ago, I remeber the parasitical cap in the drain node of tail current source will affect the VCO operation in speed and noise. But I forgot how it affect and what's the exact phenomenon. Any body know this? and tell me more about this. Thanks,
Hi All, I would like to know how is the array layout done for the MSB current source Array for DAC. For Example my Thermometer Decoder output is 63 96-bits MSB) which should be connected to the Array. Is there any link which gives idea about how the array layout is done. I am also using the double Centroid Switching scheme. Thanks Pradee
There is doc saying that "to ensure 4 bits of matching for current source". I need help on this calculation, thanks!
Is it there have certain ways or configuration to reduce the noise contribution of a current source? (where the current is fixed)
For CMOS VCO design, T.H Lee and Ali said to bias VCO to the point before Voltage limited to achieve the best phase noise. And also the symmetry of the wavefrom can reduce the flicker noise upconversion. But there is a problem is, for the VCO with tail current source, if bias the circuit to achieve the symmetry, normally the tail current (...)
Dear all, How do I find output impedance in my current source? I use hspice. Thanks.
Dear all, If I have want to model my current source layout(permutation), how do I do? Which tool do I use? How do I do? Thanks.
how to construct a PTAT current source using only the output voltage of the bandgap ? (can't use any of the internal nodes of the bandgap cell. Only it's output.)
This is challenge question to me , so may be you guys can help. I am in need of current source with following characteristics : - fixed current 5 - 10 mA - power supply range 2 -3 V - keep working when minimal voltage drop is (across current source) down to 200 mV ( this requirement is most (...)
Hi, How do you go about implementing a voltage controlled current source? The symbol for this in Pspice is G. My inputs are differential (can be positive and negative) and I want the output current to be bi-directional. I cannot ground the inputs or load it. Thanks.
What will happen in the following two cases... >capacitor connected in parallel to a current source >capacitor connected in series to a voltage source
hi... i would need a constant current source circuit with clamped voltage 5v... any1 can provide me the info? thx
hi... i would need a constant current source circuit with clamped voltage 5v... any1 can provide me the info? thx