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i m designing wimax mixer can anybody tell me which r the design parameters much important for wimax
hi everyone i am dealing with some matlab codes about receiving the wimax signal. the below is first part of a m-file i have found on the internet. but i dont understand what some variables and parameters do. I would appreciate if someone help me filename = 'E:\wimax Files\Air Data\Air Data 1390_12_27\Freq3549MHz_FS20MS_ (...)
Currently I am working on my MS graduation project . its subject is "wimax Qos Seeker for mobile and static users" . I am trying to measure the latency and the jitter using matlab but so far I couldn't. I am using a wimax USB dongle to connect to internet and I want to measure these qos parameters when i am using Skype as VOIP application. (...)
Hi Everybody, I'm doing my final thesis and I need some information about wimax simulation in Opnet 14.5, Plesase, could you please send me some simple scenarios (2 wk & 1 BS) with all kind of details. For example Wk1 sent an email to Wk2, what are the parameters to do in aplication and profile, etc... if i have to assign IP address in the net o
I only know that LTE has a 4.69 ?s cyclic prefix and that it uses 2048 point FFT, I don't know whether the number of FFT points is changed with channel BW like wimax or not.
Hi, i have read that the capacity in fixed wimax system ( OFDM ) could be calculated using "Little's law" ... can anyone explain to me this law and what are the parameters required to calculate capacity any white paper , document could help thanks
Hi! I need the list of parameters of ieee 802.11a. And one issue which I don't understand that how many users can send the data at the time in WiFi(802.11) or wimax(802.16d)? pls example thanks!
It was suggested in the standard one method to calculate RSSI . My question : in this formula what is the relation between ADC parameters and the bandwidth that the RSSI will calculated on .
Do any one has the reference document for "Antenna for wimax" ? The target frequency for teh design is in the band of 2.5 - 3.7 GHz. Thanks !
Check Mathworks's 802.11 Simulink chain and I believe the interleaver parameters are the same as wimax. BTW, you can find that Simulink chain at Matlab Central.
Hi, If anybody have matlab simulation code of Physical layer of wimax, please uoload it. Any help will be highly appreciated !! Thanks
Hello, does anybody have info about tuned models parameters for wimax planning, capacity limitations and stuff...? I also need info on vendors equiopment. Thanks
Anybody have idea how to plan a wimax network on prediction tool? What are the important parameters will be used in planning etc.... Thanks in advance

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