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what does MS/s refers to ? ...thx
Hi all for a specific project I have to stimate how much ram do I need for OFDM modulation and demodulation (wimax) to impliment it on FPGA chip, however I do not know how I can estimate it. I have this information: FFT : 1024 BW: 10Mhz Symbol number: 46: 1- Uplink: 15=12data+3 parity & bit per symbol: 560 2-Downlink: 31 = 28data+3parity & 7
thank you ricksidd, could you give us any book or website containing informations about the calculation of SNR of wimax Many
Hi frnds... i have one doubt regarding subchannelization. As per standard, Read-soloman(RS) coding/decoding is not employed whenever Subchannelizetion occurs.... Can anybody plz explain why it is so????
Assume an OFDM transmitter has an EIRP of 100W. wimax has around 256 carriers which means 100/256 Watts for each carrier DVB-T has 2k and 8K modes so the power is 100/2k and 100/8k Watts respectively. Now in theory the wimax signal should be more reachable compared to DVB-T but DVB-T was designed for digital broadcast so it must be even more
Could anyone help me on wimax throughput computation? Mobile wimax -- Part I - A Technical Overview and performance Evaluation Page 26 Table 6 I use the equation: Throughput = (Symbol / sec) * Data Sc * ms * mr ms = bits per baud mr = code