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hello friends i need some good project ideas for my ME(VLSI). my mail id is on topics vlsi signal processing or asic design
can any body give me some new project idea for in M.E.(VLSI) . i need some project ideas in dsp+vlsi. thanks
hi all Can anyone suggest me,wat application should i develop for my final semester project using Windows CE,we have Intel Strong ARM SA1110/1111 board?pls help me with some possible projects.i want to do this as major project. thanks®ards John
hi all, I need to do a major project for my MS.I am interested in ARM7TDMI.I have the Intel Strong ARM board SA1110/SA1100.what sort of application projects can i build using this?can anyone suggest me some project ideas? I have an idea to implement Bluetooth/GSM protocol stack on ARM.What are the specific (...)
hello i am student on the faculty of engineering and i ask any one to help me to get a project in the communication section or on the electronics section
Hi, I need some project ideas in Industrial and Automobile field. They should be useful in daily need. Thanks
Hi, I'm a final year electrical engineering student. I wish to do my final year project in the field of power electronics and electric drives, relating to industrial applications. Please help me by providing some ideas on which topics i should do my project in the above field. I would really appreciate any relevent and useful suggestions.
Hello, I am taking a project lab on Wireless Sensor Networks (during my first semestetr M.Sc. (Communication Engineering)). I have been assigned six Crossbow modules to play with (and i can include up all 30 modules present in our lab for the final project presentation; we are working on Linux and TinyOS with nesC). Can you please recommend some
hai friends ,myself sheril v a,4th yr btech in electronice &communication enng... i request u to give some project ideas relating vlsi-fpga......i hope u ll help me..... best of luck....
can u anyone tell me some of the project ideas for electronics and communications engg
Hi there, folks ... I was thinking to work on a microcontroller project with a colleague of mine at the university ... considering the fact that we are at the beginning ... we would like a challenging project to work on. We're not quite newbies ... we're familiarized with C programming and we are attending a couple of courses on microcontr
i'm a final year student and i want some final year project ideas. i'm planning to do my final year project on FPGA.
Hi all my friend, I'going to do a MS thesis and my current status is to determine what I'll work on. So if you already started a wimax project, it could be an end-end system or any part of a constructed system , I want to be part of your project because I have 3 months to finish my thesis. I can handle much things in (...)
Happy new year everyone. Please can someone help me with final year project ideas in digital image processing? Thanks in advance.
give some project ideas......................................................................................................................... ---------- Post added at 19:35 ---------- Previous post was at 19:30 ---------- INTELLIGENT REMOTE METERING SYSTEM USING GSM The remote monitoring system is a ef
HI, I am planning to do a project on ARM with CAN. Can you please suggest some project ideas on it. I would really appreciate it. Thanks, Linus
Can anyone give me project ideas that uses PIC processor (PIC16F690) and SPI function. I also need to use the MCP 23S17 port expander chip or the 22059 serial potentiometer. Thanks.
Can anyone give some project ideas using AD1934? Preferably using it alongwith PIC 18F4550
Hello. I have take a module at my university about digital signal processing and my professor gave us two alternatives, a written examination or a project. I think the project is more interesting. But i need to propose to my professor project ideas and he is going to evaluate them. Can you help me to find an interesting (...)
hi all i am doing masters in vlsi and embedded systems and as a part of curriculum i have to do a project in vlsi (design and verification) so i request all of you to suggest me ideas i have gone through ieee papers but some are too small to be selected and some are too big to implement by a single person. the project should be done by a (...)
Dear All, This is for my masters graduation project. I am interested in doing projects using ARM controller. Can you please suggest some embedded project ideas? thanks Kathi
Maybe can do something on wimax as this is the latest technology and I expect this will be popular in the future.
Hi all, I am planning to fo a VLSI project with 3 others. the basic requirement is to use the TSMC 0.18micron technology and hit a speed of 1.25Ghz. Kindly suggest some ideas for the project considering that 4 people will be working on it for 2 months. Thanks in advance, Lithium
Hey Guys, I would appreciate it if you guys helped me and proposed ideas for my draduation project in Communications Major. I wanna really do something perfect. dont be lazy to reply please you will get three points Thanks in advance.
Hey Guys, I would appreciate it if you guys helped me and proposed ideas for my graduation project in Communications Major. I wanna really do something perfect. dont be lazy to reply please you will get three points Thanks in advance.
hi every one, i must choose a vhdl project for my ASIC design course, it should be somthing hierarchical, that includes some simple constructions such as state machine... and it can not be a CPU..... any ideas?!!
an student of electronics engineering Final Year...and we have been said to choose a final year project...plz suggest projects relating to Industry....plz do reply....
can anyone please tell me some ideas for doing a project. for telecommunications please.
hello i am studing communication & electronics engineering and i am now at last year so i need idea for good project thanks for all :?:
Hello, I am doing a video processing project using an ASIC. I am taking in an 8 bit video signal input and clamping it to the black level. I wanted to add some more functionality to this project. I would appreciate it if someone could suggest a few ideas for adding more functionality to this project. Looking (...)
hi can anyone suggest me about some good feasible project related to ectronics and telecom covering both fields...!!!!:D
Hay all, would you please give me a suggested Embedded Systems application that could be a good graduation project, and it is prefurable to be related to market needs nowadays. Note:- please any one have an idea just send, Thanks Ahmed :D
i need some good ideas for the final year project.i'm planning to do a hardware based project,microcontrollers and stuff.
Hi, Please can anyone suggest me some innovative project ideas in backend. ? I have learning ASIC Design now, and i am really looking for some nice projects. regards,
You can gor for wimax secuirity.......... Also you may try channel Adaption according to different condition for Any wireless scenario in general........ ou can also search for MIMO.....
I will be imparting a hands-on trainning course on physical design (layout) and Im looking for ideas on what should be final project be. I need something that is: Relatively Small (Can be layed out in 2 or 3 days by an experienced designer) Is very suceptible to layout variation (Shows how important layout is becoming in advanced techno
Hi I am currently enrolled in final year project.Since my interest was in Instrumentation and Process control so i thought to make a Distributed control system often now a days in process industry in monitoring and control. But since i have no Exposure to any process industry nor have seen any DCS,i need expert people who can help me in completin
Hi Guys, I am a digital ASIC design professional and want to get into analog IC design. Any suggestions/ideas for a challenging, relevant project that I could start off with? Should I go for PLL's or ADC/DAC's or something else? Any ideas/suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.
Dear members, Now I am a final year student, in Institute of Industrial Electronics Engineering. Our main specialization in this field is automation. I am a little bit experienced in embedded systems. And I have done various projects on AVR and PIC microcontrollers. We have also studied PLCs in our course. And I have done a bit with FPGA. I of
i want to make a project with the help of PLC, please guy suggest me some hot ideas abut it.......!!!
hey, i need some ideas for my final year project on embedded or robotics...i have a idea..its lyk , using ultrasonic sensor to control the vehicle..when i bring my hand towards the sensor , the vehicle moves forward..and when i move away from sensor , vehicle moves back..and for sidewise movement i planned to have IR array..other suggestions are we
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Hello people I am searching for project topics for my final project. I have made projects on aes(vhdl) and i2c(verilog) previously. Hoping for some good ideas! Thanx in advance :p
Hi all, have to do a project in VLSI using L-Edit tool. I am a beginner and have around 3 months to complete it. Can you suggest a few projects so that i can brainstorm and decide on one of them. if u could provide any good links to sites, then it would be great. thanx a lot, Lithium.
I am faced with a final project for second semester signal processing course. The project needs to involve Adaptive Filters. In the course we covered the LMS and RLS algorithms. The project does not include DSP?s, just Matlab simulations and theory. My instructor wanted us to do it on something we find interesting. My background is in (...)
How can i get a small project on vxworks with sourse code.
can anybody tell me what sort of projects have value when applying to us universities where should the project be done
I'm working on a wimax project, one of the tasks is to implemenent some of the functions of the wimax MAC layer. There are Many functions that are listed in the Standard and every field of each PDU message. What i want to ask about is: (1) How can i model these functions and their fields in a C++ code "using OOP of course"? (2) Is (...)
hai..i am doing my post i am entering into please give some project ideas ..provide some information area of interest is ASIC Design--vhdl FPGA Implimentation---vhdl