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if you want layout tool for windows, try mycad or ledit etc.
yes, there is a windows version for cadence IC5033. never heard about that. check this
you can find VCC(Virtual Component CoDesign)in cadence f*p site for windows and also sun.its other name is cierto,I dont remember the directory exactly but I think you should first check drac_user ,
DOes anyone know if a windows version of cadence design kit exists.
There was some talk about porting icfb 4.3.x to windows NT some years ago. But only 4.4 and 5.x is ported to Linux. Beside some installation issues with tar releases, non-us keyboard issues and gclib issues it runs good. Some companys prefer to mix Solaris and Linux. So frontend and layout is on Solaris and simulation is on Linux.
hi i request cadence ic for windows. thanks
it's too huge, severial GBs, I have installed it in my windows through the VM which copy from my professor。
unix or windows? on unix, cadence, avanti(synopsys), mentor, megma etc, more & more. on windows, mcad, ledit ......
Oh! It is just executing an application by X-Window server (or emulator) for windows. It makes runing a visual program remotely possible even on non-unix platform, in this way your PC will be a terminal and uses processing power of a server runing unix (or linux) applications. the most powerful X-Window server for Win (...)
Hi, do you use Linux or windows version? If linux, maybe it is a problem with write rights. If you use windows and you have limited rights, the same problem can occure. I hope it helps. greetings, hqqh
cadence spb has windows and linux verion, is the linux version used for IC layout?
try to use windows version simulators, they are good too and easy to install. not necessary to install linux things for personal use, not worth.
cadence ic5141 is involved simulator and full custom IC layout and I don't think Mentor Graphics has the similar tool on windows platform. Mentor Graphics' IC station and Eldo are only for Unix/Linux version.
I am plannig to migrate to Linux, andI'm looking for an Linux design tool. Any suggestions? I previosly used Eagle and OrCad on windows...
There is no windows version of cadence Virtuoso. I am a new comer now i have learned something about Layout i want to get one software to draw some layout on my pc someone on the net said cadence virtuoso is very useful but where can i get it can it run on my pc with windows xp system? (...)
Modelsim, I think VCS and NC dont have windows version Syn0psys's VCS & C@dence's NCSIM are for IC design, Ment0r's ModelSim used for FPGA.
I am newbie in cadence and UNIX. Can we use cadence on windows which may help me to create a good dissertation in the limited time.
also cadence AMS environment support VHDL AMS khouly can u tell me please is it under windows or linux? aslo how can i get it? thanks a lot
what is the equivalent of orcad cadence in linux? i mean a complete suite like windows version and what is this ic6 cadence and how can i get it? is it what i want? and what is the software described in this address
hi **i want to install cadence ic 5141 from DVD but because of i didn't work with linux OS very much,i haven't succeed yet.if anyone has enough experiance about it please help me for install it.if it is possible guide me by images or training movies. because i have readed many articles from this site and other similar sites.but a
hi i need ciruit simulation for desining ciruits .. my os is windows7 plz help me.....
Most of the analog simulators are available only in linux. Heard of a simulator called simetrix which works under windows but not sure how good the tool is.
Hello HAIDE, No, cadence Orcad is not the same with cadence IC design. OrCAD is a low-frequency simple circuit simulator with PSPICE. cadence IC design is focused on ICs, more complex stuff, semiconductor integration and mainly, circuits implemented in semiconductors ( Si, Ge, SiGE ) depends on what you use. From what I know all (...)
Thanks. I will install CentOS on VirtualBox in windows and then install Virtuoso on CentOS.
anyone can recommend the full digital ic design tools in windows env? thanks Try to check cadence tools. I'm sure they are good choice.
As far as Iam aware Hspice is extra for the cadence, it only has the interface ready? I have the PC version with a license but I want to run it in LINUX. If anyone can help pm me a link, appreciate it. Hi If you want to run just the same program that you have for windows you can do: 1. Use (...)
i run cadence IC5.0 and hspice on Suse9.0 and i don't any problem 2002-2003 i used Suse8.2 and IC5.0 works well...with fedora i have it a little problem when i try to install cadence.... aravid has right...more eda tools are designed for unix or solaris run a good tool on linux or windows we make a compromise...runs more slow
Some times the windows pop up out of the limit of your display. You can try to continuous open up the Move function windows, then you will see the windows go down each time you press "M' and then just go out of your monitor :)
I think the cost of Sun WS is too high. have you ever run those cad tools below on Intel-based PC with Linux OS? Synopsys synthesis, Designware, Hspice,... cadence NC-verilog could tell me your experience on this ?
Check out this can also find a lot of other similar program on the net that will do the same thing for you, /Farhad also possible to use hp2xx under cygwin or linux - is open source and not need pay for use it. is more tricky if you want vector (editable) ver
Co-simulation? Try ADiT-VPI from EverCAD. It works in solaris, linux, hpux even windows.
I found in the link you give to me that it works under some operating systems, what is the IBM-AIX ? i have Linux OS as well as windows can't it work under windows? I need also to know if i can get useful (Free) tutorials for it As the data sheet on the URL I provided says, it only runs under Solaris, Unix, IBM-AIX, and Linux. It
Hi, I would like to use the cadence document but when I use the cdsdoc and open the library there is an error: "The web brower cant be opened... make sure with windows you have to use IE 5.0 or higher with standard registration"? While I use IE 6.0 so anybody can help me to solve this problem?
Hi, I 'm a beginner of Linux and of this forum and I'm in a trouble. Since I need to keep Linux on windows I've installed Vmware and then RH 7.3 on it as guest OS because it's the best version for cadence IC: 1)first of all I need to know about the question of the color depht requested by (...)
NC-verilog 5.1 has a windows platform version, but I think many EDA tools of ca#dence or synopsy#s on windows platform are not stable for use.
Hi, My self Hanumagouda Patil from India, I am facing one small problem in cadence 16.3, i installed the same in windows 7. Problem is after drawing the schematic once we click on the create netlist it will ask for the destination where to save, after giving all the information once i click on ok it will display a message (...)
Even if this is a software/OS question probably here are more people that might know the answer. Does anyone know if there is a future intention of cadence to make a version of ANALOG DESIGN ENVIRONMENT for windows? I remember ADS also was stuck for many years under $#@% Unix when finally decides to use (...)
Can you please check if you have following environment variable set CDS_LIC_FILE and it's value should be 5280@licenseservername You can set the direct under windows environment variable or by using cadence license manager client setup utility I assume your license server is up and running and you have valid license for OrCAD PCB Editor (...)
Do we get a demo version of PSpice for 64 bit system with windows 7
Just check in task manager (if you are running SW under windows) how much ram takes xilinx P/R tool during the mapping or routing stage of XC2V6000 and you will be terrified. Modelsim is also resource hungry during the simulation (especially timing) of large designs, and 2-4GB is not enough or will soon not be enough. I?m also modeling some complex
Fully layout tool vittuso /Leo (Novas lake) ... if you use windows tanner Ledit , mychip ... use Linux magic
You can untar in windows first, and then copy the untarred file to linux.
Yes , I also see Gm value from Artist windows. It is very useful for operation point.
n5000 have u ever thought the stablity of your operating system before begining with. As far i know in windows platform Win2000 and winnt is prefered for cad applications. binu g
I am a windows user. In most the windows platform, I recommend windows 2000 professional for most of the eda software because of the compatibility.
There's no official version of Eagle for linux, though I suppose it's possible via windows emulation. Recently, there is been a push by companies such as Mentor Graphics, cadence, Xilinx, Altera (among others) to publish software for the linux community. for example, at work, we soley (...)
Thanks ... I've installed RedHat7.3 on VMware workstation for windows. Then I installed IC5 in RH. As u said, the problem was with the SVGA driver and I had to modify the Xf86config file to solve that. Now I can run IC5 :D.
try installing windows Media Player 9 or latest version. hock
Hi, can anyone tell me about spectraverilog and design issues. How can i get it (from net or forum). Do i need to buy it or it is free. Can i get it for windows else linux version . Added after 3 hours 29 minutes: Hi, i am using the cadence tools for the vlsi design flow , can i do (...)
Hi, guys, When you want to present your circuit diagram(either block level or transistor level), which software are you using and which one do you think it's best? I know someone is using AutoCAD, MS Word, Drawings, and even windows Paint. But they are all not designed to draw circuit and some of them have very bad user interface. Anything e