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if you want layout tool for windows, try mycad or ledit etc.
yes, there is a windows version for cadence IC5033. never heard about that. check this
Hello! Is there a free version for cadence, like a student version or a trial version, a demo version ?
Is a windows version for DC available? Yes, 2000.0x is the latest version
There was some talk about porting icfb 4.3.x to windows NT some years ago. But only 4.4 and 5.x is ported to Linux. Beside some installation issues with tar releases, non-us keyboard issues and gclib issues it runs good. Some companys prefer to mix Solaris and Linux. So frontend and layout is on Solaris and simulation is on Linux.
hi i request cadence ic for windows. thanks
you can find VCC(Virtual Component CoDesign)in cadence f*p site for windows and also sun.its other name is cierto,I dont remember the directory exactly but I think you should first check drac_user ,
DC 2000.11 was the latest for windows.
check for the gcc windows version , refer to GNU
Is student version License available for cadence virtuoso layout editor??? Please help me...
DOes anyone know if a windows version of cadence design kit exists.
can some1 tell me what are the features for cadence SPW.
Actel Designer software is only supported on windows 98/NT 4.0/2000/XP, Solaris 2.6/7/8. and HP-UX 10.2/11 No Linux Support
hello all, I found a problem with this version of cadence. which pdk must I use with this version of cadence? and about spectre cmos model:is this model diferent from hspice model? if yes please upload cmos .25um spectre model. thanks
are there any trial version of cadence eda tools available for download You can always try to mail or call cadence, or perhaps search their site. It is also posted in wrong section . Cluricaun
You can get windows version from Good luck -Xar
There is windows version for MAGMA documents and MAGMA GUI (atmos.exe), but there is no windows version for MAGMA program. MAGMA only supports Linux and Solaris.
This depends on which OS/Machine that you are using. for a windows machine, 1 GB of RAM is minimum. Working with a BRD file size in > 100 MB will require probably all 2 GB of RAM. As to the CPU, faster is better, of course. But the difference may or may not be significant. Typically, Allegro requires lots and lots of RAM. I think there is a calc
hi, I need CAML Softwere in windows version , can any bady give me this softwere Thinks
recently I have setup the system at least 5 times,but I still can't make sure which is a better one,ubuntu7.04 is very good but it does not fit for the older edition of cadence, the surface view of redhat seems to be not friendly, which system are you using if you are in good feeling using the system,please tell me,thanks
I'm looking for some help or suggestions in purchasing new workstations on which we will be running mostly cadence, but Matlab as well. I currently use a Sun workstation running SunOS 5.8. Right now I am only running 32-b instructions, but I would like to start running 64-bit version of cadence soon. (...)
plz help i need ams 0.35 design kit for cadence
Hi which version of cadence Ic do you use and why ? Im using 5.033 but what about the higher versions ? and do you have a tutorial for this software ?
Hello all, Please let me know latest version of some of cadence tools. SoC Encounter in cadence download page we have SOC71 RTL Compiler RC72 ASSURA ASSURA317 WHAT ARE THE PRODUCT NUMBER IN cadence DOWNLOAD PAGE OF VIRTUOSO, VOLTAGESTORM, SUBSTRATE NOISE ANALYSIS , (...)
pls suggest a good shematic and layout viewer for cadence virtuoso anyone knows a good shematic and layout viewer for for cadence virtuoso's files? I hope this viewer can be installed in windows. thanks
it's too huge, severial GBs, I have installed it in my windows through the VM which copy from my professor。
what is the last mmsim version for cadence ic 5.14 ?
I am looking for Cell library or Design kit for cadence IC 4.4x If anyone has it, please PM me. Thank you.
Could anyone help me know the recommend OS patches for cadence software both in Solaris and Linux. I saw its link in SourceLink but didn't have account to check it. I'm using IC5 and LDV package. Thank you... :D
I just wonder whether anybody can provide a sample data file of package for cadence RFIC package modeler. I had searched the some packages, provided by MOSIS. But I don't think I get enough information. Thanks for the possible help.
Hello: I'm trying to control a device from the pc using C++ and USB protocol. Could anyone tell me what is the windows API for USB?. I'll be grateful for your information. Thanks
hi all how can i find design kit for .25um cmos for cadence? thanks
i have been able to successfully setup all the variables for cadence ic 5.0. However i am trying to install NCSU libraries and I get following errors # perl Can't locate in @INC (@INC contains: /export/cds/5.00.33/red/tools.lnx86/perl-5.6.1/lib/5.6.1/i686-linux /export/cds/5.00.33/red/tools.lnx86/per
I've tried to install cadence IC5033 on fedora core 3 pc and i completed the instalation but when running "icfb &" i recieved the following error: "Incorrectly built binary which accesses errno, h_errno or _res directly. Needs to be fixed." also when i tried to run Library manager i recieved error and it didn't run .... so what should i do
I think that it is possible , but like a client of a Magma server linux... not stand alone... right, they only provide the windows version for the client(gui), you can open the gui in windows, and connect to the real magma session(server) to do what you want, it looks like you are running the magma within (...)
I downloaded the padframe .cif file for mosis website and imported it into cadence, but there were many many many errors after I did DRC. So, who has the correct padframe for cadence? Could you send me a copy?
Could any one provide the following librarys for cadence ic 5141? thanks in advance. (I need the first two most) NCSU_Analog_Parts NCSU_Digital_Parts NCSU_basic NCSU_Sheet_8ths
I am a beginner for cadence PSD tools. I would like to have a concise tutorial so that I can quickly learn the tool. thank you.
can any one give me bjt models for cadence ....iam working in cadence .18u cmos tech .i need bjt models for bandgap reference.
I would like to know what are the tools available in cadence??? What is the purpose of each tool??? Where to start???? Actually in our lab...there is no guide to guide us...........till now only we had a seminar for just 2hours on icfb flow. Right now iam able to draw schematic and simulate it in virtuoso. I am fallowing tutorials from Royal m
Hi all, I hope that someone can help to solve the problems I encountered while setting up cadence's affirma for distributed processing for cadence's Affirma. for the distributed processing, I intend to run the master queue manager on the machine call eskimo and submit a distributed job to (...)
hi, i am searching for a layout tutorial for cadence. so, if anybody has a simple useful one, please help.. thanks in advance...
does anyone can give me a tutorial on creating one??? gracias!!! :D Added after 3 minutes: for cadence virtouso
Here are the docs for cadence NC-sim:
which OS platform is better suited for cadence design tool set -- Linux 9 or RHEL 3 or RHEL 4
Hello Could anybody tell me how can I get a free version of cadence?
There is no windows version of cadence Virtuoso. I am a new comer now i have learned something about Layout i want to get one software to draw some layout on my pc someone on the net said cadence virtuoso is very useful but where can i get it can it run on my pc with windows xp system? (...)
hi, does any1 has manual for cadence tool? tthx
Dear All; I need your help to choose the suitable Hardware platform for cadence ALLEGRO 15.5 tool. I work with very big file 100MB and it is very slow, so if any one can suggest suitable Hardware platform to work with this big file Thanks