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hi there, plz do upload the schematic, pcb track and firmware, as i'm looking for usb programmer for a long time. Plz specify the correct version on software(winpic800) to us as well. Thankx
i got the software of winpic800 from this site, but i couldnt get the schematic diagram, from where , i can get the diagram? please help me
Use Art-2003 programmer to program PIC18F2550 uC (PIC18F2550 is used for PICKit2 Clone controller). 84799 84800 84803 84801 84802 84796 84797 847
Hi. for winpic800 look here: \ inside archive attached is schematic and firmware Best Regards.
Anyone has the source code for the PIC18F2550 and winpic800. Can we add new devices and new programmers? Thank you.
Hi I have Propic2 hardware and i use winpic800, this software can identify the chip inserted before start to programming. See ya. Jorge Valerio Lima-Peru
Hi! Use MPLAB(freely downloadable from ) software to write the code in assembly. HiTech pic c compiler to write the program in c language(it can be integrated into MPLAB). If u have already written the software and want to program the chip then use winpic800 software with JDM hardware. Regards.
a simple jdm programmer with icsp cable and the free software winpic800 should work I didnt test it yet but the requirements of these make this **should** work...
hi , I think u should check out the SW winpic800, almost all PICs supported U canuse it warious programmers, check out its help file.... JDM serial programmmer is also avaliable but i think it is tobe used in LVP mode.. Regards Sam
winpic800, GTP USB PIC Programmer, Schemati, PCB, HEX, Photos please, pcb in pdf format. thanks.
Dear everybody, I'm losing my hope with this programmer: GTP-USB lite. I have download many firmware versions (of PIC18F2550), and nothing happen when I plug my board into USB port on my computer. I use winpic800 3.55b, (I have 3.55b, c, d, g). But the computer didn't recorgnize anything. Could anybody help me? If your board work , please post
According to my experiments, WinPic from DL4YHF, winpic800, and melabs Prog (demo version) can program a dsPIC30F4011 with a Tait classic-compatible parallel port programmer (Olimex's PG3B, Schaer, Schaer+, EPIC ...) Cheers,
Hi there, currently i have a GTP USB Lite prog. I'm using winpic800 v3.55 to prog my PIC in XP. Anyone has the usb driver and firmware(18f2550) for it to work in Vista? Thanks.
try this link PIC Programmer projects support software winpic800, EpicWin, ProPIC18
Hi, In your opening post you said twice you are using WinPic software - is this correct ? Art2003 Hardware is listed in the Hardware Configuration section of the winpic800 software - totally different from WinPic. Please clarify which program you are using .
it is shown on notepad when you open this would be contained in the properties of file and actual view of hex file thro any firmware reading would not show it directly. I am able to open the files on winpic800 and see all the lines. please provide the specific file name. Also check whether you could see the hex file data on the notepad. the fi
Hai experts i made multipic 5.2 programmer . first i programmed and read without fail both ics that (pic16f84a and 16f877a ) again i tried but some time 16f84a can be program but 16f877 not. it shows on Picpgm . verify error ' i tried winpic,winpic800 and pony prog No escaping please help me the circuit is [url=f
As some free ware programming software have some issue like icprog, whereas commercially available software like winpic800 support nice JDM hardware but not support the all chips to program so I decide to make brenner8P-5 as it has very nice GUI support full range of pic micro. In the end I have successfully made a USB Brenner8P-5 so share my ex