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Hello You have to download parallel port driver from the above link to be able to use winpicprog. Have a nice day
in the winpicprog window there is a section labeled fuses. just uncheck the code protect option. and as for your 877 which has been programmed with code protect, just erase all the data by clicking the erase button in the main window. for more help go to the official support forum of winpicprog
check this I m working on a pcb for the programmer . i'll have it ready in a week or so .
and for absolutly newcomers, then go and search and search pic and tutorial; pic16f and project;pic and simple programmer; i found all necessary software and hardware for learning pics programming over internet. regards, marat
Here are my link collection for IR decoding, mostly with RC5 code, but also other formats: Data Formats for IR Remote Control. RC5 decoding in C for AVR. RC5 decoding in C for AVR. RC5 decodi
I dunno if u wanna use RF or iR or what but theres some good tutorials in circuits at u might be a ble to combine a couple of them. 8)
I f you are programming in assembler you can find an example for LCD routines here: If you are programming in C it is compiler dependant. CCS has built in LCD functions. For Hi-Tech look here: best regards
Ok, Programs : 12Cxx, 16Cxxx, 16Fxx, 16F87x, 18Fxxx, 16F7x, 24Cxx, 93Cxx, 90Sxxx, 59Cxx, 89Cx051, 89S53, 250x0, PIC, AVR , 80C51 etc. This software package allows you to program all types of serial programmable Integrated Circuits using Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP Other programmer for Microchip, www.winpi
the latest beta of winpicprog supports the 877A
free online books "PIC microcontrollers" , "BASIC for PIC microcontrollers" - . winpicprog PIC Tutorial -
If you are a "dady coder" you can do that... If not, forget it :lol: thats a nice one, dady coder :lol: i would suggest that u start out with PIC microcontrollers. PIC microcontrollers are RISC architechture microcontrollers so infact they are easier to work with as compared to CISC microcontrollers like the 8051. go to
here's some sites
everything u need is here
the latest beta of winpicprog also supports the 18 series of PICs. the beta could be downloaded by registering in the support forum. just send it....MAX232 inverts the data as it is required by RS232 specs... See:
I look for simple programs in C and ASM for PIC that I can use them to learn about opearating the PIC family. Like opearating LCD, SPI, UART,A/D etc. Is any one know a sit were can get ? for tutorials based on the popular 16F628.
Hi IC-prog has not been updated for a while (1.05C = july 2003) This useful free soft cannot program 16F88 and lots of interesting new chips Who knows another free soft but updated that can dirive serial (JDM) or parallel (p16pro or propic) variants ? Nigel will add new devices, I " think" t
no matter what high level language you are going to use to program PICs, you should have some knowledge of assembly. and as already suggested that the 16F series of PICs only have 35 instructions so dont get scared from assembly. you might have heard from people that assembly is difficult and C or Basic is easier. but thats the case with CISC archi
go to
i would recommend that you start with PIC microcontrollers. and go to for a great series of tutorials on PIC microcontrollers. you can find a tutorial on IR there. in addition to the tutorial the site also has free programmer schematics and free programming software and a support forum.
try here
ive heard that its not benficial to use I2C if there isnt a requirement for it. you can use the UART instead of I2C. so only use I2C when there is no other option like if you have a sensor that has an I2C interface. but if I2C isnt a requirement, a serial interface is easier to implement. go to and check the tutoria
the best PIC assembly language tutorials ive ever seen on the internet are at
you should search on this forum. this has been discussed alot of times Sending Data To A Microcontroller Receiving Data From A Microcontroller and check for a great tutorial on using the UART of PICs
technically there is no such thing as a "compiler" for assembly. its acutally called assembler! compilers are for high level languages like C and Basic. for assembly assemblers are used. go to for a great series of PIC tutorials based on assembly. even if you plan on using a high-level language for PICs in t
is that have a differ between LCD and LED dot matrix programming? can you rephrase the question? what i understand is that you are asking what is the difference between an LCD and an LED dot matrix display. well the biggest difference is that an LCD module has a built in controller. you have to "talk" to that controller
i am newbie to pic i am having 16f628 i want to which compiler and programmer should i prefer Try There are tutorials/experiments specifically for the 16F628, as well as a programmer ( Ozipic'er) which is simple AND cheap to build as well as FREE software. Good Luck
take at look that this web it would be great help
take a look at the link
i would recommend the P16PRO40 which is based on the proven David Tait design. go to you can get the PCB files and the schematic from the above site. plus this site has a compatible software programmer which works with the P16PRO40 and a great series of tutorials based on the 16F628
That url does not work Bye What about trying the main page or this?? best regards
a P16PRO40 programmer which is based on the original David Tait design compatible software can be downloaded from
take alook at this
hope this helps :)
guys i have naver used pic microcontroller. but i have 16f84 microcontroller i want to program it. if any body have propriate circuit and itd software then please give me link An excellent site is has a series of small circuit boards to make for his tutorials, starts very basic - i.e
Hi, An excellent site for learning is
i don't know if this is any help to you
I Built the Willelm,Ozipic,16PRO40.EL Cheapo,JDM I'll give you my opion on them WILLELM-TOO COMPLICATED to use for a newbie,too many adapters to build Ozipic-good programmer,allow's in circuit programming 16PRO40-good programmer,the one i use 95% of the time(ozipic is the other) you can find both here www.winpicprog
check this out
for a good tutorial try this site
Have a look at the OziPic'er at Simple programmer with free software and tutorials based on the 16F628. Good Luck
i use winpicprog and it works great with the 16F628
PIC programmer software, and PIC Tutorials at:
Hi folks! Can anybody pls give some links at any sample code (asm) progs for PIC16F628 parts which use on-chip analog comparators in design? 16F628 tutorials by Nigel Goodwin. Good Luck
is down for me.Are there any mirror sites?
Hello You can use PIC simulator IDE, IC-Prog, winpicprog. They have built in diassembler. Just load the HEX file, and you can see the ASM code. Have a nice day
a great series of tutorials for the PIC microcontroller
everything you need is here

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