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Hi, I want to make a wire detector... Today when I was drilling a hole in the wall I drilled a wire too, and it wasnt soposed to be there:) So if anyone have a schematic I would appreciate it... I dont want that to happen again, Thanks!!!
Hi, Please go through the link. I think this circuit will help you detect current. Invisible Broken wire detector Circuit Diagram Thanks, Suresh. I like to detect current passing through a wire. I have only a very small opening (15-20m
High, Could somebody help me do this please, Basically I want to be able to tell when a wire is live with 230 volts and print on an LCD "ON", I can program this when a port on the microcontroller goes high, but I need an interface between the port and 230 volts. Hope this makes sense Thanks In Advance Rizzy
Look for an Inductive Loop Vehicle Sensor. Its basically just a LC multivibrator that uses the inductive variability of a loop of wire on the road. When a vehicle passes over or stops over the loop the frequency of the multivibrator shifts and a microcontroller can sense this, setting a flag. There is plenty of information on building the loops and
it is exactly the same as any other detector appart from the larger coil .... maybe only use 5 turns of .22 mm will be perfect use a foil tape as a fariday shield the rule is double the size of coil half the number of turns so say a 19cm @500khz = .51mm wire and 27T use a pi {pulse induction} dete
use shift register and some logic is sufficient. for exampl, if you want to detect sequence 1011, you can use following verilog code to do it. wire signal_in; wire seq_detected; reg signal_d1, signal_d2, signal_d3; always @(posedge clk or negedge rst_n) if (~rst_n) begin signal_d1 <= #1 1'b0;
Hello *Zilot*, have one unit ready for 900Mhz, and yes its working. Just one thing: start first with 8 cm of wire for both antennas, and continue cutting mm by mm till good signal sensing. for 1800Mhz i will try making antenna on pcb, something microstrip. good luck mgf
You should use the following sequence: wire antenna, broad band RF amplifier, diode detector, indicating method. A simpler method which is not as sensitive is the wire, diode, oscilloscope.
For safety reasons you will have to use very low power. Here is one thing to try. Put a resistor between the source and the wire. Measure the voltage on the wire. Another thing to measure is the phase shift between the source and the wire. A phase detector as used in PLL circuits can be used. If the frequency is low (...)
Most common way is to use two coils of wire. They must be isolated and work like transformer. Feed first coil with some small AC voltage, measure feedback from second coil. Once you put some metal object near coils you will have a change in second coil output. Size of coils, number of turns, voltage, sensitivity etc - will all depend on your existi
I'm an AC idiot so I could use some help as I try to better myself. I am trying to build a low cost, low power circuit that will detect when an AC voltage is passing through a set of wires, and then blink an LED to indicate this. I don't want to tap into the AC wires, but want to sense that voltage is flowing through them through induction. I ha
dear sir i was looking for a Live-line detector , and i found the following one but the problem that i depends on the cap. coupling and such coupling done not only through the wire but any thing near the circuit (my body , my hand ...etc) the led keep flashing , never sto
Can any one help me with a EMF detector as I build one on Bread Board using two BC 3904 to make a Darlington pair and a BC 3906 with the base of the 3906 connected to the collector of the Darlington pair 3v on the emitter of the BC 3906 the positive side of a buzzer and led connected in series on the collector with the neg to the emitter of the Da
I suggest a wire antenna followed by several cascadable amplifier modules and then a diode detector and then an op amp stage and then an analog meter or a comparator.
You will need to wire up another oscillator (needs to be very stable... try using XO) as reference and use a phase comparator to compare the phase of the detector oscillator. Then it should be simple to wire up digital logic for a logic high on detection.
hello I want to know protocol of send data on addressable fire detector until I can design devices with this protocol. I want to send and receive data on 2 wire and have +12 and gnd on that for detector at same time. thanks
Hello! I make digital phase detector for wander measuring. I have clock=2 MHz(with wander) and reference clock: clk=200 MHz without any wander or jitter. Here is circuit, which I try to write in Verilog: 60487 And here is diagram of circuit: 60488 Here is the Verilog code: modul
It is a detector which allows you to detect alpha particles in the air at atmospheric pressure. It consists of two parallel electrodes: one in the form of metal sheet and the second made of thin wires. This kind of d
Is the voltage AC or DC? Is the voltage contained in a sheathed wire or exposed wire. How close do you want to be to the voltage?
hello, i designed an edge detector in verilog. it's RTL seems correct, but in simulation the output pulse is delayed. The examples on the internet, the pulse starts exactly with the rising edge of the clock signal. i used no delay in simulation. capture from the simulation 88415 and the code module re_detector(
Instead of a 10 mH coil, use a larger flat coil, like 50 turns of 0.5 mm dia.wire would on at least 6" diameter, in a tight strain. Detecting metals requires to affect the coil inductance by a larger metal mass. Using a small coil might only detect a magnet if it affects coil iron core. Better metal detectors use larger coils, also the beat-frequ
Guys, In the next couple of weeks I will face some problems that they don't teach you about in school. Here is the first one.... How much current can a bonding-wire take (100 micron pad size)? When to switch to double-bonding? How many pins should be assigned to VCC and GND? Any rule of thumb? ASIC
What I have done many times is to solder wire wrap wire to the socket and than to wire wrap posts ! It is does not get specially beautifull but works very nicely. Best regards, Alexg
I am looking for metal detector's shematic based on microcontroller. I'm especially interrest by the tesoro's metal detector shematics. If someone could help me. Thanks
I have stored 2 kind of metal detector based on microcontroller. I build both and i am sur it is good. Have a look at filemanager: Neron/metal_detector. If someone have other schematics i am interrest.
Hi guys! I'm looking for any schematic, pcb etc about metal detector. Only thing I need is a WORKING CIRCUIT. I anybody know where to find it, please tell to me. I´m looking metal detector schematics, pcb's theory, or any related thing, specially any circuit easy to make it.
Hi! For example, RFMD's RF5117 and Intersil's ISL3984 Does Somebody know how to design the peak detector(or power detector) for WLAN HBT power amplifier? Thanks!
Try this:
Can anyone help me to find resources about RF/ID detector design?
Is there anybody succeed with avrco and 1-wire devices?
I can not find the verilog core in dallas/ibutton web site . It have only pdf doc there . Can you attach it here ? The verilog can convert to vhdl by x-hdl . Sure it's kinda hard to find ;P but followin application note 126 (1 wire through software) in apendix u get this url
Are there anybody can share the Pyro-IR detector LHI958 (by HEIMANN) Datasheet or Appliction Note with me? Thanks!
Hi , I am looking for the schematics of LPG gas detector using Figaro's LPG gas sensor TGS 2610, I have the sensor application note but the sample schematics doesnot work properly, please any one out there help me out thanks :?
hi, AVR based metal dedector.
Voltage and current are VERY dependent upon insulation type, not just the gauge of the wire. The insulation usually melts before the wire when put to the limits concerning current. The voltage rating is completely dependent upon insulation. I have a chart regarding this info but I can't upload info till Monday (it's at work). You can look to
I´m nedding schematics of pico ammeter to use in a gas cromatography. FID detector
I want to design a simple heart beat detector which will be 3V power supply. Please give me some tips.Thanks anyway!
Any idea how to wire DIL28 ZIF socket to be able to programm DIL8, DIL18 and DIL28 chips in same socket?
I am using X+HDL to convert a verilog module to vhdl. I get a syntax error on the keyword 'wire'. What should I do? Is there another syntax keyword I should use? Note: I am not very familiar with verilog. Disclaimer: I have seen a mention of this bug on Elektroda before, but I can't find it anymore. Thanks!
Hi flatulent, I have a couple of schematics, but they use the center tapped 600:600 ohm transformer. If its not a problem could you send me an electrical schematic of the 2 to 4 wire converter which uses operational amplifiers? And also how does the version of the 2 to 4 wire converter with operational amplifiers actuall
I'm looking for a phase detector that works from DC to 500MHz. Already search the forum and did'n find nothing. Also search Google but no conclusive material found. No experience with PLL or DPLL. Can any one help me. Thanks.
Recently I have to obtain a pretty short program which could send a bit stream via the com port or parallel port. As a matter of fact, this is because I have to input the data to the three wire control interface (DATA, CLK, LE) to control a mix-signal chip. Anybody can help?? Just give me some information to find out what I need to know. I a
I am actually doing a Master in Electronic Instrumentation Systems, my project is the following: CW Doppler Ultrasound Blood Flow detector. I have a very interesting pdf about it:
Hi, I made a pcb for this radar detector in OrCad PCB 9.2. Don't forgot to solder the 0.22uF Cap. Have fun, Pharaoh Of Egypt
Hi all i want to ask about zero crossing detector using transistors if any one have this circuit . S 8O KRAT
AWAS AWAS for Windows is a versatile program for analyzing wire antennas and scatterers assembled from arbitrarily located and interconnected straight-wire segments. The program consists of a shell for user-friendly interface and a kernel for numerical analysis. The wire structure can be in free space or located above a (...)
while i make the wire to get connected to a different node, if i provide a 90 degree turn then the wire breaks off and again i have to start form the break point seems prob frm the starting itself, i have psd14.2 also installed in my system, is it troubling me because of that, and the other funny thing is that i dont have a lic server as
I need some information about interfacing a fired wire camera to a FPGA. I need to apply some filter in the fpga, like change the image to black and white, and change it to a bmp format. I you know a web site for information about this can you send it to me please. Thank for your help
Hi all: what is the AWE wire delay model? what is the difference between Elmore wire delay model and AWE wire delay model ? Thanks!