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Dear All, I found a useful MATLAB code about wireless network , so please let us help each other to see it and try to understand so we can use it in our work. the link is below Thanks
but cellular is only one case of wireless network.
haiiii, i am doing project in wireless networks using network simulator.i could not install ns-2.29.2 for the past 2 months.just now i have got it.but my project review is coming soon.before that i need to simulate a wireless enviroment. pleazzzzzzzz anyone give me the Tcl code (...)
can anyone suggest me how to use matlab for simulating wireless sensor network?? also suggest me sme reading material for using matlab for wireless sensor network.:!: thanx in advance..:smile::smile:
Hi, U can use Prowler - Probabilistic wireless network simulator. Download the tool here for free.The simulator is designed using Matlab.The m-files are available in the download package itself. Prowler: Probabilistic wireless network simulator | Institute for Software (...)
where i can find good network simulator
..hi there ...can anyone help me ...on simulating ad-hoc networks (my FYP) in network simulator.. p.s: i don't know how to handle ns-2 ...i've installed cygwin but its not functioning az expected ..everytime i open cygwin opens a note pad instead of bash shell... is this normal i've also tried Jist-swans but to no use .. plz do help me ..
Is there any one who has a solution manual for "principles of wireless network a unified approach" by Kaveh Pahlavan Parashant Krishnamurthy. Please help me my email is : best regards
hi i have two access point and create wireless network with roaming capability now these access points are connected with wired network I want to know if i can connect them wireless for example use WDS(wireless distributed system) or bridging capability plese help me
Mobile and wireless network Architectures
DO anyone know are there exist some user guide for the network simulator OPNET?
Hi all Iam new to network simulator(NS)and linux Anyone please tell me how to patch a new module in NS and run it to see the output. For this i learnt that i have to make some modification in the make file(that is add the files to the make file) and then use make and makedepend commands then configure it using the command ./configure c
I am doing my term project about the QoS of VoIp on wireless network (802.11 0r 802.16). I will simulate it but I don't know what software to use NS2or Matlab. What does the software correspond to my project ? Help me, please Thanks so much
hi i need help on network simulator(ns-2.30-allinone) and traffic simulator(sumo). any one who has used it pls help me as i need it for simulation of my projects. i am using windows but can also work on linux.pls help me on how to use it.i have seen all the files related to it but cant find much help.i need proper guidance.
I have my final term project as LINUX based network simulator. Can someone show me the direction as to how to go about it and what are the relavant books. I need detailed information about event driven simulation of routing protocols as that is going to be the first presentation topic of my project.
Hello Ecereyone, I am new to Matlab and I need to model a wireless network using matlab and the main funtion of this task are: 1. Set up 20 wireless node (Computers) 2. Assign capabilities to each of the node ( Capabilities here mean assigning two feature to each node like : FTP and TELNET - 1st node, Email and web browsing - Second (...)
Hello Ecereyone, I am new to Matlab and I need to model a wireless network using matlab and the main funtion of this task are: 1. Set up 20 wireless node (Computers) 2. Assign capabilities to each of the node ( Capabilities here mean assigning two feature to each node like : FTP and TELNET - 1st node, Email and web browsing - Second (...)
i want to know about simulation traffic with blocking probabilitas random on wireless network.maybe anyone know url or source code programming..please...thank you:D
I have seen on ebay and other sites home made wireless network extenders Looks like a pipe) any one got any site links or any info on building one. Many thanks in advance
I have a wireless network without INTERNET. I have designed a web, and i have installed the IIS component of the microsoft windows. How can i make this web to be browsed by the other browser on the network?
Dear Friends, I'm going to simulate congestion control algorithms for Wired and wireless network. Can anyone provide me with some ready to use simulations, preferably using OMnet ? Thanks
there is very nice CTP nuggets explains wireless network. its video training less than 200 Mb you google it
Hi, What are the differences between the wireless ad hoc network and the wireless network with no dedicated backbone infrastructure? Thanks
anybody knows how a hacker detect wireless network?
Dear all, I would like to request the following softwares if available: 1- network simulator 2- network Visualizer The latest version is preferred. Regards, m_pourfathi
I need help in wireless network Security using Steganography or Mobile network Security using Steganography, i need some paper work plz help me..........
Hi, Merry Christmas! "severe pathloss environments often are desirable in a multiuser wireless network, such as CDMA/WiMAX systems." Can any one tell me why? Thanks Very much! fryFox, Dec 25, 2008
Hi, I need help, i want to make a sensor network simulator what can I do, i work under Windows. Thnx in advance Added after 1 minutes: sorry, i need another request: I want a sample of sensor data set.
hi, can u explain me -- what is meant by matlab simulation of wireless network? like is everything will be in matlab code only--no hardware... all TX Rx all in some code/ matrix?
Hi, How to setup a wireless network in Linux to share PCs ? I also want to enable sharing of internet connection over the wireless network in Linux, specifically in fedora 10. My objective is, to share the internet connection to other users(PC here) via wireless link, bcos we have only 1 ethernet (...)
Hi I am trying to develop a program using Matlab that automatically designs a wireless network. I need to program Matlab to insert base Stations in an area and allow me to move it around . any idea how to insert the base station and move it.? Thanks Hi ellobazo, What do you mean by "to move it around"? Do y
hi everyone i am verifying the results of a research paper "cross layer optimization for ofdm wireless network".can anyone help me in plotting the graph between average utility and snr value? any kind of help regarding this paper is welcomed.
Can anyone suggest me which network simulator is best LTE simulation? my BSc project is on multicasting data over LTE network. I previously planned to use opnet but they are taking so much time to process the request that there's a possibility of missing deadline. ite urgently needed. if its available free like ns2 its better.....
Hi All, In the wireless network, why does interference cause collision and re-transmission? Could anybody please explain soon. Thank you in advance.
Hi All, In the wireless network, why does interference cause collision and re-transmission? Could anybody please explain soon. Thank you in advance.
Hi Guys, I wanna to make a wireless network adapter myself , Can someone give me some detail advise ! I have a notebook , and I am not satisified with the network interface equipped . So, I want to do my self ,also with a DIY Antenna . using USB ;-)
hi what is new topic in wireless network?and new challanges in wireless network?
Smart grid - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Energy harvesting - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Hello There, I want to run an experiment where I can use the mobile agent approach in a MANET (mobile ad hoc network ) what are some possible simulation tools, other than NS3, that I can use to simulate the Manet network and use Mobile agent in it ? Your suggestions are highly appreciated. Thank you,
hi...we are working on wireless network cocast:cooperative communications using space time network coding.can you please suggest us the code for this project.
Can anybody help me I want to know that can network simulator 2 (NS2) is support to FTP and CBR Traffic Loads.Kindly provide me link from where I download latest version of ns2 for windows with installing instructions and some tautorials on ns2.
This is the device that physically creates the wireless network, and a router is necessary if you want to change your password or overall type of encryption. You cannot open a program on your computer to do this--you can access your router settings through your web browser. dvd duplication
helloo greeting for the day ,welcome to this forum site here you definately get the solution for your problem for your question i suggesting you that you have to discuss it with the experts but yes if your problem is related to wireless network here i give yuo some suggestion like you may used the wireless router or 3g router pocket router (...)
Hi! What is the channel gain for wireless network? Can anyone give the detailed explanation? What is its relationship with channel fading and path loss? How to calculate the channel gain? Any comments or leads would be helpful. Thanks in advance for your kind help.
hello i want to simulate wireless sensor network,i uesed opnet modeler 14 but it didn't supprot it.please help me to select good simulator? i wanna use sensor and sink node and use wi-fi and bluetooth for this topology and mesure QOS THANK FOR YOUR REPLAY
Hi we are working on a similar problem. We use wireless InSite from Remcom for this purpose: I think at the moment it's the best you can find, and you can import *.dxf files! If you find some other tool, please let me know :-) best: ricy
hi,, now i'm doing my final project about localization in wireless sensor network and for get estimation position of node i used euclidean distance to get distance between anchor node and unknown node but i still confused how to make a program to get euclidean distance when we use ns2 for simulatated ??? please tell me how can i create and get eucl
Hi all, For my PhD I am working on algorithms for 802.11 networks (on the non-hardware/physical layer side). Therefore I would like to get a better feeling how the signal strength of an 802.11 network without base stations in ad-hoc mode is changing in an URBAN environment with mobile nodes. Therefore I am looking for a simulator where I (...)
Is that have any software can emulate an system with specified feature such as 8/16/32 bit system, limited buffer size and limited RAM. Then, we can implement the protocol/application with this software and testing the procotol/application? The edaboard experts, Please help me ............
Hi, m given a project about wireless networking in my whole town which is about 5 killometer and i may get 1500 users for wireless internet and lan games i want help what kind of network should i design how to design how to start.. m looking for the forum which is purely based on wirless network (...)