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Hey guys, I'm doing a project on wireless notice board, and my codes are in assembly language 1. The wireless module is zigbee, and it's from pc to PIC, 2. The display is dot-matrix and data will be taken from EEPROM to be displayed 3. Only one way communication using USART from Zigbee to PIC6f628A 4. PIC will receive (...)
anyone who has an idea about the sms based wireless notice board using a led display & who has a schematic diagram? many thanks in advance. :)
i'm not shure, but currently using frequency is 27Mhz and use usb port. in that frequency is happened some confusions like - with one keyboard write on two computers and interferences with other radio-based devices i readed, don't see it:) recently i read that cypress offers new wireless USB chip for keyboards, mice. it work at 2.4 (...)
can anyone give me circuits on pc based wireless message board...i am using rf technology. the message board i'm going to use is the LCD.. i am going to use on my project. i am confused on both the receiver and the transmitter side...thank you so much...
There are other wireless chips from analog semiconductor and cyprus they can provide more than 20m of range easily but you can use high range RF transceivers with amplifiers and a good antenna to increase the range and give more current to the wireless kit ( under the range specified ) to increase the range But if you want to go for GSM you c
Hi Guys.... I REALLY need help with this project. This is my final year project and am trying to set up a gsm modem controlled lcd notice board. I knew its a bit similar to some posts here but am finding trouble making it work. BELOW ARE THE COMPONENTS OF MY PROJECT 1. LCD DISPLAY 2. 8051 Microcontroller 3. gsm Modem AM PLANNING ON SIMU
Give more details about project needs. my Project is SMS based notice board in which there is an wireless notice board which is connected to GSM MODEM wid the help of microcontroller and Max232 IC I have to display the notice on LED Display board SO i wants Circuit (...)
Hello sir, Please somone help me...... plz give me the circuit diagram (schematic) of SMS based notice board in which AT89c52 or AT89c51 or atmega8l microcontoroller is used.
hello sir, i need program (embedded C) for my project 'sms based notice board '. i am using at89s52 uC and sim 900 for gsm module, sir here i am not using any serial communication ic coz there is inbuilt max 232 in sim 900...... i have completed my circuit as well as pcb designing, can you give me full coding for this project..... please
i need alp a51 sms based notice board using gsm modul sim900
Here is the code for atmeg8l avr-sms based wireless noticeboard using Gsm. Please help me understand this code...I am new to avr. so i request everyone here if they can help me...else tell me what each block of code does...
hai. . . i am doing my project in the topic of wireless notice board using wifi. i am using 89s52 microcontroller . i want the codings in C lang. i would like to make a program which should be in the following way. the output of program should be displayed only for 10s. After that it should be erased from display. can u pls help me to do (...)
hello everyone... i am having a problem in connecting the ht12d and ht12e with mc 89c51... earlier i have used rf module in the ckt without encoder and decoder. will there be any changes in the coding also after connecting these two ic's? plz help me out......
hello everyone... i am having a problem in connecting the ht12d and ht12e with mc 89c51... earlier i have used rf module in the ckt without encoder and decoder. will there be any changes in the coding also after connecting these two ic's? plz help me out......
Hai Sir, Iam doing my final year project on the topic "GSM based wireless notice board".Iam very weak in i require the complete working code for the circuit diagram is as shown below and my gsm modem is SIM900A.I have got a program code which shows an error "DATA SEGMENT EXCEED " in keil uvision3.Iam using uart conne
Hi All, I like to do few zigbee or similar wireless based projects. where can i get the development boards in india. what are the things need to be consider before buying the boards. please give your views. Thanks and Regards, Ashok Kumar P
hello, i am going to display moving massage on a led board. the size of the board will be 6 square feet, so please give some idea for making this board. is there any matrix LED pannel available. I am using microconrroller (8bit) thanking you.
Hello Friends, I am going to make my room wireless with respect to control it's appliances. I've a circuit, which I like to implement. circuit is as follow Instead of using the switches s1,s2,s3,s4 I'll going to connec
Happy new!pls I need help on this project.
sir i am going to make sms based enotice board as a minor project for final semester.i want to know which type of gsm modem is suitable for that.
How about a wireless score board (up/down counter) transmitted thru as FSK transmitter
hi now i am having my fyp which is wireless announcement board. due to i am totally new on 74HC595 so i hope that someone can guide me how to use this chip to scroll the message by using 5x7 dot matrix.
hello my friends I am working on a project called "sms based notice board".. for that i m using SIM300 modem supported by muc 8051.. i have preferred 'c' language...but i am unable to recieve sms properly. :cry: Plz help me out..if you have the right code.. any suggestions in the project are welcome...thank you.
Hi Guys, In my project, I need to control Home appliance (like turn ON/OFF them) over wireless network. I am using a micro controller based small hardware board that receives the commands over wireless. The board has digital I/O pins. I am thinking of using a relay that will be connected to these pins. On (...)
we want to implement the digital notice board using gsm modem technology....iwanted to know 2 things 1)can gsm modem transmit a full page of text 2)we are using lcd display screen of desktop pcs can it be interfaced with microcontoller ?suggest the microcontroller to be used?
hello can any one help on gsm notice board display.. plz provide me the doc. i am unable to receive the data.
This is my project title. So far I have built display matrix using LEDs that can display 8 characters in scrolling format. I am using NOKIA 3315 as a GSM Modem that is to be connected to 89v51rd2 microcontroller. Can I directly solder Nokia's 4 pins so as to connect to ucontroller? Can I only use F bus protocol to program micro in order to recei
hi actually i m doing a projct on gsm,,,so iwant 2 knw how i sent a msg to 8051 & it also display on the lcd..(2*16)...... thnk q
Which GSM modem i have to use here.. ?? as i making SMS based notice board and i m connecting the GSM modem wid AT89c52 ?c wid the help of MAX232 IC n RS 232 cable.. so Please help me sir which modem will i have to use here, which is reasonable also.. plz reply me
well it all depends in how much do you know of microcontrollers, PCB design and electronics overall... i think there is no microcontroller with integrated bluetooth, so the common approach is to use a main microcontroller and a bluetooth module, (someone like
I am working on a circuit that will control the selections on a arcade pcb. Basically I have a 6-in-1 arcade pcb switcher (a board that holds 6 individual jamma boards), when you press a button on a wireless remote it switches to the selected board. The wireless interface to the pcb board is (...)
wireless microchip board apps note - - - Updated - - - wireless microchip board apps note
can any one tell me what is wrong with this code... please help :oops: // LCD module connections sbit LCD_RS at RD2_bit; sbit LCD_EN at RD3_bit; sbit LCD_D4 at RD4_bit; sbit LCD_D5 at RD5_bit; sbit LCD_D6 at RD6_bit; sbit LCD_D7 at RD7_bit; sbit LCD_RS_Direction at TRISD2_bit;
Hello, I want to design a wireless sensor board based on SAMR21. The board is going to be a standard half mini PCIe board and I want be able to connect this board to a pc through PCIe mini. The board is going to communicate with the PC with SAMR21s USB interface. The problem is I got a (...)
Hello, We thought of doing a mini project on "WEB CONTROLLED Public Addressing system"i,e Sending message to be displayed on LED panel From an authorized website with a password using GSM module and Arduino web switch. Can anyone suggest me where i can get all modules required for that project(i,e from Online stores and i belong to India) And
Maybe you need a power supply which takes 220V input and outputs 5V DC for Arduino board. Arduino can take 9V. You can use 220V in and 9V DC out adpater whose DC power jack plug's center pin is +ve and other pin is negative. The eBay product that you showed was a remote operated relay circuit. It has a wireless transmitter and a wireless (...)
Basically there is a CD containing how to interface teh wireless PCMCIA card and all the server code + transmision encoding
hi u can go through reference design given by cypress for wireless mouse and keyboard, i think they have some other usefull things also there i have the schematics u can go through it regards dk
hi all, we are having this big project which involves the fpga board... i'm just wondering... Is it feasible to use FPGA board for remote wireless control?? If so, briefly/roughly, how is it done?? Maybe in terms of the concept? Which type of fpga board?? Cyclone? Stratix? Alternative board, maybe (...)
Hi Folks Anyone suggests a specific Xilinx Dev. board for wireless Designs like ZigBee, Bluetooth, etc. In other words, is there any board to have support for (for example): 2.4GHz Front-End .. Antenna .. FPGA with good DSP support .. etc. ?
Hi folks, If your company is looking for some help in FPGA or board design and need sometime with short availability notice, then send me a message. I have over 20 years of experience in electronic design in Sweden, US, Ireland and France in various industries such as industrial control (ABB), wireless (Ericsson), Robotis (TRIAB), (...)
Hi, I want to build a FPGA based prototype for uncompressed video over wireless connection with one box being transmitter and other a receiver(to display). The transceiver speed for HD video (1060) is 3-4 Gbps. But it would need an expensive FPGA board. I am thinking of VGA and i guess it needs around 1 Gbps (correct me if i m wrong). What type of
I recently built a solar-based system to power a custom (low-power) wireless board. This solar system was quite simple: Solar panel --- NCP1400-based PSU --- wireless board The whole system works well under direct sunlight. However, out of direct sunlight and even with strong indirect sunlight the solar panel is not (...)
use the MRf24J40MA wireless module from Microchip, its quite easy to implement a protocol on this
I found this PIC18F2520 Interface board with XBee wireless Option on PIC18F2520 Interface board with XBee Option . My project requires programming a Pic18f to understand a temperature sensor and a pulse rate sensor , of course converting the data from them from analoge to
Hi all, Could you please help identifying these boards? The main one has a Microchip MRF24J40 wireless module and a PIC18F26K20. Soldered to it is a small board labeled "MICRO I/O" with what I guess is a sensor (because it has 2 axes A and B printed on it (the back has a stick: WSN 011)). Note: the chip is a Honeywell, but I cannot make
Hello, I would like to make an application for sending information from a PC to a remote (more or less) place with a wireless module. My intention is to use the rs232+comercial modem+433 wireless module. I have seen something similar. I don´t know much about modems so I would like to know how should I connect the modem to the wireless (...)
Can anybody recomend a good fpga development board using an xilinx device? Reasonably priced and available in the UK. I know the theory, need to do it for real. These days in the job market, you need to be able to cut it on the fpga front!
i want to transfer about 5 watt power to a remote location 5 inch away for a home lighting device(5watt 12 v led bulb) using wireless power transfer can anyone suggest me how can i do it ? can i use the air core transformer in which the transmitter is the primary winding and the receiver is the secondary winding of the transformer?does anyone
Hi Is it possible to interface an embedded board(include a microcontroller like as AVR ) to ultima 3 modem from wi---lan company? This wireless modems are working at 2.4ghz and 5.8ghz and thier interface port is ethernet 100mbps.The range of this modems is up to 75KM and the antenna is integrated with it. Please specify the methods for s