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Looks like Altera does something different than xilinx. It appears you are also supposed to compile a .vo file along with your netlist. See here xilinx simply requires you add "-L simprims_ver" to the command.
Hi everybody, I have some problem about low-latency interrupt mode in MicroBlaze. If i don't use XPS_INTC of xilinx, I use my interrupt controller. So, I have to prepare what function or lib to implement fast interrupt handle in my project. Example, i see some funtion in XPS_INTC of xilinx such as XIntc_Connect, (...)
1 - make sure you have run compxlib 2 - read this thread
when i load the code into debussy, there are some error log, how and deal this problem? Thank you! *Error* view FIFO_GENERATOR_V7_2 is not defined for inst inst "../../source/common/xfer_trn_mem_fifo.v", 274: *Error* view DIST_MEM_GEN_V5_1 is not defined for inst inst "../../source/common/dualport_32x32_compram.v", 93: *Error* view FI
hi all, how to run xilinx core generator files in modelsim note: i have added xilinx core lib to modelsim......then too i get errors while simulation....
Hi, I am simulatin my VHDL code in modelsim through xilinx ISE there are many cases that when I run simulation modelsim runs and stops at below stage!... I don't see what has caused this problem: # vsim -lib work -voptargs=\"+acc\" -t 100ps work.SDI_Ftest # Loading std.standard # Loading ieee.std_logic_1164(body) # Loading ieee.std_log
Hey, It is extremely simple. Instantiate IOBUFDS for inout, IBUFDS for input differential buffer, or OBUFDS for output differential buffer. Reference: IOBUFDS Also remember to add unisim library to your vhdl/verilog file
ram ; initial begin ram = 8?h02; ram = 8?h00; ram = 8?h08; ram = 8?h04;
Check the examples in the attached link, there are examples how to use it LUT1, 2, 3, 4 Alex
I prefer you to read the definition of BUFT, you may be done something wrong. Be sure about it I.A Added after 2 minutes:
Is $readmemb synthesisable in xilinx and Synopsys? How can it actually initialise the block (I mean the hardware perspective)
i've got an: ** Error: (vsim-PLI-3002) Failed to load PLI object file "C:\xilinx92i\smartmodel\nt\installed_nt\lib\pcnt.lib\swiftpli_mti.dll". while trying to do behavioral simulation. this error doesnt exist at first. it happen when i compile the simulation library using the xilinx 9.1 compilation (...)
Hi All, Does anyone know how to map xilinx libraries with QuestaSim. I have compiled xilinx lib with "COMPlib" command. But I don't know to map those libraries with Questasim. If I simulate FFT IP Core with Questasim , getting error like particular modules are missing . Kindly help (...)
hi iam using xilinx ise9.2i for implementation of my project, design summary, hdl files, browser etc are not viewing properly in the main window, if i undock that window then i can see in a separate window transcript window, sources,lib are viewing normally, any one help me out pls thanks in advance
Hello, We are trying to do some ASIC prototyping targetted for FPGA. We are using Synopsys Design Compiler (DC). DC takes only .lib and not simprims/uniprims. Are there Synopsys .lib models available for xilinx or Altera parts (spartan or virtex)? thanks -- ay
Take a look at this spec: Pavlos
Do we need to simulate post synthesis verilog file ?? If so how ??? In which tool we should simulate this , cos when Im simulating the .V file in xilinx it is showing errors ?? In xilinx only do we need to add any library related to Design compiler Thanks in Advance Arun
The errors are as follows: ../../../../..//include/config/config_init.h:36: error: 'socket_thread' undeclared here (not in a function) ../../../../..//include/config/config_init.h:37: error: 'dummy_thread' undeclared here (not in a function) file config_init.h is as follows; *************************************************************
Hi guys, when I do post-sim for xilinx device on Modelsim, although I have compile all the libs, but it reported that "Instantiation of 'X_LUT4MUX16' failed. The design unit was not found", and I have check all the simulation lib of " #vlib C:/Modeltech_6.3d/xilinx_libs/UNISIMS_VER (...)
you can do it by : 1. preparing ROM for the calculation with all values defined. 2. in xilinx you can use CORDIC core for generating this function. 3. if your input is more limited to specific values, you can even use a decoder to decode the values.
Maybe you haven't yet installed/configured the xilinx SmartModels for ModelSim. Refer to chapter "Using SmartModels" in your ISE "Synthesis and Simulation Design Guide".
you can use "compxlib "to compile xilinx library. compxlib -s -arch compxlib -cfg compxlib -info compxlib -f compxlib -help compxli
Hi, Basically Unisim contains simulation models of xilinx internal elements. They are used to get exact behaviour of the elements as these will be then mapped during synthesis. Thanks, Gold_kiss
I am thinking that the if you are using cadence tools in unix and you xilinx libs are in windows C:. How the cadence will be able to see this. I suggest copy these folders in unix and give that path in cds.lib
Hi, Everyone I implemented my design in xilinx spartn3, PAR is ok, no timing violation reports after STA, but when I run timing simulation with the simulaltion file generated by ISE, the X_FF(which is a cell in lib simprims_ver) report setup and hold violation. I am puzzled and don't know why it happens, Could anyone give me any ideas??? T
Hi everybody I am using xilinx Ise8.1i with modelsim6. My modelsim has xilinx schematic libraries and then I had no problem with simulating my projects, but when I made a project that it contains 2 schematic Macro model in top level schematic...I see an error when simulating. THAT ERROR IS: **************************** Error loading (...)
Not all components are implemented. If you can use a higher version of orcad (10.3), you may have better luck because the lib's we redisigned to support 4.2. Also orcad hates duplicate pins for xilinx devices. So if you took two block VHDL in your schematic you may have to change the port pins.
See the link below.. it says ..For HDL, this design element is inferred rather than instantiated.
in fact i can understand what you mean . which library do you want to use in ISE? if you want to use coregen in FA, you can invoke the link in the task of hdl designer. but if you use ise7.1 and hdl designer is not the latest, you can not invoke coregen directly in FA.. in fact when you invoke coregen individually, it can generate two files . on
Did u infer your FIFO or did u use a VHDL Instantiation Template? If u use the second u can specify the initial content if the memory: Also useful:
Do somone have or knows where can I get an Orcad Symbol for xilinx virtex 4 XC4VLX200 device FF1513 package. Thanks Aharon
hi all, how to instantiate FDDRCPE, when i do this ISE do not find in library FDDRCPE the vhdl code for this module is available for example: architecture behavioral of fddrcpe is begin Qreg : process (clk, rst) begin if clr='1' then q <= '0'; elsi
Hi, I'm student and I have to reinstall hds designer all the other stuff on our lab-pc. My problem is, that I can't manage it to integrate the xilinx lib into the hds designer. First I compiled the xilinx lib in modelsim and afterwards I try to integrate it with -> Add lib-> Advanced: Selected (...)
FPGA synthsis tool is depend on what's fpga you want to use Altera-->MaxplusII , QuartusII xilinx-->Foundation,
On cadsoft's homepage you can download some xilinx lib. Home page : If the file is a *.lib file you just copy it in to the lib dir. on you're instalation path. If the file is a *.scr meaning a script file it's a bit different, you open a new library file for editing once this is done you just run the (...)
how to compile xilinx simulation lib use nc-sim?ISE5.2 lib tool doesn't support windowsNT version nc-sim.
You need to download one m/o/d/e/l/s/i/m XE version. You can download it from xilinx's website.
I installed modelsim 5.6 and it does not recognize the xilinx verilog lib? how do I convert or get the library? thanks ahgu
who has serial number of xilinx Alliance product I need install CAE lib THX