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Please can any body tell me how to implement xor gate using cmos in verilog ?
Friends Is that possible to design a xor gate using only 6 transistors pls let me know santu
Could any 1 detail about the working of this circuit? special about the effect of xor gate and transisters!
how to realize a xor gate?/ thanks
I think static power dissipation is less for cmos and u use transmission gate to transfer proper 1 and proper 0 to the output........ Instead of making xor gate with cmos u go for transmission gate technique..................
hi friends, i got to know that there are many architectures are existing for xor gate out of those i know only one, ie AOI(and or not) can anyone please introduce some other arch for xor to me
Can you plz help me to implement NAND and xor using cmos in xilinx? How can I measure the amount of power these gates consume? plz help.
How can you not know the transistor level circuit of xor when you know how to implement xor with transmission gates ?
Hi Guys, Please, could you clarify me the following confusion regarding Static cmos logic? In the Rabaey book, it is said that "Static cmos gate is naturally inverting and the realization of a noninverting Boolean function (such as AND , OR, xor) in a single stage is not possible." I don?t completely understand th
I am designing cmos logic xor gate and 2:1 multiplexer. In my design i am using 8 pmos and 8 nmos for 2:1 mux and 6 pmos and 6 nmos for xor gate. I am using pmos and nmos to implement complement A, means that i am not using complement directly into the circuit. So , i want to know that is it the minimum no. of transistors used in (...)
Yes, it's a trans gate. And the function is xor.
How many no. of nmos and pmos transistor are require, for xor logic gate implementation? a)2 nmos And 2pmos b)3 nmos And 3pmos c)6 nmos And 6pmos d)8 nmos And 8pmos ? I am confused, please tell right answer....
use xor logic, or counter
I know a cmos xor/Xnor gate can be implemented with 10 transistors, but I don't know whether or not this is the lower limit for the number of transistors.
Normally you design an inverter to have equal rise and fall times. This is the most general approach. Minimum channel length can be used if you want to reach maximum speed. Channel widths depend on the drive strength you want to have for a given maximum speed. To design a any other gate function, once you have the inverter designed, transistor c
Hi, I am doing a school project which involves designing a 4-bit LFSR (one xor in the front that is fed from the last 2 FF's) using 0.18u in Cadence. The goal is to make it as fast as possible, without consideration of area or power. We decided to use C2MOS (Clocked cmos) for our flip flop's, and have reached a clock speed of about 3 GHz. It se
Nangate Cell Compiler ( ) ============== Compiling the optimal set of individually optimized cells for a given design or functional block, the target design is optimized in terms of power, performance and area. Features: ====== - 1) Rich set of cmos logic cell gen
use a delay then xor the delayed with the undelayed. the pulse width is the delay unit used
Hi, Please don't confuse a digital PLL with a PLL that uses digital circuitry in its phase detector (PD). Certain types of PDs for analog PLLs are based on xor gate or flip-flops, but these PLLs are still analog: VCO and loop filter are analog. A digital PLL is all-digital. It is discrete-time (sampled) in nature. It has a NCO instead of a VC
hi, 1. please clarify more clearly no 1. questions. 2. using logic to generate fast clock? you can use delay cell to delay a clock and then xor the origin clock and delayed clock. but be careful do that becoz it's need more design exprience.
A full adder has 2 xors, 2 ANDs and 1 OR gate. Each xor has 2 ANDs and 1 OR and 2 INVs So we have a total of 6 ANDs and 3 ORs and 2 INVs ANDs and ORs use 6 transistors in cmos, INVs use 2 transistors So, 6*(6+3) + 2*(2) = 54 + 4 = 58 Tranistors Hope I got that right! :) cheers
Hi everyone, This is my first time in here,so I don't really know this thing works. I have a question regarding a simple PLL in cmos which consist of a xor gate and negative-Gm LC oscillator whose frequency is tuned by varactor diodes. I am not really sure how the frequency of oscillator changes. can some one explain the process to me or maybe g
Its well known that all gates can be derived from NAND and NOR gates...But is it that in all digital IC's are other gates like AND ,OR and xor gates are made up of NAND and NOR gates... does the other gates have seperate circuit using less number of transistors...
For Lock Detector just use xor gate with inputs up & down (PFD outputs) if the PLL at lock the up & down will be identical & the xor will stick to 0 other wise the xor will toggle you can use DFF & samples the xor out with the reference frequency best regards, Rania
The question is " Is there any paper, book etc that describes the tradeoffs between area, power and performance when you choose different logic styles to map a logic?" for example a given logic can be mapped on to mixture of cmos gates which might include AND, NAND, NOR, OR, INVERTER,xor, XNOR etc. What would be the tradeoff if i force the logic
FPGAs not only have LUTs but also basic AND/OR/xor etc. gates, depending on the vendor, model etc. Take a look at this article for more details. (If you also take a look at an FPGA STA report you will see that gates other than LUTs are present with much smaller delays). Pavlos Added after 1 minutes: ht
Hi, I am having a problem with my simulation result when I designed the OOK Manchester capacitive load modulator for 13.56MHz RFID tag according to ISO14443 Type A standard. The followings are my circuit design for the modulator and the simulated result by using Mentor Graphic software TSMC 0.18um technology. i414.photobucket.c
hi this is my nor2 gate code.i need to calculate power with hspice and estimate power with formula myself.with hspice simulation power=8.2902E-06.and i calculate power with this xor and nand gate i can calculate power with less difrence with hapice result.but in nor i dont khow how i must calculate it?this
I hope you already know what is "the standard cells library". If not in two words: the standard cell library is a set of difference type of general purpose gates,flip-flops etc. for example NOR, NAND, xor, INV. Also possible 3 input NAND, NOR etc, library could include 2X, 3X... NAND or NOR gates, where 2X mean gate can pass 2 time bigger current.
Just wondering what a typical ALU looks like? From what I was able to find, it generally consists of an adder and some logic (AND, OR, xor) between two flip-flops and with a mux to decide which output to take - is this correct? Also, does the adder and logic both evaluate every cycle. If only the logic is needed, for example, is it not wasteful to
Hi all, I am trying to design an xor gate...but the instructor has asked us to merge two pmos transistors in the design... kindly provide me the solution... I am using cadence 6.1.5 thank you..
When I was in R&D back in mid 70's our techs at Bristol Aerospace used simple triac controlled 25W irons to control temperature that were left on all day, typ. 65%. - Later when Weller had fancy temp controlled irons, these were preferred. - But triac control is cheap, but your method is quicker to startup. - I would choose a therma
Hello Everyone, i am designing a simple phase locked loop with only cmos chips CD 4007, i have built it before and worked fine. however i did something wrong to make it work. now i am reassembling it and i was not able to get it work. i am using an xor for my phase detector , i tried using both a passive RC filter and a passive lead lag RC filter