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Xor Gate Using Cmos

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I modelled an xor gate using HSPICE (Transistor level).Input voltage signal is 4V and Vdd of the circuit is 5V (threshold voltage= 1v). While giving input voltage 4v I got Maximum output voltage swing as 5v, So my problem is I cant cascade the output of this xor gate(5v) with another xor (...)
Hey, For making xor gate you can make use of 8 gates, 4 pmos and 4 nmos using simple relation for xor= (~A)B+A(~B) As far as 2:1 MUX is concerned, there are many options. You can use NAND gate, Transmission gates, pass transistor. Best Regards, Abhishek
Please can any body tell me how to implement xor gate using cmos in verilog ?
Friends Is that possible to design a xor gate using only 6 transistors pls let me know santu