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well i am not sure but iguess you could implement the cmos in verilog and then map it... to form xor... cmos can be implemented just as a NOT gate or you could also implement as VTC curve...
Friends Is that possible to design a xor gate using only 6 transistors pls let me know santu
how to realize a xor gate?/ thanks
Hey, For making xor gate you can make use of 8 gates, 4 pmos and 4 nmos using simple relation for xor= (~A)B+A(~B) As far as 2:1 MUX is concerned, there are many options. You can use NAND gate, Transmission gates, pass transistor. Best Regards, Abhishek
How can you not know the transistor level circuit of xor when you know how to implement xor with transmission gates ?
use a delay then xor the delayed with the undelayed. the pulse width is the delay unit used
Hi, I am having a problem with my simulation result when I designed the OOK Manchester capacitive load modulator for 13.56MHz RFID tag according to ISO14443 Type A standard. The followings are my circuit design for the modulator and the simulated result by using Mentor Graphic software TSMC 0.18um technology. i414.photobucket.c
Hi Guys, Please, could you clarify me the following confusion regarding Static cmos logic? In the Rabaey book, it is said that "Static cmos gate is naturally inverting and the realization of a noninverting Boolean function (such as AND , OR, xor) in a single stage is not possible." I don?t completely understand th
Hi all, I am trying to design an xor gate...but the instructor has asked us to merge two pmos transistors in the design... kindly provide me the solution... I am using cadence 6.1.5 thank you..
Its well known that all gates can be derived from NAND and NOR gates...But is it that in all digital IC's are other gates like AND ,OR and xor gates are made up of NAND and NOR gates... does the other gates have seperate circuit using less number of (...)