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There are 4 SCR and 2 diode. After drawing the output voltage I would be grateful if someone could calculate the Mean voltage. Hi Sina In your case out put voltage ( average ) can be easily calculated by the formula : sqrt(1/T integral over Vm^2 sin wm^2 dt ) from zero up to the firing angel . But of course i hope you know
Dear friends, I am new to photodiodes and their usage, please some one will solve my problem, I am using the PIN photodiode and avalanche photodiode in photovoltaic(zero bias) modes. But i am unable to get the pulse of 50ns (sending from the laser). I am sending the 50ns pulse from laser and the APD is placed at
how to make a zero crossing detector circuit using 8051
Hi, all I want design a Return to zero optical link with variable duty cycle. I started it from 50% duty cycle. Following is my block diagram. Basically, I use a and gate to generate 50% duty cycle Return to zero(RZ) signal and use D flip flop to recover the signal to Non-Return-zero.
yaa....but look at this are decleared capital J and u r using using small j....where small j will get zero values or junk values....ok Good luck
hey u means ∂^2 π=0 na? then well i dont know the exect derivation but del= partial derivatives... and the pie is a if u go for double derivatives of pie it will be zero only.. that was as per the best of my knowledge... best luck..
Hi all i need a code for zero forcing algorithm to supress interference plz help Thanks
Magnetic field outside a long solenoid can never be zero. Because a solenoid of finite length will have edges and field will come out. However, if we imagine a straigth solenoid of infonite length or a toroid, it will not have edges from where lines of force can come out. therefore field would be zero outside a toroid or a strigth solenoid of infil
Mestere Manole, I don't have installed PCAD for testing but it might work by copying the refdes from silk screen to another unused layer. This is a common way for CADs which don't allow multiple RefDes. It works in Eagle. What is zero point ? good luck, melc codobelc
Hi, If you are talking about power line zero crossing, then have a look at microchip application note AN958, you will find the answer there. Good luck.
Here are some other examples of zero crossing detectors .. Regards, IanP
Give here ur VHDL example for weak zero. I will write equivalent verilog for that!
The descprepancy might originate from your hand calculation is not accurate enough: the Cgd of the input transistor is not easily calculated by hand. You should rely on the simulator to give you more precise number. A sanity check also reveals that the zero can not be at over 100GHz frequency. 40~50 GHz is a more reasonable number. Willy