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hi, my current project is that i need to transmit an AT command from the 8051 micro controller to the zigbee connected serially. how can i use arrays and string to do that? need some help. thanks in advance.
you may chose the zigbee module for the communication. What is the program you did?
Hi, We have just published an project on zigbee/Xbee Evaluation board in May-June 2011 Issue.You can get a free PCB with a copy of the Magazine. Embedded For You Embedded For You magazine is the best source for Embedded Projects .The magazine comes with hardware & software description.If any of y
Hello, I am looking for a block diagram for the standard zigbee receiver IEEE 802.15.4 Thanks for comprehension
i want the block diagram for simulation of zigbee in matlab simulink. what components and specifications i need?
Hi, I am looking for a block diagram for the zigbee receiver "IEEE 802.15.4 2450MHZ PHY" Salam Hossam Alzomor