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hi, my current project is that i need to transmit an AT command from the 8051 micro controller to the zigbee connected serially. how can i use arrays and string to do that? need some help. thanks in advance.
you may chose the zigbee module for the communication. What is the program you did?
i want ckt/block diagram for zigbee project by POST(power on self test) method with i/0 controller board-silab & system controller board-pickit3. i/o's are gsm m10 modem, DVR,sensors.. plz help me
Hello, I am looking for a block diagram for the standard zigbee receiver IEEE 802.15.4 Thanks for comprehension
i want the block diagram for simulation of zigbee in matlab simulink. what components and specifications i need?
Hi, I am looking for a block diagram for the zigbee receiver "IEEE 802.15.4 2450MHZ PHY" Salam Hossam Alzomor