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if you are over a metre or so look at Canbus, RS485, wireed ethernet, zigbee, WiFi, etc
Internal eeprom memory will not be sufficient to hold all the data. Is it a college project or a job project. 8051 also doesn't have spi and I2C. If you want to store data in eeprom then you will have to write software spi or I2C routines to store and retreive data. I can help if PIC18F is used. You can also use SD card to store data. Data can be s
zigbee and Bluetooth will be costly. You can use nRF24L01.
Hi, It really depends on what protocol your sensors use, spi I2c, Serial etc ? Not sure how you can use a zigbee module if you coal mine is the underground type v open cast /surface. Perhaps look at the 18F range chips which have large memory and various i/o functions built in. Typical chips 18F4520 or the later 18F45k22 if readily avai
I am working on zigbee home automation and i want know that is there any end device has addresses how tow or multi zigbee talk to each other directly how device know where it send to data ? and am not asking for Xbee plz adn am working on which it has spi interface so how can i configure it it dosn,t have usb port
Depends on what kind of interface you want to use spi, UART? How much range you need to communicate? You can use Xbee transceivers. I use microchip modules MRF24J40MA and MRF24J40MB they have range from 400ft to 4000ft respectively.. and interface using spi protocol.. If you want you can also use TARANG modules and zigbee modules from (...)
First of all hello... I am at the moment searching for a embedded system development/final platform. The prerequisites are: Linux suport Cross compiling tools USB suport Ethernet Suport The ideia is to develop a home server that will use zigbee and other protocols like I2C, spi, GPIO, UART, Wireless. It wold
hello I am traing to send data by using cc2520 zigbee transever which is driven by MC68HC11 microcontroller by using spi interface could you do me a favour to help me in this subject please. thanks
Are you attempting to interface a zigbee Module to your dspiC? Is this the device: Z-Accel 2.4 GHz zigbee? Processor If so the CC2480 zigbee Module supports both asynchronous serial (UART) or spi interface. The spi would be the most versatile, the UART the simplest to implement. In usi
Are you want to make zigbee by own? Why you dont use the readymade zigbee boards? They are easy to use and have an interface like spi or Serial for interfacing it with microcontroller's. Almost every microcontroller support readymade zigbeed boards Best regards
Hi , Please tell me in detail "how to interface zigbee with lpc2148?" If you have related circuit diagram and code. please send me.......... please reply...................
hi.. i am doing a project on zigbee.I am trying to control the room lighting using sensors n zigbee. At the transmitter a zigbee is connected to a PIC microcontroller n at the receiver another zigbee is connected to a pic microcontroller.a sensor also needs to be connected to the microcontroller. could anyone help me with (...)
HI You need to add some handshake to the transfer protocol (above the zigbee protocol) Also you can log some transfer data and check for instance whether the malfunction happen at the same place all the time. All the best Bobi The microcontroller specialist
I want to design a RF link to read a sensor in real time application. For this purpose i am going to use Microchips MRF24J40MA module and PIC18F452 MCU. I am planning to Programme the PIC using PICkit 2 and interface that to the MRF24J40MA module. Will this work ? Need to have some coding examples also for spi interface of PIC ? Can anybody
There are a number of modules (zigbee, Bluetooth ect.) that use spi or UART to communicate to. Find the module that fits your application and use a PIC that supports that kind of communication.
ow to interface pic16f877 to mc13192 please perly argently