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Hello, Please tell the answer. I think zuken is a Japanese one? (eg Cadstar, zuken 2000, etc)
Dear, Is there anybody knows if the pin sequence must start from 1 in zuken CadStar? I'm drawing a schematic symbol of single coil inductor, there're 4 pins with the component but only pin 2 and pin 3 is needed in shecmatic symbol, i draw 2 pins and want to name them pin2, pin3, but failed, it seems that the pin1 is required? 1291
This could be interesting, I'll ask the Autodesk crew downstairs if they have heard anything. I don't expect to see much change or panic in the ECAD market from the main Vendors (Cadence, zuken, Mentor, Altium) as it would need some serious work to bring it into the full blown pro PCB layout market. It will be interesting to see if we get a PCB add
Dear all, I am handling one high speed design , i want to update the existing design in zuken cadstar, while doing eco update what are the precautions need to take care ???? i am not bothering about design comparison with existing board but i want to use same attributes and settings from that , i exported attributes and settings from
I have used all four of the above tools for circuit design, simulation, and PCB design/layout. I have the option (and responsibility) of selecting my company's ECAD software going forward. I am already leaning in one direction, but thought I'd see what folks think on this issue. I have either used, or seen in use, all of these tools in pretty s
Hello, My company is asking if it should use cadstar to do layout of electronic drive pcb's. Hasn't cadstar now been superceeded by newer zuken products? Has the application support for cadstar now virtually stopped? Is it easier to get application support for newer zuken pcblayout products? In summary, is cadstar now out of date?, and wou
Hi, may I know how to create BGA pad and assign pin number to it manually using BD manager. Thanks!
Something is wrong in your file. It sounds like the FPGA itself if selecting that causes the crash. The usual fix is to archive it out then in but if you cannot do that then it needs to be sent to zuken for repair. But that is only for maintenance customers. So your stuffed if not on maintenence. The only option I can see is to copy everything e
Hello, In July 2011, i bought Cadstar for ?2000 and something pounds. I used it for just two months, up until september 2011.......and then never used it again, ever. (i only used it for a 2 month contract, at a company that insisted on cadstar being used) I am now recveiving letters from zuken in Bristol, UK, who are threatening to get their
PADS and zuken also have *.pcb extension.
What formats can zuken import? Maybe there's one that can be exported by FEKO.
Hi, I want to simulate the signal integrity of a gigabit tranceiver connection between two virtex 7 fpgas with Agilent ADS. From our layout tool (zuken) I get following HSPICE model of the board connection: **************************************************************************** * Netlist ***********************************************
Hi, I want to simulate the signal integrity of a gigabit tranceiver connection between two virtex 7 fpgas with Agilent ADS. From our layout tool (zuken) I get following HSPICE model of the board connection: **************************************************************************** * Netlist ***********************************************
I disagree, as well as hate these PCB packages comparisons. I have used numerous packages in the past and have managed to lay boards out exactly the same on the follwoing packages: Cadstar Allegro Pads Altium and collegues here have done the same sort of boards on boardsataion. So any package from the top four Cadence, zuken, Mentor, Altium
Is there any one who has used Signal integrity in CADSTAR? As i am facing problem in doing simulation an error as follows @Simulation returned a fail with C:/ program / zuken Regard's Antarveena
I know Cadstar 12 has recently released a migration tool: CADSTAR: Design Migration tool | zuken It mentions Altium, but I have no experience with it other than that it exists.
They do offer training classes Scheduled Training Courses | zuken They also offer free downloads that may help you CR-5000 Downloads | zuken Look for Printed Circuit Board, Production Preparation and M
This does sound like an authorisation error, I have seen it on Win7 but not for BML. Uninstall. Look in your registry HKLM\Software\zuken area and see if there is already a boardmodeler entry? delete it. If you cannot delete it then you need to take ownership of it to delete it. Delete all entries relating to BML. Then try again. IF it still d
try the express tutorial on the zuken website. If you search then the self teach files are available too.
I am a PCB layout Engineer in the UK and am looking to relocate to Australia in the Melbourne area. I have over 12 years experience in PCB layout using various CAD tools, zuken Visula and Cadence Allegro 16.2. I would be grateful for any info on potential oppurtunities. Thanks.
CR5000 is zukens flagship product for pcb design. I beleive it only runs on unix os.
Hi kingofece First of all if you the one tool that there is great benefit of learning to another tool , so first of all explore all the tab button in the software and there is also some self teach given by zuken at there help option, which is very helpful ,exploring option using help you can learn
Hi Follow this link to find out more about CADSTAR.... Cheers Steve
samples (Found in the self teach folder when installed). There is also a self teach tutorial in the document
anybody knows zuken cadstar pcb design software.what about ur opinion?
Any one says how much cost to buy a best pcb design software i am new in pcb pls help to me.currently i used zuken cadstar . which one is best & user friendly.... thanks...
You can find on google there are some freewares available for small size PCB design also there are demo versions from zuken (Cadstar Express) which you can use but I am not sure if it works for 200 components I think zuken have a lesser limit for number of components. There is kicad also which I think is a freeware but I am not sure.
Hello all, My situation is that I have the board data (.pcb, .rul) and the netlist in .ccf format. We do not have the library that is used on the board and when I try to forward annotate I get the error saying "error 43052: Part is unregistered in library. " Is it possible to
Hi edabaorders, I'm looking for zuken E?.series and CADSTAR tools Tutorials. Could you please share materials,labs, exemples and if possible video tutorials ? Thanks.
Hi, Is there any one who can share library for zuken Cadstar-10. Thanks Kumar
Dear all: Is it any Egyptian users for zuken CR5000. If there, pls contact me ASAP. waleed
Are there any zuken users in Australia, New Zealand orr the Asian pacific reqion?
Dear All: Is it any translator form zuken CR500 to PADS. waleed
How can I create new component in zuken visula? is there any document that show me how to do,in a few steps? thank you ..
There is also Cadstar Express from zuken. I think that has a 300 pin limit, other than that it's the full package (I think).
For PCB layout, the number one market share belongs to Cadence Allegro in big business. Designers get top dollar for their knowledge of the Cadence EDA suite. The next largest EDA packages are fairly evenly divided between PADS and Altium Designer. Smaller market shares go to zuken, and PCAD (now discontinued and replaced by Altium Designer).
If you are buying it, then get the zuken rep selling it to you to give you a good demonstration & perhaps a trial (time limited) copy.
Yes, I think it is the only way now. But you can check if there is other solution with zuken support. try camcad pcb translator
Hi all , please help me in importing the zuken Redac file into cadstar it is very urgent . Thanx in Advance. Regards, Ricky
zuken CR5000 Mandi I don't post here for a long time. My I ask what other software did you use before that you like so much zuken? I've seen their demo and liked it a lot.
If it is not opening at all then there is little that can be done for it except get zuken to fix it. If it could be opened but keeps crashing once something is done to it, then it can be often fixed by exporting it to an archive file & reading it back in. Trying to open it in Cadstar 10 might be better as it has better file handling.
for plain colours most cad software will do it, but when you get a stripe on it then its a lot harder & will need the speciality harness stuff. Anybody know where a demo of any of these can be found? perhaps a demo of the zuken product?
zuken Cadstar is avilable you can download it from
Is there a way to convert Cadvance file into zuken? Actually I need the ODB++ data from Cadvance. Please let me know if anyone has tried doing this.
Check also zuken I don't know how are the Orcad Family or Altium. When I evaluated some years ago they didn't like me. But probably they are much better now. I would check that they have a powerfull central library management. Regards,
hi all, Can anybody help me out in how to use teardrop in zuken. i need a complete process of putting teardrop. thanks, Ricky
I worked for Philips and they used zuken Cadstar for windows.
If you want to avoid zuken software, simply choose another to use.
zuken CadStar is nice to work.