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Hi, I need matlab code/implementation for any of the following tasks, LMS EQUALIZER OR NLMS EQUALIZER OR ZERO forCING EQUALIZER OR DECISION FEED-BACK EQUALIZER 100 points will be transferred to anyone who helps.
Hi to all.. I am doing my project on Speech Recognition system..for this i required a matlab code for Speech Recognition (not identification)..Means i want to varify a stored character (or word if possible) speek by ANY speaker.. When ever a particular word or character is varified, then i should get high output on parallel port..If (...)
Maybe this small example will help you. It generates a sinewave frequency sweep, and then plots and tabulates the waveform's positive-slope zero-crossing points. % Frequency sweep F0 = 10; % start frequency, Hertz F1 = 100; % stop frequency, Hertz T = 0.5; % duration, seconds FS = 1000; % sample (...)
well, i have settled to finish it.. dont know if i proceeded right! (not for 100 points :)) the main file i am pasting here.. and teh complete one i am attaching. the last set of lines.. was lazy to put a loop.. so cut and paste! :D %sampling frequency 8Khz %i am not including any resolution factor here.. only math operations are %p
can somebody tell me what should i do for sampling discrete time signals in matlab i think u ask for the CODE... in that case it is done like... fs = 1000 (sampling frequency) f = 10 (signal frequency) A=2(amplitude) n=0:100; wave = A*sin(2*pi*f*n/fs) this would create 100 (...)