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Hi, I write a custom library for synopsys design vision which only consists of XOR, NOR, and IV (inverter or NOT). My plan is to synthesize a combinational logic such that the resulting netlist has minimum number of NOR gates. I write the library as flows: library(and_or_xor) { cell(NOR) { area : 1000; (...)
hello everyone i can find a pic of circuit diagram sended by one of member with name tahmid for 1000 watt inverter (1250va/24v) that is very useful.i find that this pic is a page of a book with this title " modern digital inverter introduction and servicing" . i can not buy this book. because in my country we have (...)
Respected sir, I am new commer in this forum and hope that your kind cooperation and assistance is always with me.I am designing a Line interactive 1000VA UPS. I am facing some problem w.r.t. transformer of ups i.e. detail of windings,transformer checking procedure, voltage references and connection of transformer with (...)
What i know is that i need a 1:1 transformer at the output for filtering. I doubt, that you "know" it, because your inverter would be the first to implement a transformer in this place. Did you realize, that the transformer needs a nominal power of 1000 VA @50 Hz and is possibly larger than the remaining inverter parts? (...)
Oh, that's a peak current of about 1000 A (assuming a HV energy storage and no input ripple). Do you have a suitable battery to drive the inverter?
hello everyone, I need schematic diagram and pcb layout of Auto Power inverter, approximately 1000wat or 1500wat power. Sample inverters for sale,
Hello everyone I have a power inverter 1000-Wat, a Battery 12V 200Ah, and a Battery charger. Now I want to make a UPS with these stuffs. Can anyone please give me an idea of wiring diagram? Actually I want to make an automatic UPS that when Main power is off it start automatically, and when main power come Batter
recently, i had test my 90 amperes alternator. the initial rpm to produce power was 800-1000 rpm. i had test it until 3000 rpm. including the torque data for 15 ampere eletrical load. if you want the data , you can contact me. i think almost all car alternator produce dc power, so you need an inverter . and if you want to connect the 55 (...)