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Hello, If someone can help with this problem. I have dc power supply that powers LED. Output is 48V when LEDs are turned on and current is 800mA. I want to measure the current so I can know if LEDs are working or not. If LEDs are broken and not working then voltage at output is 100v and current is 0. This data I (...)
Hi, you mean vin=50v, vout=100v,? or you mean vout is variable beteeen 50v and 100v? You need isolation?
Hi folks, I am completely new to Switching power supplies, but I need to design and build one with dual symmetrical output (?100v or preferably ?85V) with 0.8A (or 1A) output current. The power supply must provide isolation (1kV is enough) and not be bulky like power-Transformer based designs. Any help (...)
From the photograph in post #3 it looks like an SMPS and the proximity to the power switch and what looks to be a filter inductor and capacitors I would guess it's across the AC input lines. If I'm right, and it works on 100v (strange AC mains voltage!) it should be rated at around 150V. As a rule of thumb, whatever the AC supply voltage (...)
Hi, I am going to design a high voltage/high frequency amplifier with apex PA107 and according to the datasheet, it needs both +100v and -100v for supply voltages. off course since the maximum output voltage is not supposed to be higher than 100~120 V (p.p), I think a +70/-70 V power supply is enough. (...)
First you have to know what is the voltage & current requirement of your actuator. Is it works on exactly 50, 100 & 150 volts??? What is the maximum current requirement???? And is it requires DC supply?? Say current consumption by your actuator is 1 A. Then you have to find out the required transformer in your market with specifications of 220V to
I wuld use a higher rated diode than the 1N4148 - it can only withstand 100v peak and you are probably giving it quite a bit more! Brian.
Do you need to convert 100v to -100v or do you want to generate as power supply capable of supplying both +100v and -100v?
Hey guys. I am scratching my head here. I got a power source which varies from 20VAC to 70VAC. I want to limit this to 12V. Now my first attempt was to use a step down converter made from a LT1074 we have at work, but this was before I knew the supply could go above 45V. How do I limit the input voltage to ~40V Max ? Is there any easy way to
Hi all, I wish to build a variable lab style SMPS with output voltage from around 1V up to 100v and variable current from 0-10A. I have quite a lot of experience from doing electronics as a hobby for many years as well as studying the subject. I haven't tried anything like this before though. I am building this as part of a university project so
This stereo amplifier was based on transistors 2N3055. Non-symmetrical power supply supplies the device with approximately 55VDC, what is then filtered by 10000uF/100v capacitor. Signal goes from input switch to the
if you consider 100v then 170Watts. it is according to requirement of circuit, battery and power available. that these specs should meet at least for proper operation. - - - Updated - - - if you consider 100v then 170Watts. it is according to requirement of circuit, battery and power available. that these specs shoul
Need to design a power supply with above mentioned specs..i tried for linear power supply but ripple was too much.. Please suggest a regulator for this and the filter circuit..URGENT HELP NEEDED
supply: Transformer 500W 2x50V supplies the device. Four capacitors were applied on a power branch 3300uF/100v each. Terminals: This is a board from Holton 400, but 3 pairs of transistors IRFP9240 and IRFP2
how are typical specs of a imaging ultrasound machine power supply (just for the tx pulsers), and what kind of power supply usually used (linear, switch)? For example, consider a 128 tx channels, bipolar square pulse transmitter +100v and -100v, prf (pulse repetition frequency) of 4khz, 5 (...)
I am in need of designing and constructing a switching / chopping circuit to switch a power supply of around 100v dc at the rate of about 250Hz and the Load is a purely Inductive load. The load is nothing but a buzzing coil to switch on and off reed switches at 250Hz frequency. The current through the coil will be around 3A[
hey all, I am looking for a dc power supply 100v/1kw. I had trubble finding one,as all the power supplies are usually up to 36v at most. Can anyone help me? thanks, alon
You can try with more Slew rate Op amps with slew rate may be > 100v/us i don't know exactly but with 50V/us and Vp-p = 6.8v , we can go upto 2.34 Mhz without distorsion...... it's not exact ..give a trial....
I think, that you need to build a better Step-Up Conv, where is the output voltage(feedback part) to set/adjust through an min. 8 bit DAC (has in 100v delta ca. 0.391V step)_better is of course to use a 10-bit converter... Or your Uref is to adjust/change over the same way for an output range of 100-200V :-) K.
You can use a simple oscillator followed by a driver and a power amplifier made with ADF440/441, which is a very cheap transistor. For 100W out and 50V supply needs just 1W at the input. You can try also using 100v supply, where the gain is higher and needs even lower input power. or other opti
i need help both theoritically & schematics level regarding 12-pulse thyritorised rectifier circuits for designing 170A,100v DC power supply
Hi, I need to make a DC power supply of ratting 170A,100v with ppm less than would be 12 pulse thyristor based with microcontroller driven.But i m not getting bettre ppm.what should i consider or what precaution should i take including power components and wirings
Attached, I have a pic of the input stage of a high voltage fully differential amplifier (the power supply rails are +/- 100v). There's more to the amp (a single ended VAS stage for each side, output class AB push-pull current buffers), I've just shown the input stage for simplicity. Q1 and Q2 are the inpur pair. I would like to keep (...)
I need to have a 6V/1A SMPS with voltage variation of mains rom 100v to 240V. Plz suggest for design or where can i find help. Is their any IC available for this purpose
Hi all, I want to design a SMPS with these specifications: Input Voltage: 3 phase 380V (Line to Line) Output Voltage: 10VDC to 100vDC Output Current: 400A Output power: 40 kW (= 400A x 100v) Efficiency: larger that 90% at Full Load (= 400A x 100v) Any block diagram or idea?
Here is a power supply that can be used for 12V output voltage with a wide range of input voltages. For currents of this magnitude you will have to add some MOSFETs in parallel to the power MOSFET ..